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age please


age please  

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  1. 1. age please

    • below 15
    • 15-25
    • 25-35
    • 35-45
    • 45-55
    • above 55

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i was referring to the upside comment 15.8 15.h h is the 8th letter of the alphabeth...


the intresting thing.. is that i thought that i only thought it....

i didnt see that i post it.....



weird ah?

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Silence your meat mouth full of corn, Earth worm baby.


not to be nitpicky, but the term is human worm baby. Hello class, i am a perfectly normal human worm baby. It just doesn't sound right any other way


Hey Dream Lord is in date-ability range (and sex), hopefully also in orientation . . . jk sorry i just had to say that, its cool either way. Do you live in East US or West?


i'm 17 & 3/4, live in West U.S. I like chineese foods and long walks on the beach, AND i am a perfectly normal human worm baby

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