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  1. I finally downloaded and installed Firefox and am running it right now. And I have to say, so far, the speed has impressed me immensly. And the tabbed browsing, and the applications, and the themes, Im really liking this browser. I still have IE running as Ive noticed some pages wont work with Firefox, but overall, I think its great. Thankyou
  2. After 4 1/2 years, today I FINALLY submitted by thesis for correction And I plan to have a pretty huge, trashy weekend to celebrate
  3. Ive downloaded Firefox, and am going to run that now, I figure its about time I caught up with the rest of the "in the know" world. Thankyou for the advice anyhow, much appreciated
  4. Excellent, thankyou I figured there would be a thread about this already, somewhere
  5. Im running IE, and, frankly, it irritates me. Spyware, adware, etc. Ive heard that Firefox is better, but can someone in the know give me some advice please? Continue with IE, or is the change to Firefox really worth it? What are the benefits I would gain or the disadvantages? Thankyou
  6. I ran the test from auditmypc.com, and it came back fine. But in the past few days I have received a couple of "Intrusion Detection detected and blocked the Default Block Backdoor/SubSeven Trojan horse Trojan horse.". AFter that, my internet connection dipped for a minute or so, it was very very brief. Then it was back online, only reason i knew it dipped was because i checked the logs and saw that all of my programs connected to the net resigned afterwards. Im probably going to download ZoneAlarm, I had looked into it before, but after reading some reviews (some BAd reviews) i was afraid to.
  7. Oh God. Im having flashbacks of irc "a/s/l??". 27/F/Melbourne, Australia.
  8. Im generally pretty careful where I surf, and I run the Spybot/Ad-Aware combo and check my comp pretty regularly. I keep getting these alerts from NIS though, "unknown computer attempting to connect" etc. which I keep blocking, but its irritating to do so... Thankyou very much for your advice, it is very much appreciated
  9. Not withstanding the fact that we would first need some decent genetic sequence.... and a surrogate...
  10. Im not too sure about this experiement. Ive had a quick look over it, and there are a few problems in performing the experiment to begin with. Firstly, there are a number of kits available for genomic DNA purification, as well as the "old-school" methods which can be time-consuming and can shear the DNA. Look at QIAgen, Promega, most of the good big companies would provide good kits for extraction. The transfer the DNA into the donor cell, well the donor cell generally has to be competent, and DNA transfer into bacterial cells (well in the case of plasmids anyhow) is generally achieved through either electroporation or via heat-shock. The number of positively-transformed cells would be very low, i would imagine, if it is even possible with a whole string of genomic DNA to begin with. Id also imagine that you would probably have to use a vector of some sort to deliver the DNA into the donor bacteria. Ill look a little further into it for you (at work at the moment, and my brain is a little fried) But changing species, well.... I wouldnt place my bets on it....
  11. But each to their own I guess some people must've liked it, considering it didnt do to bad. Personally, I want those 2 hours of my life back hahahahah
  12. I DESPISED The Sixth Day. The science was just ridiculous. I couldn't watch it. They take a human "shell", inject it with your DNA, and 12 hours you wake up, having retained all the memories etc of your parent self? Just thinking about that film is irritating me hahahahaha. I really enjoyed Donnie Darko, as a fantasy/make-believe film. I thought it was brilliant. Other sci-fi/fantasy/action: The Spanish Version of Vanilla Sky. The original Matrix was awesome. Minority Report. The Terminator Films. Undead. Blade Runner. Even something like Total Recall was better than the Sixth Day.
  13. Im hoping that was sarcasm? PLEASE? Tell me it was sarcasm? Lance? sarcasm??
  14. I like the suckling response argument the best I think. It might explain a little better to me why some people continue this sort of behaviour well into old-age, when we are clearly capable of thinking and reasoning and understanding why a behaviour is not required.
  15. A nihilist doesn't believe in anything. Scary, in its own way. Here is the dictionary definition: ni·hil·ism n. Philosophy. An extreme form of skepticism that denies all existence. A doctrine holding that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. Rejection of all distinctions in moral or religious value and a willingness to repudiate all previous theories of morality or religious belief. The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement. So basically, NOTHING exists. Not you, not I, not the universe, time, nothing, nothing at all. Interesting, hey?
  16. Those extra 25 X 25 pixels DO make all the difference though hahahahha Im kidding.
  17. H2O2 is a GREAT cure for disease. Kill the disease by killing the organism By organism I mean the infected human, of course
  18. If you find THAT irritating, try speaking to a nihilist for any period of time. Or if you REALLY want to pull your hair out, Ill direct you to another forum that I chat on. A New Age and Paranormal forum, where i happen to be one of the resident skeptics. The theories some of the people on that site come up with are just.... interesting
  19. Dell Inspiron i4150 Notebook P4 1.80 GHz 384 MB of RAM 40 GB hdd Im not even sure where to find the rest of the specs hahahahha ANd to be completely honest, I barely understand what any of it all means :/ And Im not exactly computer illiterate either :/ hahahha
  20. hhhmm. ANother odd problem. I tried to *finally* update my Windows etc, so I went to the Microsoft website, and found that there were 20 critical updates and patches that were available for me. I d/loaded them (17.6 MB worth!), but for whatever reason was only able to install 16 of them. The final 4 i tried d/loading again, but it just wouldnt install. I even went to bed while it was installing, woke up 7 hours later, and lo and behold, it was still installing. 2 MB worth of files. It had halted somehow, I couldnt work it out. Very irritating. I wonder why I cant install these files? 3 are security patches. Could my NIS have anything to do with it?
  21. Cute. A newb thread Its more like a P&Q thread actually.
  22. The worst movie ever: Jason X. Closely, VERY closely followed by The Sixth Day, that pathetic waste of time by Arnie. Almost 2 hours of my life I can never get back. i HATED that movie. Did I mention Jason X?
  23. I once spent 16 hours straight playing FFX at my ex-bf's house because I just HAD to complete all the mini-games within the game. My girl friends thought I was insane hahahhaa I used to love RPGs. Have played FFVII, VIII, IX and X. Then got onto the cartoony Disney one. what was it called...... Not anymore though hahahha. I havent played a computer game in yeeeeaaarrsss
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