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  1. I dunno about other countries, but I think the biggest problem for the U.S. is the pure capitalism. The rich only get richer, and the poor only get poorer.
  2. Damn, and I wanted to be the next pope. Seriously though, this guy doesn't seem like someone who is supposed to be teaching people about morals and peace. Along with what others have said... Manning antiaircraft guns? Oh yeah, that's real peaceful... And this guy gets his own country?
  3. I really don't think humans can comprehend infinity. As it just goes on forever. My opinion and I stick with this is there are 2 things that humans can never fully comprehend: nothingness, and infinity. Because we really have nothing to describe them with.
  4. I agree too. I have no idea how to get the answer.
  5. Here's the link: http://beta.news.yahoo.com/s/space/hangintherethe25yearwaitforimmortality Now, what do people think about it? Does it sound at all plausable? This guy seems very confident that in 25 years we will be able to stop aging. I'm really not sure how on earth this type of thing would work exactly, seems very interesting... I'm still not sure if we'll be able to stop aging. What do you think though? If this guy does figure it out, would you try it?
  6. OK, what Ophiolite is trying to say is that though humans and apes are related evolutionary, man is not descended from apes. Both man and apes are descended from the same creature, but that does not mean we are their descendants. That would make us relatives evolutionary, NOT descendents. Using your family tree example Mum +Dad to brother + sister. Just because the sister is related to the brother, she is not his descendant. But they are both descendents of the parents.
  7. As it's been said before most of the time it is the herbivores that shrink when living in a more isolated environment. And granted, environment does not always play a part in the size of a creature, but it can. As I said, desert animals tend to be smaller because there is not enough food in the desert. Where as many plains animals are larger because the abundance of food. Buffolos, Elephants, and giraffes would be an example. Girrafes being so large because they had to reach the top of the trees, there aren't really any large trees in the desert, so therefore no need for tall animals there.
  8. Ok... I thought that humans and apes descended from the same evolutionary line. In other words humans did not evolve from apes directly. But they evolved from ape-like creatures which then took different evolutionary paths and formed both humans and apes as we know them today.
  9. Well, first alligators ARE the predators. So they need to stay rather large to go hunt food. I dunno about the predator thing, but... about creatures living in areas where food isn't readily available. Evolution would make them smaller. I can see how that would work. Like how many desert animals tend to be rather small compared to say, animals living in plains or forests.
  10. I dunno about the UK, but some states have those in the US. You get like 5 or 10 cents per bottle, depending on which state. I do know Michigan has that. It's quite handy after a party, you can get some money back by turning in bottles.
  11. I think Bush should be arrested for going to war under false pretenses. He lied about the so-called "WMDs" in Iraq.
  12. I wouldn't really trust a dream dictionary or a website to interpret dreams. Because the things in your dreams probably mean different things depending on your thoughts on whatever you dreamed about, and your past experiences.
  13. I couldn't agree with you more. I was shocked at the people at the republican convention with purple hearts drawn on their band-aids. Kerry fought in that war, and was injured fighting for our contry and deserves respect for that. Obviously, people who could be that disrespectful have never served in the army, or known someone who has served. And now some people dislike Kerry for speaking out against some of the actions in Vietnam? Many soldiers did. There were some very awful things happening over there, mainly the massacering of innocent citizens. And the fact that a man like Bush is speaking against Kerry's war record is just annoying. Someone who never fought, and never even showed up for his simple duties. What gives Bush the right to say anything against somebody who actaully had the guts to join the army and go to war?
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