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According to the Food and Drug Administration, chocolate can have up to 60 insect fragments per 100 grams and up to one rodent's hair per 100 grams.   Here is the FDA Defect Levels Handbook. Alth

All baby armadillos in a litter are geneticly identical, derived from a single fertilized egg.   Armadillos are also the only other animal which can contract leprosy.

HYPoThAlAmICoHYPoPHYSeAlS   is the longest word that can be spelled using chemicals

27 minutes ago, Mad For Science said:

If you stacked every elephant in the world on top of each other, they wouldn't like it.

If you cut a hole in a net, the net will have less holes.



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Elephants have about 150,000 muscles in their trunks. They can pick up a peanut with their trunk, shell it, and then blow out the shell before eating the peanut.

In American football there is a staff member called the "get-back coach". His job is to make sure the players on the sideline, and especially the head coach, get back behind the line so they don't get a penalty.

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In the 70's a bunch of Roman amphora were found off the coast of Brazil by an underwater archaeologist which led him to conclude that Romans (even if just a ship that got off course and crashed) were the first Europeans to technically visit Brazil, which led to the Brazilian government feeling threatened by that. In corrupt fashion, they falsely accused him as a plunderer, disallowed further underwater archaeological operations, and the jars were confiscated by the military. However, it came out that it was just some guy who had put replicas underwater to try and age them, so the whole thing was moot. 

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