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  1. is it actually a good idea to skip phase III? I saw on some news that his daughter already tried this vaccine
  2. it depends on what point of view you're trying to see this question. Maybe we do have some freedom to say whatever we think, or (let's be paranoid) maybe 'they' let us think we can say whatever we want. Who knows
  3. it's very interesting how things could've change if a certain period of time was missing
  4. I think these rumors aren't true, because people like to create new problems. Such people who complain about everything will always exist. When the first phone was invented, I'm sure some people believed it's MAGIC that will kill us all!
  5. I think association between colors and memories/emotions is different and depends on individual's life. There are a lot of studies in psychology about color's influence on perception
  6. Tim Storms is known as a man with the deepest voice. He can reach the lowest note G-7. It's so low that people can't hear it, only elephants can.🐘
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