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Occam's Razor in regard to Bigfoot/Sasquatch


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44 minutes ago, THORsday said:

But anyway i say all of that to say that i try not to fall for media information because its 99% of the time manipulated to fit an agenda .

Please elaborate  on how you've arrived at that percentage. This is a science site after all.

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There was a recent article documenting how the rate of bigfoot sightings correlates with black bear population.

“The results suggest that there's a strong correlation between sightings and the local black bear population—for every 1,000 bears, the frequency of bigfoot sightings goes up by about 4 percent.”


“It's easy to see how black bears and bigfoot could be mistaken for each other. Despite their name, the bears come in a wide range of colors, from a golden brown through to a deep reddish one, as well as their namesake black. They're also large animals and will frequently stand on their hind legs to get a better view of their surroundings. They also frequent the forested areas that are supposedly bigfoot's favored terrain.”

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