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  1. I had some thought that a black hole might instead represent a tunnel going forward through space-time as far as the external Universe is concerned.


    The "why" might just be the result of a force that has no counter force. I remember looking at Coulomb's law and seeing a similar breakdown state that isn't observed in reality. I don't think anyone can offer a definitive answer though.


    So your stance is that the whole world with all it's wildlife are only here for our enjoyment. It any animal does not bring us enjoyment or food it has no purpose?



    No, my stance is that other species are here for their own sake. We should keep them around to help ensure our own survival.


    More than reasonable considering it includes every genome on the planet.

  3. I base my actions on how much of the modern support system I have access to. Don't kill unnecessarily, but be willing to kill if your own survival depends on it.



    Broadly speaking we need other life to provide us with novel genetic variations. No easy way to simulate it all, nor see the compound interactions that occur as a result.


    Other life can act as a disease vector, but our own farm animals are some of the worst threats. We could eliminate that risk at present and will, literally, have more palatable options in the future. I don't see that as a viable reason.

  4. Sounds like a vanity press issue. Universities will probably start asking for quality assurance reviews of the journals. You'll have to be published within that subset for your paper to be recognized.

  5. He's gone, but yeah, we've never seen any particular proof for one.


    Universe likely came from something resembling a black hole. Not sure the definition fits with the state space itself was in at that point, but only word we have that fits.


    I would think there would be re-collapse issues if some part of it continued to exist after the initiation of the Universe. Besides that there would be the question as to why some matter "exited" and other matter did not. I don't see any particular reason it would play favorites.


    I'm of the opinion the Universe might just cycle through different initial conditions. Not sure how or if ever we'll be able to prove or disprove such conjecture though.

  6. The "E's" don't represent the same thing. All energy, but different forms in different situations.


    As a quick example:




    [latex]\tau = 2\pi [/latex]


    Tau [latex]\tau[/latex] is referring to two different things, torsion and Pi doubled.


    I can write:


    [latex]-n\cdot b' = 2\pi [/latex]


    but it won't make much sense.


    Hopefully this helps.

  7. I currently receive two kinds of benefits from the Government: monthly checks from Social Security and monthly allotments of medications from the Veterans Administration. So far the actions to sequester funds or shutdown the Government have not disrupted either source of support, but one can no longer be assured that the government will honor its promises to retirees and the veterans of the military.


    That much is mostly automated. They know better than to risk cutting money to that which cause riots or prevent them.



    The "fiscal logic" is that this is costing us at least $300 Million per day, $1.6 Billion per week, and all during a time when we're still trying to dig ourselves out of a massive recession with a relatively weak and sputtering economy. Every single hour it costs us $12.5 Million.


    National Guard(State Militia) pay is State funded. I think some of the maintenance guys are federal though, which may have caused the issue.



    We'll see how much political impact it actually has. Seems like it is becoming a regular feature though just looking at the historical record. Ironic every president back to Ford(1976) dealt with one, except for GW Bush who otherwise gets a bad rap for his lack of constraint whatsoever.

  8. Guys, the discussion is not about the wages of government workers, is it? I don't think that the wages of anyone is relevant to why and how the shut down happened?


    I am still very much stuck in a total misunderstanding of how the USA works. In my opinion, this shut down is a very huge event. But the American media seem to be far more worried about the political implications than about the very practical every-day implications. And it also surprises me that I read very little anger with the politicians who caused it. The anger is similar to any other political debate - just some general disagreements.


    So, the US are able to send 800,000 government workers home, which means that 800,000 people will somehow have to catch up with the work they were supposed to do these days, and bills may not get paid, services are unavailable... And it even may cause commercial parties to have problems too... The effects of the shut down must be felt everywhere. (Right?)


    And yet the media seem more worried about whether Boehner and the Tea Party will be friends or not... whereas I think that the discussion should be whether you want these idiots as your government in the first place?


    So, why are Americans not more outraged? Why are elections not an option? Is it because the effects are much smaller than I think? Or because Americans just don't see any feasible alternatives to this government?



    The vast majority of the populous won't be substantially impacted. No reason to do anything rash.


    Local government is still functioning, civil services and military. Mostly non-essentials that are offline and not even all of those either.


    I'm sure the employees will be affected, but honestly this shouldn't come as a total surprise. Has happened 17 times before. Should keep money set aside, otherwise you really can't say you didn't have fair warning of the possibility.


    I'm actually kind of happy, shutdown ended up pushing back my State Militia's drill date. Not sure on the fiscal logic, but I won't say no to some extra time between drills.

  9. My own thought is Life is just an entropy increasing process. The Universe has created something that can hasten its own heat death. Provided we are willing to speed entropy along the Universe is quite happy to let us go on surviving and expanding our knowledge.

  10. Most of the US debt is owed to ourselves. Only ~34% is owed to foreign investors. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We'll print a bit, cut back a bit and the country will continue.


    I'm more curious if the crisis will cause the EU to become more like the US structurally. A dominant central government with subordinate local governments. Interesting to consider the possibilities. In the old days political integration was done at sword point. This might be the modern version.

  11. Printing money simply devalues everything and is no answer to anything.



    People tend to riot less. Historically it has gone on for most of recorded history in one form or another.


    Be better for all of us if our governments lived within a budget, but I honestly don't see that happening anytime soon.



    If you lent someone some money which they then find difficulty in paying back, I'm sure you'd be happy if the government then started printing money to reduce the debt you're owed. And what's more, being enthusiastic to lend in future.



    The trick is to do the exact opposite of this. I live on interest free credit and the government is kind enough to devalue the loan amounts for me.


    Normally though the loan companies charge interest above the amount they expect the money to devalue. I'm sure they keep track of it, but provided the government doesn't go crazy or impose low interest rates they don't have too much to worry about.

  12. At least part of the problem is these governments can't print their way out of debt like they would do normally. Really need political as well as fiscal union. I was hearing something about France having issues too.


    Most concerned they'll do a repeat of Cyprus. Could shake faith in the modern financial system not limited to EU.


    There was someone who actually saw God and gave evidence by referral to this contact by accurate description. Is this not evidence enough, to confirm existence of a superior being.



    Which deity would that be? Odin, FSM, Hadad, Arma...

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