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  1. The last two are true, water intoxication and disembowelment.



    Couldn't find anything definitive on the window shatter. There's been issues with thermal differences and more obvious cases in hurricanes/tornadoes, but I couldn't find any having to do with an office building death.

  2. Interesting sci-fi application, but probably not practical in reality. What would be the pumping speed of a micro-black hole? It would depend on the surface area, which would be small.


    Another issue would be how the evaporation would affect the charge. I suspect it would not remain charged for long. Or if the evaporation rate was smaller than the growth rate from the background gas.



    Yeah, would basically be a race against time. Either the black hole evaporates or you run out of enough external pressure to keep going.


    I'll probably try and work through the math in a separate thread.


    Considering the energies involved more likely something for our descendents work out.

  3. I've just upset myself and started crying, never done it before, I suppose it's because I feel people are listening to my side of the story for a change? I did think about deleting the last bit but why should I be embarrassed, it may help someone else.



    That is the right attitude to take.


    I think it is safe to tell you now, that you were denying your emotions earlier. I do apologize for the blunt questions, I just don't know any better way to break people out of that stasis.


    You are going to be more emotional for awhile, you are past the main roadblock though.


    Congrats on selling the house, just try and connect with people wherever you end up going. :)

  4. If the Pastafarian religion considers bathing to be a religious experience, does that mean you are going to stop bathing?


    No, because it'd be silly. Bathing gives you some benefit. It doesn't matter if someone else thinks it is religious or not.


    Exact same scenario for meditation.




    A nationwide survey of the religious beliefs and practices of American physicians has found that the least religious of all medical specialties is psychiatry. Among psychiatrists who have a religion, more than twice as many are Jewish and far fewer are Protestant or Catholic, the two most common religions among physicians overall.





    They likely know of the significance of meditation to a number of religions(not all Eastern). That doesn't mean they personally believe in it.

  5. Good job on opening up. It is perfectly natural to feel angry and not want to talk about the situation.



    Denying the past won’t serve to change it, you need to mourn what you’ve lost and talking most definitely helps however counterintuitive that may seem. Accepting, is also part of the grieving process; the money invested is truly insignificant when compared to the emotional investment. Good luck finding your answers.


    This says it pretty well.



    Besides needing to grieve the other issue is you have lost your primary social group.


    Your subconscious mind has been trying to tell you this. With acknowledgement, you can apply your rational mind to finding a solution.


    As long as your subconscious knows you are working on the problem it'll start letting you rest easier and you'll stop feeling as depressed.


    Work can serve temporarily. Long term you need something outside of that. Just about anything can work; forums, clubs, religious groups, leagues, even just drinking buddies at the pub. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

  6. Thank you, I will keep reading and absorb it. Probably not able to go in to the fine detail but end of marriage was the start of the problem. It was very sudden and final after 14 years of happiness. I have accepted that I can doing nothing about it and therefore try not to dwell on it or discuss it. I try very hard to be positive and go forward.



    Could that be the issue?


    You need to let what you are feeling show and find someone to talk with.


    Just to give you a sense of your writing; we have no idea if you are male, female, a divorcee or a widower. I don't like giving out personal details online either, but you can still share while maintaining relative anonymity.

  7. Kind of...


    Turbine in standard Earth Atmosphere. Black hole enclosed on every other side behind it.


    The majority of the energy generated would come from Atmospheric Pressure.



    I'll have to look up the numbers for Hawking radiation. Makes sense there would be a cost involved though.


    ...and yes, this would be crazy dangerous.

  8. It would be the Singularity itself we'd be making use of as a semi-permanent low pressure region.


    Transmit the effect of the singularity on the inside to the outside.


    Might be easier to view it as a chain being pulled. How I originally envisioned it.


    Would hopefully only be used as a secondary source used to improve efficiency. Would work well alongside of the more efficient Hawking radiation.


    Kind of makes me wonder what the real world numbers would look like.

  9. Who defines what normalcy is? You?


    And yes, psychology says that atheism is evil, based on their subjective whims. lol. Hence why they push this spirituality onto society. It's common knowledge that these "people" hate atheism and see it is "evil", despite them not realising that much of Western society is irreligious.



    That doesn't necessarily follow.


    A number of religious groups practice meditation, but meditation is not limited to religious groups.


    Similar case with Yoga. You can view it as communion with the divine or you can view it as a healthy form of exercise.



    They suggest it because they think it will help. You don't have to follow the belief system to get the benefit.


    It is Eurocentric not to consider it a religious behavior, but that is exactly the same opinion that gets the masses to accept it when they would reject prayer or confession.


    General treatments are about what the masses would accept. If you feel some treatment violates your individual value system you are justified in mentioning it.



    Normal is defined by Society. I don't always agree with it but that is where the definition comes from.

  10. Seems like Gravity is frequently misunderstood.



    Two masses generate some force as they come together.


    Once they are together you can only generate more force by separating them again.


    Separating them takes more energy than you initially received.

  11. I think they suggest meditation because it provides similar mental energies to those involved in prayer but without the religious association.


    Mental Illness is subjective, but generally the belief is that it is better for society if everyone is as close to "normal" as possible.

  12. If you had something like a micro-black hole kept contained via charges you could "feed" it matter.


    You could picture it sitting behind a turbine generator, creating a perpetual vacuum.


    It'll give you all the energy you want until you run out of stuff to feed it.



    Same situation no matter what you decide to use.

  13. Need to consider that not everyone views the Vedas the same way.


    The Bible says one thing, the Qur'an another and Torah something else.



    Going back to the science, you need to show that time dilation would cause the effects stated using outside sources.


    Speeding up there shouldn't be any. The lifespan would be the same. Could observe more of a slower moving frame of reference. Watch the world unfold beneath you, which would be something, but it would not help your own lifespan out any.


    I'm not even sure what it would mean to do the opposite and try to come to a relative Stop. We would see such a vessel speeding away, while relative to a hypothetical center it maintains position.


    Cleverbot: Are you a human?

    User: You are stumped.


    Cleverbot: Thats very deep.


    User: What is very deep?


    Cleverbot: That you're a more advanced program than what a real person is.


    User: What are you?


    Cleverbot: Female.


    User: You are stumped.


    Cleverbot: Lets pretend. No more girly talk please.


    User: You are stumped.


    Cleverbot: Lets pretend. No more girly talk please.


    User: You are stumped.


    Cleverbot: Lets pretend. No more girly talk please.


    User: You are stumped.


    Cleverbot: Lets pretend. No more girly talk please.


    User: You are stumped.


    Cleverbot: Lets pretend. No more girly talk please.


    User: Are you stumped?


    Cleverbot: I am very sure.


    User: Are you stumped?


    Cleverbot: I am fairly certain.


    User: Are you stumped?


    Cleverbot: I am fairly certain.


    User: Are you stumped?


    Cleverbot: I am fairly certain.


    User: Are you stumped?


    Cleverbot: I am fairly certain.


    User: Are you stumped, yes or no?


    Cleverbot: Yes.



  15. I think LET is dead in the water without an Aether that differs from the background.


    It might be there, but how and in what ways does it impact the math?



    I really don't like discussing articles of faith, anyone else have some debate points?

  16. For one thing synthetic genomics is not the same as genetic engineering.


    That's just a scare tactic.



    The title of the actual scientific report cited by this article's source:


    Deep-Sea Oil Plume Enriches Indigenous Oil-Degrading Bacteria


    Somehow a local beneficial bacterium has become an evil GM Bacterium...

  17. Optical Clocks and Relativity



    Observers in relative motion or at different gravitational potentials measure disparate clock rates. These predictions of relativity have previously been observed with atomic clocks at high velocities and with large changes in elevation. We observed time dilation from relative speeds of less than 10 meters per second by comparing two optical atomic clocks connected by a 75-meter length of optical fiber. We can now also detect time dilation due to a change in height near Earth’s surface of less than 1 meter. This technique may be extended to the field of geodesy, with applications in geophysics and hydrology as well as in space-based tests of fundamental physics.

  18. The speed really wouldn't enable your natural lifespan to be any longer.


    More to the point a journey into a black hole is an end to you, if not the matter you are composed of. It also probably doesn't leave the Universe so much as reappear at a much later point. Not sure the effective difference is meaningful but it is there.



    I almost read the Yuga cycle as a breakdown of advanced medical technology.


    Need an expert on the subject, but the parallel could be made. Each successive loss resulting in an ever shorter lifespan. Several of the losses resulting in "diseases" that would even make further losses look preferable(cancer and telomere repair).


    I really don't like mixing science and religion too much though. Almost see it as them corrupting each other in the process.


    You can't have scientific certainty if you are relying on faith in a proof, neither can you have faith if you have certain knowledge.

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