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  1. The parties have changed since then. Almost the opposite today with the democrats being seen as more supportive of minority rights.


    Your own attitude is prejudicial. Can't hold anyone or anything responsible for the past indefinitely. If people can change then so can the groups composed of them.

  2. We mainly just need a steady state for societal integrity reasons. I don't think anyone can deny that humanity hasn't had some kind of impact on the environment. The planet is pretty adaptable, human societies are not. More than a few have vanished due purely to environmental reasons.


    Much of what nature throws at us isn't preventable. In contrast controlling emissions is relatively easy.



    Generally we don't lose research once it is completed. Not like a number of the more transient boondoggles out there. In a number of areas we actually have greater efficiencies as a result. Waste to Resource, along with processing improvements.


    Getting late local time, take my random thoughts as you will.

  3. Genetic code is the basis of life. One of the seven criteria which scientists currently define life. Without genetic material a species could not exist. There would be no way for it to pass any traits on to off spring. Even viruses (which are the closest things to living that actually aren't) have genetic code. Bacteria have genetic code. I don't see genes as ever being "irrelevant". And your genes are the same regardless of what cell at which you are looking. The only reason we have blood/nerve/skin/etc cells is because those individual cells that make up the tissue are expressing different portions of the genetic code, but your DNA is always the same. So therefore, your brain isn't capable of altering your genes.



    Genetic Engineering is the obvious counterexample. Either of yourself or your offspring.



    Everyday technology is even more powerful though, quietly working to remove one selective pressure at a time. In some finite time it will remove them all, at the end probably migrating from genetic coding altogether.



    My guess would be homo transcendentalis, would consider themselves as evolving in terms of what their society, technology, and personal feelings dictate. Impossible to know for sure, but they will probably consider themselves as alive as we do.

  4. You really need to report it to a supervisor. Your lab or facility should have some kind of procedures in place.


    Without knowing the different variables there is no way to determine your risk.



    Pathogenicity: Hazards depend on multiple factors: whether the vector is capable of infecting human cells, whether the vector is replication competent, how many viral genes are contained in the vector, and the specific transgenes present in the vector. On an emergent basis, the PI should be the best source of information regarding potential health hazards.

    Modes of Transmission: Virus may be transmitted in the following ways: 1) a skin puncture or injection, 2) ingestion, 3) contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, or mouth), 4) contact with non-intact skin, and 5) low risk exposures include bites from an animal inoculated with lentivirus, percutaneous contact with body fluids from an animal inoculated with lentivirus and aerosols.

    Incubation Period: Variable, may be months to years

    Communicability: Replication incompetent vectors: Not communicable.

  5. Cancer is more the end result of a number of mutations occurring within your own cells.


    To some degree each cancer type and even individual cells are different. If even one is missed or has evolved some means of evading the cancer can start up again.


    We've only just started finding focused techniques to attack cancer. Previously it was all broad methods that killed as many good cells as bad, and were not 100% effective at removing all traces of the malfunctioning cells.


    HIV/AIDS is somewhat similar, though in this case a virus is hijacking one of our own immune responses to spread.


    Anything that can react via evolution is going to be a long uphill battle for human medicine techniques.

  6. Yeah, a new resource management game could be good. Otherwise adapting an existing concept to fit could also work well.



    3rd World Farmer and Sim Farm is a good example of this. Both games are farming simulations but with very different focuses. A number of casual games out there that could serve well as raw material.



    Best suggestion I have is to identify one specific issue that your group feels strongly about and proceed from there. Something motivating, "Save the Reefs!", "Stop the Polluters!", can serve as your rallying point. Then you can determine the game concept, necessary code and images.

  7. It reminds of a neural net re-weighting itself.


    The day's events strengthening some nodes while the random firings cause a more generalized weakening.



    I do wonder if modern tech would allow us to mess with it while a dream is ongoing. I'd like to try artificial muscle stimulation. Proprioception might provide a back door in.

  8. It has rattled around in my mind at least, probably others.


    The Universe appearing as a point at a higher level.


    Main issue is how you could ever prove or disprove such a state.


    Big assumption but if physics work the same then the Universe would have to deal with the addition of matter and eventual decay. This could be considered evidence against the theory.

  9. I will need 10 million dollars to properly evaluate all factors, including building a vacuum chamber in which to test.


    And a new truck to haul the test materials.

    The vacuum chamber will be mounted on a 26' pontoon boat for safety reasons.


    On second thought, I'll just test on the boat. Scrap the vacuum chamber.



    10 Million?


    That would be barely enough to cover my labor costs.


    What I propose is building a full size replica of the Great Pyramid with, naturally, a solid gold capstone. For total accuracy and not because I plan on using it as a personal tomb/house later we should do the interior as it would have looked originally.


    In consideration of the above expenses I will generously forgo any personal wages and instead take ownership of the structure(and everything therein) after testing is complete.


    I trust that this modest proposal will meet with the grant committee's approval.

  10. I remember reading at one point that, "A Crank is defined as a man who cannot be turned."


    If someone is willing to consider changing their views, there is hope, otherwise there is no point in discussion.


    Depending on my mood sometimes I'll keep trying to get through. Other times I just sit back and enjoy the show as their horribly mistaken theory is demolished.


    I kind of miss my game forums where I could prove people wrong via demonstration. Nothing like screwing with the calculated average wage of the country to drive a point home.

  11. Your brain senses movement via a feedback system(proprioception).


    ie. Move hand 5 inches - Hand has moved 5 inches.


    Your muscles, however, are(mostly) immobilized during REM sleep. So your brain is sending out movement commands and ends up not getting any return signals.


    It is something of a bug in the system. Common though since we are all human.

  12. Consider a cube. Take a cross section of that cube and you have a square. Our 3D Universe is comparable that square.


    What we term the Present is just one slice of Reality.



    As for Relativity, you should really check out Muon formation in the upper atmosphere. More reach the ground than their decay rate should allow due to their time(relative to our own) being slowed down.



    My own opinion is that it isn't possible to time travel for reasons relating to our own continued existence.


    As for parallel Universes, it is more likely that our Universe's resets account for those. Different iterations of the "same" Universe, rather than some kind of multiverse construct.

  13. They are fairly direct descendents of the Mastaba. More than likely if they did provide the services suggested they'd be used as granaries and not tombs.


    That particular theory has been debunked a number of times.


    About the only theory I've ever heard half-way reasonable is that they served as part of an aqueduct system. Using fire to draw a vacuum in-order to lift water.



    Just to put it out there, the Disc World series is awesome. Possibly it even contains the explanation why the Pyramid effect no longer works. Improbable but possible.

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