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  1. Or rather we are the product of Evolution and therefore have a predisposition to previously based sequences or numbers that are largely maximized for efficiency. Suppose that the golden ratio was 4, would that mean that 4 is somehow divine? or is it just a quantity that is the essence of maximized efficiency that we have evolved to?
  2. just a thought, can you saturate a closed environment with a singular type of quark? or other elementary type particles, to accomplish the breakdown or decay of larger particles. Or maybe after decaying a large particle, allowing it to attract different elementary particles?
  3. It would be very interesting if you could somehow harness the power of natural pressure to create wind.
  4. So i was watching a program about the golden mean, (i dare not spell it lol), and its ratio is considered divine. IMO assigning a "divine" title to a particular sequence that exhibits itself in the natural world is complete ignorance. What i saw when i watched the various examples of the ratio, was that it was in fact just an optimized number. Nature has evolved to reach certain amounts of stuff that work better than others, and this number is evolutions example. Thoughts?
  5. I stumbled upon this thought a few days ago but lack the total understanding of the concepts of physics to fully grasp the idea. I was thinking about Nuclear decay within select elements such as nuclear grade uranium. When a uranium atom undergoes nuclear decay it creates heat energy and a(or many) neutrons break off of the atom and are free to hit other things in space, such as other atoms, thus creating a chain reaction. But i was wondering, is it possible to force the neutron into a different state? such as forcing it into a neutrino or even a photon? What would it take to force an elementary particle into another state? Lets just start simple, what is the difference between a electron and a neutron. can you force an electron to be a neutron? -From what i understand the difference between an electron and a neutron is both charge and mass, and electron is negatively charged and has a mass that is substantially less than that of a neutron, whose charge is neutral. Even if you can't in fact force a particle state into another particle state, could you take you neutron from nuclear decay and have it excite the particles of another element to give off photons?
  6. I was recently watching a lovely program about energy production on discovery, when a intriguing question invaded my mind. Our major type of power plants all operate upon burning a fuel and transferring that thermal energy into a fluid medium such as water that in turn uses some of that thermal energy and converts it into kinetic energy and thus can spin a turbine's blades. But after this cyclical process there is another process happening as well, that is the cooling side. The amount of thermal energy that can be transformed into kinetic energy is dependent on the difference between the temperature of the fluid, so in order to maximize the amount of kinetic energy it is useful to cool the primary fluid. You cool it through a few means, but the most common i have seen is the evaporation method. That is using another fluid to absorb thermal energy after the turbine phase of the primary part. The easiest way to release the absorbed thermal energy is to evaporate the secondary steam up a cooling tower, where some of it falls back down but a lot of it is released into the atmosphere. So my question is, why don't we use that steam to turn another turbine? It seems to me that there is a lot of wasted energy within the system because of the secondary systems lack of turbine, and its blatant loss of energy to the environment. Why wouldn't you use pressure in maybe 3 or 4 systems to remove the thermal energy from the first? I'm sure there is some sort of thermal energy maximum that is present within the systems, and because of the maximum there is an optimal temperature to keep the fluid.
  7. The reason why new facilities would be built is because of sex segregation. in essence repealing the "dadt" policy is creating a new gender. Jackson33 has quite the explanation of the gender thing below. I did USAF basic almost 2 years ago, and the same dormitories that you were in, i was in. However you must also know that the public facilities do not provide any sort of privacy to begin with. Yes, it would be much cheaper to install these types of privacy items, but its the military, They aren't going to go with the easy/sensible/cheap way. The basic idea of sexual segregation and gays, is that if you have a gay in a room with another gay. that is the same as having a man and a women in the same room. So applied to showering facilites, if you have a gay and a man in a facility then that is the same as having a man(gay) and a women(the other guy, but in the eyes of the gay man it is a women). Of course that works in reverse as well. women(gay) and a man(other women). The reason why i explain it as such is because of my heterosexual nature, it is easier for me to understand how they perceive each other by understanding that their perception is quite similar to mine. IE i see a female as being attractive, a female gay sees a female as attractive in the same way i do.
  8. Imo, with my VAST experience i have been able to deduce girls to a very simple few properties. 1.) they are only into you because you have desirable traits: --A healthy look(which includes eyeglasses, if you can't see with them then use contacts cuz they don't know the difference and thus you appear healthy) Healthy look also includes, smell, height and weight. --strength or the appearance of such --A good sense of wit. 2.) If you are lacking in one of those 3 categories AND there is someone in the class with you that has all of those categories then the women is not interested in you, she is interested in that guy/girl. You can calculate these traits yourself by performing a number of "blind" experiments with unwitting people. Some of the results are best exemplified by people that lack inhibiting thought processes. such as people under the effects of alcohol will give you a more truthful response. But beyond that, women are more of a nuisance; i suppose my view is quite slanted but i try to be as unbiased as possible when observing the above phenomena.
  9. I would like to add, that the moon should both be a power station and a research area. along with some of it being used as a factory. imagine construction on superstructures with 1/5th of the consideration due to gravity.
  10. Yes, i know there are gays in the military. I have a few friends among them. The don't ask don't tell policy is the best policy concerning gays out there. They are still people and their sexual orientation shouldn't come up. Just like a heterosexuals sexual orientation doesn't come up. The policy allows gays to serve in the military just fine, they just aren't allowed to go around wearing "tutu's and trying to make out with every dude in the squadron". Basically the policy just say's "do what you want on your own time and don't let it interfere with work." The whole point of the argument from the legislative side is merely and obviously political. But the actual practice of removing the policy is a logistical nightmare. we just can't do it. Were not afraid of gays were terrified of the logistics. Military bases, deployed locations, and all public facilities are sexually segregated. So by removing the policy you then have to build separate facilities for gays, for lesbians, and for whatever else combination there is like transvestites. That is millions of dollars your talking about, millions that we don't have for those kinds of projects, and the biggest issue of them all, it puts a strain on your already strained moral of all forward deployed units.
  11. That sums it all up fairly well sisyphus. IMO we would just get over it, just look at San Fransisco, they got a lot of gays and stuff going on over there. I firmly believe the " we are neurotic because we have policies like these." ideology, simply because you can observe the effect of the having or not having the policy(s) fairly well. In most cases the effects are very consistent.
  12. Yes but we don't Our culture is MUCH different then most of the European world.
  13. It isn't really a problem about being in the same room as gays, or even showering. It's the knowledge that, hey that guy over there is gay and he staring at my cock. It makes you feel uncomfortable and will result in loss of moral. Also one should note that having gays would result in a logistical nightmare because we would have to accommodate them in their own room. It would result in a lot more sarc/sapo charges. (sexual assault stuff).
  14. Hmm, the green when quoting, and the color of the blue, seems lighter and it makes the text seem to blend into the background. It may be just my mind playing tricks on me or something. but i love the new logo tho. Honestly i am not totally sure of the nature of what is causing my difficulty reading the text. maybe its not the color at all. maybe its the size. Testtest merge Yea i still think its the color scheme. though the increased size of the text seemed to help slightly. is this text black
  15. If i could change something i would go back to the old color and format, it was easier to navigate and read. not all of the old format, but the mainpage was great. The actual forum listing could have used a little work but imo it was awesome. Personally i am actually having a bit of a hard time reading the posts now. The color scheme and the contrast just make it difficult.
  16. ooo new things and stuff

  17. Zolar V


    I'm 21, currently working in the military for my future education. I want to be an innovator and an inventor, I see technology and i want to further it. Beyond that, i am nothing spectacular.
  18. OMG what am i going to do???? I'm not going to be able to go trolling SFN at the break of dawn! I think i will go crazy and start pissing in bags!
  19. So i was watching Hans Rosling on global population growth hosted by TED, and he was talking about how poverty induces people to procreate more. It seemed to me that the stimuli of poverty caused an internal mechanism of self-preservation to enable itself. Then the enabling of the self-preservation mechanism was manifested by having more children. One could claim many other factors regarding the manifestation, some being that more children meant more manual labor and the cost/benefit ratio between work/food is slightly greater with more children. I think that these claims are rather the effect of the self-preservation mechanism. If we were to see this type of behavior exhibit itself withing a population of animals would we classify it as self-preservation or something similar like natural selection? Thoughts anyone?
  20. Zolar V

    Growing wood

    Wonderful question! I thought about this particular aspect myself, but i do not have the required knowledge of microbiology to properly put forth a viable answer. However i will attempt to suggest what we could do. The bacteria would use the energy gained in splitting chemical bonds between something carbon/oxygen/hydrogen. the slury that they will be in may be something like water (HOH) and ash(carbon stuff) OR you could use the bacteria to sequester the carbon out of the atmosphere, you could also have them use photosynthesis. Where they get energy is debateable depending on just how you engineer the bacterium.
  21. Zolar V

    Growing wood

    I think im with you one that growing meat idea, though mine is more of growing slabs of meat in more of a lab environment rather than growing meat on plants.
  22. Here is an idea to keep your terminals clean and without corrosion. clean your terminals so there is no rust left upon them, then make a small sealant rign around the terminal, fill the small bowl shape with a liquid or maybe a some type of semisolid fluid, then apply sealant to the top. Basically form a cavity around the terminal and the wires that connect your car to the battery, fill the cavity with a substance that is and inhibitor to the compounds within the battery.. Just kinda thought of this.
  23. The brain does operate in a manner that is in fact quite predictable. We understand many different aspects of patterns within the brain, alowing us to predict whether or not you are lieing, sleeping, on drugs...
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