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  1. Not quite, What i am saying is that these ratios are the result of evolution and are also still evolving. I am baising my speculation on evolution, physics, entropy, and equilibrium.
  2. Zolar V


    I think in images, and i try to verbalize them with symbols(words), but usually my vocabulary fails me.
  3. Nuclear and particle physics, which are often treated as one topic at lower levels of university, but diverge into individual topics (and into low energy and high energy physics) as you advance.

  4. What's on your mind?Nuclear and particle physics, which are often treated as one topic at lower levels of university, but diverge into individual topics (and into low energy and high energy physics) as you advance.

  5. I suppose within the idea of an all powerful monotheistic sentient being that we call god there is a bit of uncertainty that other cultures and other languages have the same name for the same god. You totally missed my point, i even said "a single sentient being THEY CALLED Yggdrasil." why would they have any idea what our yggdrasil is? a name is just a name, it does not imply any form of definition until we define it.
  6. Sorry for the randomness of the words, they were words that i couldn't remember for previous posts and are relevant to this one. Entropy: From what i understand the universe's entropy is trying to go from concentrated amounts of energy within space to evenly spread out energy within space. What i mean by this in regards to the objects looking pleasing to the eye, is that we are programmed to want the "evenly spread out energy" and so an object that has achieved the golden ratio would be more pleasing to the eye than an object that is of a different ratio because it is "evenly spread out energy". The idea is that we like equilibrium and the golden ratio is close to it. Evolutionary development of the numbers: I mean that the golden ratio is the result of evolution trying to achieve equilibrium, and it is not the pinnacle but another step in the path to equilibrium. However just like evolution on the Galapagos islands where you have multiple types of finches that have evolved differently, So have the numbers. Why can't evolution only evolve the biological (genes and such) without the influence from the laws of physics? Shouldn't evolution evolve with the laws of physics, therefore giving us these sets and types of numbers that represent the entropy of the universe?
  7. I just thought of this, but these ratios/golden numbers/pi/e and all others seem to signify the evolutionary pinnacle of Efficiency. However they follow those aforementioned constraints and we are left with multiple numbers. One can only infer that there are factors that differed in the evolutionary development of those numbers.
  8. Well, it could be because it follows the rules of physics and therefore has very solid constricting bounds that it has to work within. If we were to hypothesize what an alien would look like, we would likely draw conclusions about them based upon our knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biological evolution. They as previously discussed would not be so drastically different then what we are because they, as well as us, follow the same set of constricting bounds. Those bounds being fundamental laws of the universe: Physics and Chemistry. So apply the same type of principle to why the "Golden Mean" is the peak efficiency for so many things, and it would seem that you get a rather logical answer. Don't objects of similar energetic quantities tend to have less conflict with objects of different energetic quantities? IE the total energy of a system when completely balanced has less conflict then an energy system still trying to achieve balance? Entropy/enthalpy?
  9. I was thinking a similar thought. Lets say that the Christian god is the right one, and he has done his revelation to us. What if the alien species warships a single sentient being they call yiggsdrasil. Could that just be another name for the christian god?, or are they worshiping a false god? On the same ideology of that thought process isn't any monotheistic deity the same idea of a single god and therefore be the same of the Christian God?
  10. Nice input. Going by what you said, "A universal God would ensure that his creations would know him." seems to be a fairly accurate statement on the basis of the fundamental ideology of the bible. But i would then question, what if the alien species knew nothing about our christian God? what if they had no gods? or what if they had an alternate intelligent species that seeded their species?
  11. Even if we were to go by your idea, you would still have to objectify that our "time" is the original reality. What if by going by your time we are merely the offshoot of the original coming to us? A = a point in time. B = a point in time where time travel is possible. C = a Time travelers travel to a period of time thus creating a parallel universe. Original time: |-----------------------------A----------------------------B------------ Us : |-----------------------------A--------------C------------B-------------
  12. Because it is the current Peak of efficiency, it is the pinnacle of millions of years of evolution trying to be as efficient as possible. It's fundamental reason probably lays within the very fabric of physics, that is thermodynamics and the conservation of energy. It is chaos quantified, it is the middle ground between endo and exo. At least that's what it seems to me.
  13. Time travel is impossible because if it was possible (since it is not now it would have to be possible in the future), then the future(when it is possible) would travel back to us to give us time travel. let me show you with lines A= us |= start of time B = time travel possible - = time |-----------------------------A----------------------------B------------ now if B is able to travel in time backwards then they could give us the technology C = time travel given to us by B |-----------------------------A--------------C------------B------------- So then the actual time line looks like this |-----------------------------A--------------B--------------------------- Which then should result in the same thing where we decide to give time travel to our predecessors. D= C on A |-----------------------------D-------------B--------------------------- So our time would really look like this |-----------------------------B------------------------------------------ any point before B does not have time travel, But it could if the people at "B" so desired to give the technology to us. Basically my point is, if time travel were possible we would have it | = Beginning of time b = possibility of B to give us time travel B = able to travel in time |bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb(until B ) then BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.
  14. Makes love to technology.

  15. lol, what if they have records of living for some hundreds of thousands of years? im sure christianity would fall apart, expecially if they could prove thier existance. what of Muslim and other relgions then?
  16. What would happen to the religions of the world if we were to find extra terrestrial life on other planets?
  17. There is a technological plight that is rarely seen, it lurks around every corner and in every technological niche. It is government secrecy, one government hiding potential technologies from other governments. It is our clearance for physics for nuclear reactors, it is our classified projects on radar. The technological plight is simply a government influenced curb in the funding and sharing of technological advances because we are bickering and fighting over one piece of land or that we are better than another. How far would our technology be if we would just work together? Instead of fighting over a piece of land here on earth, why not go fight over minirals on mars, why not start harvesting the methane from neptune? We are all one species, territorial and agressive, use that agressiveness to advance technology and shoot for the stars. What would happen if we all just shared our information with one another? Dropped the secrecy and just worked together? Imagine, if we were able to have supercomputers analyze the data recieved by telescopes all the time. Like have a whole system of alaytic equipment attached to every observatory. We could take the data recieved by observatories and analyze every aspect of the light, X-ray, Infra-red, ultra-violet, and compute this with large databases of known compounds. Have the supercomputers match the data with spectroscopy of the databases. We would know a hell of a lot more about our solarsystem than we do now.
  18. TAKE THE GODDAMNED PLUNGE MAN! otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life(like i do).
  19. I Just lost the game.

  20. I Just lost the game.

  21. Well, it really isn't a question of about the prospected profit of the material mined on the moon. It is much more of a question of whether or not the material on the moon will allow the transporter to be cheaper and therefore more cost effective.
  22. Small question, but what area of physics do these questions fall under? i may go into these studies to better understand the relationships elementary particles have with atoms.
  23. I don't think the logistics of transporting material would be all that hard. There are many methods that may be able to transport the material from the moon to earth: 1. precision tossing the material to the earth surface. (kinda like how we can decide where to drop a shuttle on return orbit) 2. do the same as above just in a reusable container that can be rocketed back up to the moon.
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