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  1. Why would a One world one Nation disallow the people to form/think different emulation of government systems? Just because the world government is a certain way doesn't mean the state/town/local governments can't be formulated to fit the needs of the community. In fact that is what this whole theory is about. It is about fitting government to society and then fitting government to government so that each piece acts as a cog in a clockwerk machine, and by the movements and summations of the cogs you get a functioning masterpiece. Yes, the government system will have its inefficiencies, BUT that is not the point of the government. Government is about fitting the laws and rules to a society and then going form there. This specific formulation of government allows a great amount of flexibility on the lower tiers, while allowing human rights for all. It also addresses the nature of borders and many many many crimes between countries. it would get rid of military, for the most part. There would be no need to amass armies, much rather you would just have very small local militias. This formulation also allows for increased technological and scientific sharing throughout the communities. (there is very little scientific/ technological sharing between countries right now, due to the potential of political and military goals) The governance of the system at the top levels will be by election of 1 individual from the lower level, then there will be a election for a singular individual to rule as a figurehead (similar to the American president) the president is elected via popular vote for the entire world, while the election of the 1 individual is done at that level, (basically 1 country elects a individual to represent itself, while the figurehead is elected by all countries). that seems to be a fair system, however i am not blind to its downfalls. some of these being political/alliance forming within the countries, elected peoples.
  2. Aprox. 3 generations. Just look at the immigrants to America, they on average change their own inherited culture within the first generation born. so i give it 2 generations past that, and the citizens should opt into the philosophy. + without your dogmatic culture propaganda, your children and their children are not indoctrinated into your ignorant ideals. Cultural indoctrination is the #1 cause of your anarchist example.
  3. I got a much better idea that will in fact stop poverty dead in its tracks: Just kill the masses that are living in poverty. there poverty is dead. pun intended.
  4. A: Yes, that is an excellent description of the policies the world government tier would make. However the world tier must have considerable or at least a moderate amount of power. Otherwise the lower tiers would make the world tier obsolete and ruin the ideal of world unity. Your questions regarding the economic system are quite valid and I think I may have come up with a probable solution. Economics, the basic philosophy is supply and demand. If we were to institute the governmental system at this instant, remove all borders and such all currency changes to 1 type of currency, we would still have supply and demand. Yes people will move out of less profitable areas and into much more profitable areas. Cities will grow, and some areas will die out. However the peoples in the cities need supply, so they go out to buy land that can supply. (or work at firms to supply). Wealthy people would see the prospects of buying the areas that people left, the reason behind this is because the value of the land went down when people left to go to more profitable areas therefore the profit to risk should equalize. My general idea in my mind is like this, people from third world countries that are poor due to the country, will move to places that are more profitable and richer to live in. In doing so they decrease the value of their land. Wealthy people will eventually buy the land, seeing it as a profitable venture for development, and begin to develop the land. This in turn will attract people from less profitable areas to these areas. So the economics of a world government wouldn't be hurt by the lack of intra-governmental trade, rather it would stimulate the global economy by allowing the wealthy to develop lands that were previously too risky to develop.
  5. Though your questions are well supported, they are in fact very near sighted. Each and every one of these questions has a very simplistic answer, the answer derived from the nature of the system of government itself. Lets say the world government is instituted in this fashion: >World Government- Controls the world answers to () >State Government- Controls a Region that is defined by the World Govt, Answers to World Govt >County Government- Controls a moderate region defined by the state, answers to state. >City Government- Controls a small region defined by the county, answers to the county. >Town Government- Controls a very small region defined by the city/county- answers to city/county You have local law enforcement and laws set up by the powers in a ascending manner to County/State and a descending manner from World to State/County. Within the state and county laws are the result of local culture and are enforced likewise. All of your questions would be answered by this type of governmental system __________ I hate it when formatting takes away my spaces and tabs > __________
  6. I had a similar thought, but then i thought that if we institute localized government we could alleviate much of the corruption. Localized government would be akin to a 3 or more part setup similar to America; that being Country government, State government, and lastly town government. You might even want to scale it larger; country, state, county, city, and town. But of course the corruption would scale in magnitude due to the nature of corruption and government itself. Would terrorism really still be a problem? In how many years will country V. country terrorism subside? What reasons would it subside or what reasons would it not subside.
  7. One World One Nation. What do you think? discus all the intricacies of such an idea. The economics, politics, world population mortality rate, education and ignorance. I want to hear all your thoughts about every single facet of the concept.
  8. you know what? Probability is very unknown. From what i have seen we only understand chance by the here/now.

  9. you know, trees and plant "life" should be considered as being life.
  10. I don't believe all people believe in the concept of equality. I know for one, i don't. The most of the idea of equality is just bogus, i know for a FACT i am not equal to bill gate. i know that i am not equal to a sewer hobo. There are many facets of the concept of equality which are true, and these are the much simpler ones that deal with legal issues. The concept of this total equality is just some stupid fantasy. If you ever want to get ahead in life, understand that you are not equal. You are above some people and below some people. It's just the name of the game, evolution/natural selection.
  11. No, by segregating women from men we are not removing any rights. If you watch any American sports, you should know that there are different divisions and types of teams for lets say football. We have divisions that we put teams into in order that they can compete in a fair game, you wouldn't want to watch a division1 team totally annihilate a division3 team. It just wouldn't be a competition it would be a no contest. Well the same applies for women, they naturally don't have as much of an ability to play at the same level as males. Like previously mentioned about the bell curves.
  12. Like i said, i believe religion is always going to provide a negative impact on society. I would think that a secular society can evolve any positive outcomes that religion may have had without the negatives that religion has associated with it. You may be able to study this phenomena by introducing beneficial stimuli to various cultural animal species and then observing the effects through out multiple generations.
  13. Religion is negative. Always. Religion is always negative because of it's inherent nature to instill difference between peoples. Differences as we all know cause clashes between the two or more groups of people that have them. Some simple examples are, Race. Black and white.... just look at slavery in the Americas.. or even in the roman empire. Culture, just look at small cultural differences between natives in tribal areas of Africa. Another cultural difference can be exhibited in your school of thought, resulting in different political/economic systems. Difference imo is bad due to our human nature to dislike difference.
  14. as i previously mentioned, what is the difference? one written work compared to another written work with no evidence to support any of the words/concepts held within each work. How do you just decide one is somehow different from the other. A much more profound example of the above statement is simple to question both sides from their most relevant sources. What makes the "bible" ""god-breathed"" and the evolution of species by Charles Darwin not god-breathed. there is no evidence supporting or disproving either work being breathed by god, or not. Both were written by man. Here is another interesting thought, Both were breathed by god. Assuming we are talking about the christian god here. The reason why i can fully and logically assert the above statement is simple by a deduction of the fundamental facts about god described in the bible. According to the bible, God is all knowing and that everything is through him/ he create(S/D) everything. Thus god is the creator of the bible by creating the thought behind it then giving the thought to the writers to write. Following the obvious logic, God is the creator of the idea of evolution. He created it then gave it to Darwin, (along with an island full of rather persuasive creatures), to then write.
  15. Whether or not there is a definitive explanation for the event of life from non-life, or an equation describing the probability of life on other planets, have no impact on the implications of an alien species theology and gods on our own. The point of the topic was to discuss and rout the psychology of our theology and gods and how our theology would react to an aliens theology/gods. assuming of course that we had contact between our species and theirs. also another thought process would be, what would be the effects of religion on the alien species, both from our perspective and theirs.
  16. I am searching for metrics relating to temperature trends and past and present agricultural developments within the state of Alaska. Any help would be nice. Also i am searching for an exhaustive tool to measure the nutrient density of soil along with the metric data on various species of staple food type plants and their subspecies. The exact metrics i am looking for are of course, temperature ranges that the plant can live in, nutrient absorption rates, the range of time for growth.
  17. with that much money i would get a modest house, and put a little bit(1-10mil) into a investment for the potential children. other than that my money would go towards science/inventions/innovations. i would also use the money to help stimulate and grow the economy. i would use it to stimulate new business growth through out the world. also instead of giving money to charities which you KNOW do not work with vary much efficiency, i would use it to start and build civilization in areas where there is none. I would improve the standard of living where the standard is drastically low. The construction of civilization isn't just building homes, schools, and such it is the formation of businesses and opportunities such that there are jobs. in other words, if you have ever played age of empires or a similar game, i would build an economy. but most of it will go toward science. i just wish that science wasn't such a "brute force" type of occupation. Some examples of scientific ventures would include, moon/mars colonization. building a real space station. mining the resources of other planets for use on earth and colonies. i would advance ratheons "exoskeleton". though their attempt at it is quite laughable and extremely late in the race, it does have some credence. even if that credence is just that they have finally put some thought and engineering into it.
  18. hates it when you wake up and realise you spent you paycheck away, but can't remeber all that much of it and last night.

  19. Zolar V


    Imaginary demons spewing forth brining caos upon all they decend upon? or stuff?
  20. Zolar V


    I absolutely know for a FACT that in July 9th 2011 the world and everything we know will end! I know this because Galaxies A99 and BIT-232 will CRASH and 2 SUPER MASSIVE BLACKHOLES WILL COLLIDE resulting in a rip in the Time-Space continuum. This rip is going to SUCK everything thin into it and turn it into pure energy!!! THE WORLD WILL END!!! On a side note Both galaxies have a SLIM chance of missing each other and therefore will collide with another galaxy in XXXX years. This will result in the world ending and the demons of hell to spew forth from the rip. On a side side note, it is slightly possible that these galaxies will miss each other as well, and therefore they will hit another galaxy xx-xx in XXXX years. this will implode the whole universe and emit xray radiation! enough to boil your skin off of its rind. (that is if it doesn't diminish its power over the vast distance it has to travel, and if it misses the harmonic frequencies emitted by the interactions with other galaxies, planets, solar systems, and black holes.
  21. If the Bible cannot be take literal then what is the point of it? If you can't take one story within it as literal, then why should you take the idea of a god literal? Like previously mentioned, other books such as Lord of the Rings also presents us with the same or similar ideological concepts as the bible. So what is the difference?
  22. Isn't the above system you have so eloquently described a form of socialism? From what I have been able to discern, the more socialistic the state is the more it has the ability to grow wealth. While capitalism has less of an ability to grow capitalism due to the aggressive nature of individualistic economics? In accordance with what has been written socialism allows the majority of the people to do/work more, while capitalism forces work out of the majority but also hinders a significant amount of people from working and from amassing wealth. Socialism's ability to allow more people to work is directly related to the wealth redistributive polices it has. These include school systems, road systems and health care. If the people are healthy and they are educated then they have the ability to work more. Socialism also indirectly allows people to work more and also work on something they want to work at/for, by providing peace of mind. They do this through their safety net programs. Mental Health is under evaluated as a major factor in allowing people to work more Capitalism's hindrances to work is also directly related to it's Lasse Fair policies regarding the industries that provide the products. Such as Health Insurance, College programs and Banking/Investment institutes. These free economic Industries directly influence the ability for the people to work. They do so by removing safety nets and increasing the amount of time a person has to work to afford the goods and services required to maintain a healthy and well educated life.
  23. So, i got my computer partially working. 1 Memory module is dead.. the others work... all 4 slots have been tested and work. However when i was running my memory diagnostics.. 1 stick at a time. I missed pressing f9 a few times and it tried to boot up.. except it would say; I'm sorry windows can't load: windows/system.sys is corrupt or missing. (paraphrased obviously) So i dug out my cd, TY, btw.. u kno who . and i put it in.. started it up.. booted off cd.. got to the install screen, and i pressed "r" following the directions from the previous window. ... it then proceeded to boot me into windows recover console in DOS, where it gave me; C:\\>Windows D:\\>Windows Please enter which windows to boot from: (Hit enter to cancel)# >>i put 1, then it proceeded to do nothing so i hit enter.. to enter the command i think. Though according to the last >>statement enter meant cancel. >> Then it gave me: C:\\>windows/# i proceeded to punch a wall. so much for automated system recovery. I then sat at the blinking cmd line prompt, for like 30 min while i called microsoft support to find the proper command line to reinstall the windows/system.sys file.. from the system.cab. Microsoft basically said FU and pay us 60 bucks. I then rebooted my computer to get the exact file problem to txt to a friend which knows all this stuff and doesn't charge anything. Instead of booting to the error message like it did the past 7 times, it booted up and loaded windows. So i get into windows and i'm like ok.. backup shit quick. moved a few files over to a different partition, then i opened system properties and was checking to see if i had system recovery on, and i do. But then a Windows error message pops up and says: Windows is shutting down Explorer because of a invalid data execution. then proceeded to close and reopen explorer I opened Command Prompt: C:\\>...\\sfc\scannow came back with nothing, did a check disk.. nothing.. but i opened my start menu and noticed a bunch of my programs are showing recently installed status.. and my time is jan1 2007. so i think windows did a recovery, when i was in the console.. but i'm not entirely sure. i just spent like 4 hrs, all cuz i wanted to make a map in Stronghold. I feel like punching Bill gates through a baby on a computer. -.-
  24. I would like to see it done to, and produce no results. If it did produce the predicted result i would be thoroughly amazed. I just don't see the logical jump from ordinary plain old chemicals to living thingy.
  25. Anyways, thank again guys for your ideas. I'm now going to go get a lighter and a marshmallow. I'm going to light the $150 on fire and roast a marshmallow on it, maybe ill get my moneys worth that way.
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