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  1. But, God also created sin. So why are we being punished for doing something he created for us? Lol, 2 or 3?
  2. I wish i had money, investors.. i would research this balls out of lots of things.

  3. I would have to agree, but with the stipulation that the aliens evolved on a planet much similar to ours, and therefore would have a degree of similarities between us. I mean considering we are the product of the stimuli that we have evolved to overcome/abuse.....
  4. First i want to mention that i had some serious errors within my post, i wrote it in a bit of a rush. I suppose my writing was absolutely horrid, but i was inferring that light had no time because it would be instantaneous between any given point. However when measuring the light, you must give it a reference frame because it is a "something" just like anything else and it interacts with the world around it. Therefore i must quote Einstein, "If i were traveling on a beam of light, what would i see?" I was trying to accomplish what you so eloquently wrote, though i do not understand why the Observers 2 initial time is 0, wouldn't it be -1 because when he receives the beam time has passed for him?
  5. ? i take it that is a program for a calculator?
  6. I see what your getting at. You transmit and recieve a beam light simultaniously in the beam of lights relative time frame, but the sender and the reciever's observed send and recieve's time is offset by the distance between them. time = T light = L Observer 1 = O1 Observer 2 = O2 Observer 1 initiates the pulse Observer 2 recieves the pulse before it is bounced back to Observer 1 to describe the moments with relativity here maybe what your trying to display When T = 0 a pulse of light is sent According to the moment experienced by the pulse of light (L) T = 0 at every instance. Observer 1 (O1) initiates L at T = 0 and recieves L at T = 1 Observer 2 (O2) sees L at T = 0 and bounces L back at T = 1 In reality though O2 actually sees L at T = 0 in his moment, but according to O2 T = 1 because of the distance between each observer. Also O1 sees T = 0 in his moment but according to O2 T = 1 due to the distance between them. I think the foundation of your theory is that Time is a localized effect that is percieved by each observer differently due to the distance between the observer and the observed. Our current theories have a almost "aether" type of time, that is time encompasses all things the same and is percieved differently by the observed/observer because of the distance between them.
  7. So there is no net photon gain within the torus? I might need to check out the maths behind this, i would like to calculate how much light gets in from the outside source, then calculate how much light excapes each time it completes a circle within the torus.
  8. So I was contemplating the consequences of no saturation point to energy within a given space. I eventually came up with a small way to capture photons from light and keep them. Basically I thought of a toroid design that on the inside consists of mirrors to reflect the photons all along the ring. The entrance for the photons to get in would be a one way mirror on the top that hits a 1 way mirror below the inside tube that reflects it at an angle into the torus. Of course energy is lost due to heat and such so encompass the torus with another torus, and create a vacuum between the two. Also because of the heat concept you could build test probes in the vacuum to extract the amount of heat is lost, and the probable amount of heat inside the light ring. Figure 1. torus ring __________________=_____________ inner ring _______________=__=_____________ ………………………|____++/ small box to bounce the light from the entrance to the inner ring. = equals a one way mirror + = an angular mirror Figure 2. {*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-=---*-----*-----*-----*-----*} {++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++} [---------------------------------=------------------------------] [---------------------------------=------------------------------] {++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++} {*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*} + denotes vacuum [] {} = indicates bounds of the respective tors = equals mirrors and such from figure 1 * = temperature sensors
  9. All of what you say is very true. War has been our primary motivation to increase and expand upon our technologies. All of our empirical data to support the data is based upon the threat or possiblity of war, However we have no data to support that we would not advance without a threat or possibility of war. Actually now that i think about it, we don't have much data to support anything but a few types of governmental systems, a few types of economies, and no data for no threat of war.
  10. QUOTE from zolar V [scroll up like 2 or 3 posts] "Lets say that the Christian god is the right one," end quote
  11. Why not just have an enthusiest write the add-on?
  12. Your not understanding either, regardless of the aliens or our belief, what if the god(s) worshiped by both are one and the same. Sure they think we are wrong for not worshiping thier god, and we think they are wrong for not worshiping our god. Also, you could bring this concept from the macro to the micro, what if the native's great spirit and the christian god is one and the same. Like previously stated, god my just show him/her-self to each culture in a way that can be best understood. So maybe the natives god and the christian god are one and the same, maybe even other monotheistic deities.
  13. Is there any sort of higher amount of photons emitted by a particular set of frequencies? Well, for instance, a piece of paper does not interact with gamma radiation because the radiation passes through the paper with no interaction. So what i mean by this, is what types of substances interact with alpha, beta, and gamma radiation to excite the material and emitt photons? But which substances emitt large amounts of photons? In other words, which types of substances when excited by various means, specifically gamma radiation, emit more photons than other substances? Then why don't we concentrate a given area with photons, then release them?
  14. What is on my mind? The mechanics of photons and electormagentic interaction.

  15. What is the electromagnetic spectrum and its relationship to Photons. Why do we normally think that photons are only found within the electromagentic frequencies of color?. Is it because the photons interact with those wavelengths and thus are able to bounce into our eyes or something? In what ways to photons interact with frequencies outside of the color spectrum? What materials interact with alpha, beta, and gamma radiation? What materials can be excited by radiation to emit light? Is there a maximum saturation point of light within a space?
  16. No, Julain and others had announced they had and were planning the release of the documents before the plane crash. Most muslim countries hate us, hell most of the world does. Our policies and our actions do not help in relieving the hatered either. We have a tendency to act like spoiled kids, we want everything now and were not afraid to push people around to get it.
  17. Zolar V


  18. That's probably the best quote for this thread, and for the media from it. +1 points.
  19. No,still not quite. What i am saying is the Golden ratio is the product of evolution. The reason for it's general nature to many organisms is because of the bounds and constraints of physics. However the Golden ratio is not the end result, there is a more finite ratio that is better described, but has not been evolved yet. BTW why do people believe evolution stopped? Cuz it hasn't. [math]\frac{1 + \sqrt{5}}{2}[/math] is the result of evolution operating within physics. The reason why you see it in so many things is because physics affects them all. Why is a pattern less entropic? if you were to make a homogeneous mixture of all component colors aren't thier particles at a atomic level more or less in a pattern?
  20. Zolar V


    I would have to agree with you John. Not only do I think in images, but I also imagine certain emotions that correspond to the idea i want to tell. Along with visualizing the image with emotion I also predict a set of outcomes that are associated with the image
  21. I find it somewhat funny at just how ignorant so many people are to the realities of war and the types of involvment between the Government and its people, the government and the military, the military and the people, and the government to the government. It is not suprising that these have happend or that there were cover ups, its called war. Within war your everyday "warlike" stuff has about 10% to do with wining a war, the other 95% is propaganda.
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