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  1. Its much better, to invest in other tangible things such as infrastructure, R&D etc. war, is a bad investment. but, that does not mean it has no effect on the economy. and, a long war is almost always bad. when, you goto "war" massive amounts of money is spent across the board. things like supplys, weapons, ammo, food, contractors. etc all get funding, also the "famliys" of the soldiers get more pay... (combat pay) so, we are not saying from a moral point of view weather its good or bad, just that it has an effect. it would be much better, if we spent 3 trillion on R&D and infrastructure..... -Nex6
  2. Thats not what I meant.. and, I never said war was good. only that, by tradition sometimes it helps the economy. not even that, thats the best way to do it. thats not what I was referring...
  3. by tradition war, is *sometimes* very good for economy's. but, fighting two wars on two fronts for long periods of time is not. also, modern economy's are very integrated. so the money generally does not all end up in only the US. it gets spread out probably pretty far. in WW2, we rampt up manufacturing by factors of 10. which helped our economy greatly. but today, our manufacturing is pretty limited. and even then, some stuff still gets made or prefabed over seas. so, today while the money may go to a US company that company may "pay" for stuff from china, india etc. which also helps there economy's.....
  4. amd or intel generally does not matter to much for most people. the important thing to consider is, "how" you use your PC. ie, do you play games? do you render graphics? then, look for reviews on amd and intel boards in your price range get the one with good reviews that you can afford. -Nex6
  5. to put it another way: The .NET framework is a runtime, much like the java runtime. to, "use" it you either "run" .NET applications, or create your own. to create your own you need to write your code in a .NET language like c# or vb.net. to "write" your own, the VS express ed. are great, but you can also use the .NET SDK, and do it all by hand via comand line etc... if your feeling geeky.
  6. I like to 2nd what James said; also, you should expand your skills maybe get involved in some open source projects. make sure to have some systems level stuff in your toolbox. as big shops, need web guys that can also do other things...
  7. I am not really deep enough to go into all the C++ and and the more formal models. but, I try and stay away from com,OLE etc. but then again, I am an engineer hacker.... in one high distributed software project we wrote own own helper agent to collect an xml file that the main process generated. the helper agent then could send it back to the webservice to be process into the DB. but, that's allot slower then you need. but for us was very efficient. maybe its my dual, windows and Unix side but I like to keep things simple....
  8. "prefect stability" is an abstract term, every OS no matter what has or has the possibility of having "stability issues". this, comes from many vectors; such as, poor hardware, an example would be a cheap mouse, or cheap video card. and poor drivers, etc these types of issues cause more problems then not. also, software, 3rd party software added to your computer thats poorly written and or does things sloppily. also, causes issues. or, even things like AntiVirus software that adds things to the kernel. causes issues..... all, OS's have these problems.... if, you want a very stable system, get good quality hardware, and load the OS yourself from the OS media not a restore CD. now, security is a different matter do not get me started on that....
  9. blah, right click on my computer, properties. the OS tab tells you. if the my computer is not there, right click on the desktop and show it.
  10. I am not completely sure what your asking. are you asking can you filter or block traffic types? the answer is yes, corpnets do this with proxys, etc....
  11. Nex6

    net speed

    sorry, whatever speed your phone gives you is all you get. you, can mess with DNS, and other settings to maybe make things smoother or tweak it. but odds are... the actual download speeds will not improve as those are set and fixed. -Nex6
  12. Nex6

    Out of Memory?

    update your BIOS, and if your bios has it do a memtest. otherise, you can create a dos boot disk from bootdisk.com and do one. if, the BIOS, and Memory are fine, and still not showing correctly. make, get a Linux or winPE disk, and boot into a CD/DVD rom. and, check the ram there. if it comes back fine, the something else is going on in your windows install. if thats the case, update all drivers. remove, all AV, etc. and see how it behaves. -Nex6
  13. I think it greatly depends on what you want to learn and your target. as much as people would love it Microsoft is not going away anytime soon, and many many corp stuff is Microsoft based. with the mess that was SUN now in orcales hands. I dont see that changing. yea, PHP is powerful, its Open and runs on all platforms. but many corps like either java or .NET. check out the job postings. also, both java, and .NET are or general, PHP is mostly a web platform where as .NET is not tho asp.net is. but thats another story.
  14. Nex6

    Google Wave

    I have a WAVE account, I played with it for awhile. and found major usage issues. tho i do not remember what they all where. its one of those its very cool *but*. the but, being the big thing. the collaboration stuff is cool, but can be clunky. and, the way the UI is, and the way new messages and stuff interact is pretty poor. tho, it is very cool but thats it. but I think, email,IM and such as they are evolving do a much better job but do not have collaboration.
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