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  1. As I said... Good Luck. Split Infinity
  2. Sam...I hope that someday you will come to realize it is not necessary to get yourself all worked up about what another person thinks, believes or feels. Perhaps that persons logic or idealism or theories might be flawed or perhaps it is just a matter of your not liking what you read for whatever reason. But to react and respond in the manner you have of late that does not take into account what another person might feel when you so blatantly disregard any manner of etiquette, civility or concern for your fellow human beings state is or might be...well...just my typing this has changed my feelings about you from irritated to concern as usually when a person acts in this manner there is another preexisting issue that will drive them to do so. Good Luck. Split Infinity
  3. I am well aware of how to triangulate an object using several methods as when the Apollo missions and especially Apollo 11 were going on...HAM Radio operators from all over the planet were triangulating the Apollo Missions craft as it approached the moon. Now I KNEW that this whole thing was a misunderstanding upon your part as I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. The thing is you did not know that was aware of this and if you had just been so civil as to ask me why I stated 6 points of position were required to find an object in 3-D Space as I stated this because the manner you had stated that only 3 were needed is only true or relative if one already KNOWS where the object is whether it has been detected by Radar or Sight or whatever. If you DON'T know where something as say...the planet I have talked about orbiting a distant star is....but you know 6 other points ...say other planets or stars location relative to this unknown located planet....then all you have to do is draw straight lines through 3 groups of two objects and it will give you the exact location. To be able to plot a course a seventh point is needed and you would draw a straight line from the seventh position to the center of crossed lines detailing the location of this planet. Split Infinity....as it relates to this topic...the lingual theory of everything....MIKEY...as I have said...everything means EVERYTHING and that includes...IT TAKES ALL KINDS! LOL!
  4. Not that I intend to argue with you...when I checked out my content list Marx and Darwin were highlighted telling me that a new post had been added to this topic which I had not yet read. The fact it was your post among a few others was just coincidence. Are we getting a bit full of ourselves? LOL! Split Infinity
  5. I expected that you would skirt out of the question in this manner. Thing is....WE CAN SEE THE MOON as well as we can use anything from Radar, Laser...etc...broadcasts to determine the Moons distance and position. Now the question I have given you is you are to find a Planet orbiting at an unknown distance from Bellatrix using your stated method. Even if you knew the relative positions of 5 Stars or Planets specific to this Planet YOU COULD NOT DETERMINE IT'S LOCATION. You need 6 points of position known and relative to the object you are trying to find and a 7th point to plot a course. Split Infinity
  6. I have posted on this topic that is why I came here. You place way too much value upon upon yourself as far as someone replying to your posts. Split Infinity
  7. Now I remember why I like you Pop! LOL! Split Infinity
  8. Oh...This is going to be good! OK.....there is a planet orbiting Bellatrix...a second magnitude star and the third brightest in the constellation of Orion. Now using your stated method...show me exactly how you would locate this planet. Split Infinity
  9. I do not believe arc has a problem at all. It would seem that YOU are the one with a problem. I have noticed now on a few topics your conversations or debates with others ending with a snide comment by you about another members posts and then a statement such as the one I have quoted where YOU have the audacity to actually label another member as HAVING A PROBLEM. The whole purpose of such forums and topics if for people to discuss concepts and ideas and come out of it for the better. I see no issue with a person siting a mistake made by another but to be so character flawed as to label that person having a problem...especially a person like arc who has been polite and constructive in the midst of your belittlement...well...it really shows all of us exactly WHO has a problem. Split Infinity
  10. Pop...although I respect everyone's right to believe as they wish...I would like to point out that you used the word...HE to describe a GOD. Now think about this...why would a GOD have gender? For that matter...why would what we assign the word GOD be an entity or individual kind of Spiritual Life Form? I think that if...and that is a BIG IF....there actually is a GOD...it will not be ANYTHING like what we have imagined it would be or assigned a value to. It might just be possible that what is responsible for the existence of our Universal Reality and any and all existing Divergent States of in a Multiverse...might be something that our Human Mental Abilities cannot yet understand. People say that they are looking at the BIG PICTURE when they talk about a GOD but in reality such people are really looking at a very little tiny part of the Big Picture. Look at just our Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is but one Galaxy out of perhaps 500 BILLION or more in our Universe and there are anywhere from 200 Billion to 400 Billion stars in the Milky Way...because of gas and particle debris we can't know for certain yet....and as far as the number of planets...there could be at a MINIMUM...200 Billion Planets and perhaps as many as a TRILLION. There is calculated to be anywhere from 20 to 50 BILLION Earth like planets in our own Galaxy never mind the huge number of Earth like planets in the Universe. And this is only talking about One Universal Reality as there may be INFINITE UNIVERSAL REALITIES IN A MULTIVERSE. So now knowing that...when one is looking at the BIG PICTURE....one really has to LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE as if there is a GOD...such a GOD as described being the creator of EVERYTHING...means that such a GOD'S time could not be monopolized just by our one little life bearing planet now could it? Split Infinity
  11. In order to locate an object and pin point it's position in space....you need 6 points of position and a 7th point to plot a course. To clarify this further, if you have a known axis (i.e the center of the universe), then you could indeed use a three dimensional axis by using (x, y, z). This would give you the distance from the center of the universe on each axis. This is impractical however, because of the level of precision needed in something as massive as space would require a huge number for each axis...this would be impossible for a symbolic representation. As far as 4-D not being enough dimensionality for Quanta to exist as both Particle and Wave...even String Theory and M-Theory does not fully account for all behaviors of Quanta and what we talk about in Quantum Mechanics is only Behavior as we have no idea why and how Quanta does what it does. As far as you reply where you state that our Space/Time could and would still exist if all matter and energy were removed...well I try not to post in a negative manner or try to make others feel as if they are being targeted or picked upon for making a mistake but in your case you have purposely gone out of your way to post a reply in a negative and even insulting manner....so I will not hold back on my response to your reply. Your replied statement is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous and laughable one I have ever read upon this board and what makes it even more so is that you are not only convinced it is correct but you have even used this as a counter to my statement. It is the Matter and Energy or particles and wave forms of that were ejected at the moment of the Big Bang and their outward forced expansion that is CREATING SPACE/TIME. NO MATTER AND ENERGY = NO SPACE/TIME. As far as ZERO-D...well that concept regardless of any with possible credentials that my lay claim to it is just stupidity. Your last statement to me is unfortunate as I have attempted to form a friendship or at least a reality of mutual respect between us. I suppose that not everyone has an understanding of etiquette or friendly social interaction. When two people on this forum are having a debate...it is not important nor should the goal be..."I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG SO I WIN!" The goal should be the advancement of knowledge and understanding upon a great many levels....not just the ones specific to the science or math of an issue. You have demonstrated by your reply...you have a great deal to yet learn and I wish you good luck in that endeavor. Split Infinity
  12. You know...my post is describing a FEELING that came over me for a split second. It is not like I reacted or even shouted...and this FEELINGS violent ferocity surprised even me as there are very little to perhaps no situations that I could not possibly handle either from a physical stand point to a mental one. The extreme violent nature of this split second feeling goes against my very open and disciplined nature so I am fairly certain this feeling was something that came from some deep seated trigger...and I would bet my bottom dollar it is Genetic in it's nature...given the person I am and in what I believe. Split Infinity It is a FACT...that not all people that engage in Homosexual activity....and p.s...I could care less what anyone else prefers to do sexually....are Genetically predisposed to be Gay. Split Infinity
  13. You are confusing what I am stating as being a Predictable Deterministic Future. What I am saying as far as knowing the condition and position and state of every Particle in the Universe will allow us to know every possible action and interaction and particle position till the end of our Universal Time....is specific and a ONE OF MANY DIVERGENT UNIVERSAL REALITY TIMELINES that exist in INFINITE NUMBER AND VARIETY....as every possible state or version of reality MUST EXIST and because of this and because in such a Multiversal State specific to One Universal Grouping CONTAINING INFINITE DIVERGENT UNIVERSAL REALITIES all interconnective and all Divergent off a single BASELINE REALITY...will all exist as a whole in a NON-LINEAR TIMELINE. Given this just as to a much smaller degree....when we look at FRACTAL PATTERNS IN CHAOS THEORY....this gives us insight to a much larger system known as the MANY WORLDS INTERPRETATION. And this might help some here who are not familiar with this concept and theory which allows us an explanation to such things we ALL WANT TO KNOW SUCH AS....Why Quantum Particle/Wave Forms exist as both Particle and Wave? Why are such Quanta such as Photons and Electrons capable of Dual or Multiple Functions? How and why do Photons and Electron and other Quantum Particle/Wave Forms have FREQUENCY? And EVERYONE'S SCI-FI FANTASY QUESTION....HOW are Particles of Mass....Protons and Neutrons....INTERCHANGE with Particle/Wave Forms of ENERGY? Coming up from WIKI.........Many Worlds Interpretation. The Many-Worlds Interpretation is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that asserts the objective reality of the universal wavefunction and denies the actuality of wavefunction collapse. Many-worlds implies that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe"). It is also referred to as MWI, the relative state formulation, the Everett interpretation, the theory of the universal wavefunction, many-universes interpretation, or just many-worlds. MWI is one of many multiverse hypotheses in physics and philosophy. It is currently considered a mainstream interpretation along with the other decoherence interpretations, the Copenhagen interpretation,[10]and deterministic interpretations such as the Bohmian mechanicsBefore many-worlds, reality had always been viewed as a single unfolding history. Many-worlds, however, views reality as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realised.[11] Many-worlds claims to reconcile the observation of non-deterministic events, such as the random radioactive decay, with the fully deterministic equations of quantum physics. In many-worlds, the subjective appearance of wavefunction collapse is explained by the mechanism of quantum decoherence, which resolves all of the correlation paradoxes of quantum theory, such as the EPR paradox[12][13] and Schrödinger's cat,[1] since every possible outcome of every event defines or exists in its own "history" or "world". In lay terms, the hypothesis states there is a very large—perhaps infinite[14]—number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes. This is but ONE MULTIVERSAL BASED THEORY where time exists in an interconnective state to all Divergent Universal Realities but such Time is of a NON-LINEAR NATURE as to accessibility within and between all such Non-Linear Based Divergent Universal States...an example might be the ability of some people...SENSITIVES...a name expressing the nature of both the person as well as such a persons abilities....being able to connect to a variety of Universal Linear Timelines via Telepathic or Spiritual awareness. This and a great deal more Multiversal Theories as well as M or Brane Theory....would certainly provide the answers for Dark Matter and Dark Energy as well as allow us to understand Particle/Wave Duality and much more. Although such Theories are extremely complex as well as their reality being of a nature that anything that exists does so to provide a purpose. Split Infinity
  14. OK...after reading a few posts here I have to say that even though I support Gay Rights as well as Gay Marriage....I will also ADMIT that as to my above story of my confrontation with two drunken Gay Men....their BEHAVIOR SPECIFIC TO GAY MEN ACTING OVERLY EFFEMINATE...seemed to trigger some Genetically stored violent tendencies and emotions that are not associated to a person being Homophobic....as I am NOT...but rather specific to Alpha Male Dominance specific to Clan Survival and probably created to protect the Clans Breeding Population. Given I was dealing with two IDIOTS...I took this into consideration but after pondering how I would act as well as how I would react or Feel Emotionally if two other people either 2 Hetero Males or a Hetero Male and Female or 2 Gay or Bisexual Females or any combination of Hetero Male or Hetero Female with a Gay or Bisexual Female...and even if these two new combinations of people were to act like IDIOTS in either a manner specific to their gender or sexual orientation or even if the Gay Females or Hetero Males were to act and say the exact same words....I AM CERTAIN TO A POINT OF 100 % CERTAINTY that I might get angry and might even say a few choice words which is not in my very disciplined nature to begin with....but I WOULD NOT HAVE EXPERIENCED SUCH A VIOLENT EMOTIONAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL DESIRE AND ALMOST NEED to perform an act of battery against both Gay Men to the point of visualizing both of them bloodied and on the ground. Now I WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY DO THIS as a response to such violent emotions but given my training as well as my restraint....such an emotional state bringing itself to the surface in such a quick and unexpected way....made me understand why some men of a lessor ability given for restraint might actually REACT IN A VIOLENT MANNER....even if such Men were not prone by their nature to act in such a manner. So there it is. Split Infinity
  15. An inelastic collision, in contrast to an elastic collision, is a collisionin which kinetic energy is not conserved. As per WIKI...In collisions of macroscopic bodies, some kinetic energy is turned into vibrational energy of the atoms, causing a heating effect, and the bodies are deformed. Inelastic collisions may not conserve kinetic energy, but they do obey conservation of momentum. Now this is the definition of the words and is a VERY INTELLIGENT basis as per it's use by you as far as attempting to show me and others here how the 100,000 Wooden Balls would over time lose their Kinetic Energy thus lose their initial velocity of 10 feet per second as well as how such collisions of Macroscopic Bodies will convert the created vibrational state into HEAT...thus Kinetic Energy would not be conserved. Here is the thing...I specifically chose WOODEN BALLS as a way to provide any here capable...of guessing just WHAT the CONTAINMENT FIELD IS that is...as I have stated...repelling the balls and not allowing any lose of Kinetic Energy upon impact of the of the Containment Spheres interior walls. I was a bit misleading with the words walls and impact but I was hoping to see if any here might be quick enough and BRIGHT enough to pick up on what the Nature of my Containment Sphere is....and a CLUE would be this following quoted paragraph from my own above post....... "Now Gravity is the created effect that exists by Matter and as we have been told...after the Big Bang...the particles of Energy and Mass that were in motion eventually coalesced into Stars, Planets and Galaxies. The thing is...there is a problem as far as Particles of mass in motion...gravity based grouping or gathering...and Kinetic Transfer." So Swansont...I will continue in a moment or two but before I continue....Would you like to venture a GUESS at what EXACTLY is the nature and what is the abilities and construct of my Spherical Containment Field? Split Infinity
  16. Excuse me but I was under the impression that it takes 6 points of position to describe the location of something and a 7th point to plot a course to it? Our Space/Time IS NOT 4-D as even for Space/Time to EXIST....we are going to have at a minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional States and even that number is probably not enough Dimensionality for Space?Time to exist. WHY? We know that Particles of Mass and Energy must exist as well are required and necessary for our Universal Space/Time to exist. This is a FACT as since such Particles of Mass and Energy are required for the EXISTENCE OF GRAVITY and Protons and Neutrons being the particles of Mass which at their very smallest Base Constructs are comprised completely of Quantum Particle?Wave Forms such as Quarks, Gluons, Mesons, Leptons and the all important Higgs-Boson which is the Quanta that gives Protons and Neutrons the ability TO HAVE MASS. Now Quanta and as example Photons and Electrons which are Particle/Wave Forms of ENERGY which have as a Wave Function...FREQUENCY. For such Quanta to even EXIST as both Particle and Wave never mind obtain and exist at a variety of Frequencies dependent upon condition....4-D is not nearly enough Dimensionality for such Quanta to exist as both particle and wave as well as obtain frequency. Since it is th Higgs-Boson or the GOD Particle...which allows Protons and Neutrons to have Mass as well as the existence of such Hadrons of Mass are responsible for the existence of such Hadrons to generate a Gravity Well or the Effect of Gravity...as well as the very existence of such Particles of Mass generating a Effect of Gravity....this shows us how our Universal Space/Time Geometric Dimensionality is dictated to a specific description or construct via the existence of Both Quantum Particle/Wave Forms as well as the particles of Mass they comprise such as Protons and Neutrons and I am waiting for someone to mention PIONS... a family of lighter particles called Pions that are made from pairs of quarks. They are made from pairs of Up and Down quarks. As far as the ZERO-D thing....well A state of Zero Dimensionality would be akin to a definition of NON-EXISTENCE....and well now...WE JUST CAN'T ABIDE BY THAT! LOL! Split Infinity...p.s...better to have an idea and talk about it risking being laughed at or ridiculed by others....than hunker down and keep ones Mouth Shut in some idiotic attempt to minimize RISK in order to gain the appearance of looking smart.
  17. swansont ehh? Now here I thought I was giving you a cool ESPN based Nick Name and you have to go all prim and proper on me and blow it out of the water! LOL! OK...FINE...swansont...but SWANY sounds much cooler! OK...here we go...Now I am aware that over time the 100,000 wooden balls that at one time were all in motion at a velocity of 10 feet per second within this Containment Sphere which has a diameter of 1000 feet and is moving along with Universal Expansion in Intergalactic Space. So I know eventually these 100,000 wooden balls will coalesce and will become a sphere or close to it within this Containment Sphere...and just so you know...any wooden ball impacting the containment spheres inner walls will be repelled from the containment wall maintaining the same Potential Kinetic Energy repelling off it as it had going in. Such Kinetic energy need not be of the nature that would maintain identical velocity going in to the wall when coming off it...as oscillation and angular spin momentum can be taken into account but the balls will always retain the same Kinetic Energy coming off the wall as going in. Now please restate your issue. Split Infinity
  18. You know....personally I could care less nor would I assume to judge anyone whether they be Biologically and Genetically assigned to be Homosexual, Bisexual or Heterosexual...I know who and what I am and as long as no one is trying to tell ME what I can or cannot do...I would never assume to to tell anyone else what they can or cannot do. Many who are a part of the Religious Self-Anointed DETERMINATORS...who have decided either by their own convictions or convinced to be so by being the tools of others and those others convictions...that what a person's actions are must come into compliance under this groups rules. Now one of this groups arguments is that Homosexuality is a Learned or coerced activity of which the practicing Homosexual has been DUPED or LEAD ASTRAY and is not responsible for their actions. And in these groups minds if such people could be REEDUCATED and shown the proper and righteous path....they would no longer be Homosexuals or practice the activities specific to. This argument presented by such a group can be easily broken down and shown to be without any scientific merit using some basic LOGIC. Now under the presented argument and presented solution of this group...a person of a specific sexual orientation can be reeducated and informed as to their proper or correct sexual orientation...and in their argument...only those who have a sexuality specific to same sex attraction or Bi-Sexual Attraction are considered candidates for Sexual Reeducation and Proper Direction or Orientation of their sexuality that will be determined by this group. The thing is by LOGIC...if Homosexuality is a learned activity or is the result of coercion...then it could be said that sexual orientation is a learned or coerced state of reality and since we can point out from a Genetic Standpoint as well as a Human Developmental standpoint that shows us in the later that in the womb all human life starts off as FEMALE in it's gender and due to the Sex Chromosomes we carry and the Sex Hormones that are secreted in development...this determines what sex a child will be and this is not constrained to just Male and Female but on occasion conditions and Genetics will create a Human with both Male and Female organs as well as either in addition to these organs or as individual aspects of a human born with either male or female sexual organs but with conflicting hormonal issues or brain development specific to the opposite sex of the human in developments organs...ie...a penis with a female mental and or hormonal makeup or the opposite for a female sexual organs. Anyways since we have great understanding of exactly what is occurring and has occurred for a person to be born a Man or Woman or born as a man or woman with biological and mental and hormonal traits of say a woman in a mans body or a man in a woman's body...as well as every possible combination of humans born with both sexual organs and humans born with other duel biological, psychological, hormonal, mental...etc.... https://www.boundless.com/psychology/gender-development-and-sexuality/development-gender/genetic-influence-on-gender/ Thus saying a person who is born with a Genetic or even Genetically determined psychological propensity toward a mental state mirroring the opposite sex of that person physical sexuality....CAN BE REEDUCATED AND RE-ORIENTATED is like telling me...a 6 foot 1 inch 225lbs Heterosexual ALPHA MALE that as a teen from about the age of 11 or 12 would get sexually aroused by just looking at ANYTHING that resembled a WOMAN OR GIRL....the curves of a tree trunk....looking at a sliced open apple...just looking at two side by side small mountains of equal height and width would cause my body to start to sweat pondering the mysteries of a Woman's Breasts....and since Gay's and Bi-Sexual's that are Biologically and Genetically Predisposed...AND I AGREE THAT NOT ALL CLAIMING TO BE GAY AND BI ARE PREDISPOSED PHYSICALLY BUT JUST TO BE MENTALLY PREDISPOSED IS STILL PREDISPOSED....so if such Gay and Bisexual people are just as sexually aroused to the same sex or either sex in the manner I was and still am to WOMEN....well then...THERE IS NO REEDUCATION CAMP ON THIS PLANET OR PLAN OF ACTION THAT WILL CHANGE EITHER MY SEXUAL ORIENTATION OR THEIRS! Split Infinity
  19. ajb....even as I was posting what you quoted...I KNEW....you would either be thinking what you just posted or reply directly as such...LOL! I am sure that you could have the same foresight about some things that I might say. The thing here is that it IS NOT IMPORTANT for either of us to prove which way is the best way....what IS IMPORTANT is for both of us and anyone who is reading this to be MADE AWARE of such possibilities. I am certain being a person who's mind is specific to Math....being able to know all conditions...all possibilities and all probabilities as well as the ENVIRONMENT....be it one of a Planetary Reality or whether it be an Environment of the MIND or a CONSTRUCT developed by such a mind....is what is really important if you are seeking the FACTS. Split Infinity
  20. ajb...I would just like you to know I have enjoyed this debate and I hope you do not take what I am about to say next as if it is a SLIGHT or INSULT as it is NOT. It simply is what it is. ajb...after reading all your specific replies to specific parts of my post I must say that....in your doing so as well as how you replied you were able to shed a greater light upon the concepts I was trying to get across to the membership than I ever could in what I posted. At every single reply you gave to each of your chosen parts of my statement...whether they agreed with what I posted within that part of the entire post or if they disagreed....you demonstrated to the point of perfect clarity EXACTLY how your mind thinks and what you placed a high or higher value upon as well as even to a degree allowed all to see both your analytical clarity of thought as well as your complete and total blindness to some concepts and statements due to your reality of thought which is built upon how your Subconscious Disseminates sensory data to your Left Brain Hemisphere and Prefrontal Cortex at a much greater ratio than the amount of data being sent to your Right Brain Hemisphere and Prefrontal Cortex. This is the way you are...you equate the Value of things using a strictly Mathematical Plus or Minus system and for things that you are not Hardwired to see such a value based upon this system....the minuses start adding up in an exponential way. Your last sentence sums it up as far as what I am stating as and I quote..."Anyway this tread seems to have become a diagonistic of myself and SplitInfinity. I am not sure that this has been particularly useful." The purpose of this was not to be some DIAGNOSTIC between you and I but I am very well aware of why you would view it as such....the purpose was to demonstrate 2 specific issues...one of which was an issue of the original topic from which I was attempting to show how an UNKNOWN could present a Theory that did not need to present MATH in order to be a Theory that can easily present a concept to others and be easily understood and viable. The second issue was specific to this new created topic as I presented another Theory that was by design a way to convey possible understanding to you and others of the same mindset as you...that although I believe it is possible to break down just about everything or anything into a Mathematical Equation or Representation....depending upon what a Theory might be specific to as well as what issues such a Theory might be attempting to resolve, prove or bring to light...Complete and Strict Analytical based Thinking and Observation will not always be the best method to either postulate or be the best method to obtain an understanding. To use ONLY such a method may and will not only hinder ones ability to postulate but can also hinder the ability of others to find benefit or enlightenment from such a theory due to the built in constraints created by an inability to see or an inability to create the necessary mechanisms allowing a proper transfer of knowledge or concepts. Split Infinity
  21. OK...I hate the fact that I am even going to say what I am about to say...but since there is a scientific basis to it...I am going to say it. When I first read your above post I misread it because my damn CAT jumped on my lap top and distracted me. I thought I had seen the word...Homosexuality instead of your first word in the above quoted statement which is...Homophobia. I quoted you and actually started typing...this...WOW! And exactly what science are you basing this upon? I then noticed the first word was Homophobia and I quickly deleted my reply...until now as I have just put it back out there. I live in Massachusetts where Gay Marriage is Legal and there have not been any issues as far as what some said would be...THE END OF THE WORLD!...if our state went ahead and legalized it. Obviously the world is still turning and Gay Marriage is not even anything a straight person as myself even thinks about on any day to day basis. Now here is the thing...and I would ask those who are Gay or have family members who are Gay to bear with me a bit as I have no issues with a person who is Gay. I am a Male Internationally touring and recording Musician...and I will be going back on tour in a few weeks...that has done and just about seen it all. I absolutely LOVE everything about WOMEN and in fact...if I was born a woman I would probably be a Lesbian. Despite this fact as well as the fact that I am straight...because of the fact being Good Looking and in great shape is kind of a prerequisite for performing in a band of the level that I have done shows with Ozzie, Black Sabbath, Heart, Aerosmith, Robin Trower, Tool, Staind, Audio Slave....and many many more. We were VERY big in the late 80's and early 90's and although I am wealthy and no longer do super long tours...I am a bit older know and the money is just no longer a driving force to have me out on the road for 8 months to 2 years! LOL! Anyways...because of who I am and what I do...I have to keep myself in top physical condition. I am 6 ft ! inch...a muscular 225 lbs...Dirty Blonde hair with Blue Green eyes and I am considered Very Good Looking. I am not boasting as such things for us in the music industry are things that are talked about by us and to us from everyone from the Marketing Group of our Label all the way to MY MOM...telling me..."You should wear those Black Leather Pants with the Silver Studs going all the way up the outside of your leg...those pants make you butt look good. LOL! NO $#@^! So since I am used to being talked to and labeled as such a Marketing Tool...one would think that I would not have an issue with a couple of GAY MEN attempting to slap my ass as they make cat calls as I was coming off stage at the end of the show after an encore. These two Gay Men had won Back Stage Passes from a Local Radio Station and they were allowed with others to watch the show from Stage Right. Now I also on occasion work with members of the U.S. Military as my Dad is Military and my Mom is..."CIVILIAN" as well as I am..."CIVILIAN" in the manner the quotes denote. I have done this other...JOB...from time to time over the course of several decades and I was recruited right out of High School. The fact that I was also an International Touring and SIGNED Musician by my early 20's sweetened up the pot for the people I occasionally do work for. After all...what better way to get in and out of a Country without raising suspicion than playing in a Rocking Band? So these two Gay Men started to try to grab my ass and at first I just laughed it off and I am a VERY patient and tolerant person who is also trained and if need be capable of great violence...although I HATE violence and if I do my Other JOB correctly...there is no violence asI am brought in as a Problem Solver. So needless to say I had been in and experienced much worse situations than a couple of drunk Gay Men trying to grab my ass and calling me sweety and honey and a few other much more R-Rated words. I laughed it off and went about my business....UNTIL...one of the gay men called me a HOMOPHOBE and then in a sing song overly Gay voice....you know...the kind of voice that some Gay Men purposely obtain just to irritate Straight Men for whatever reason. The thing was I had not given these two any reason to do what they were now doing and this still was NO WHERE NEAR any level that a person would consider my breaking point. I used some of my other...JOB skills and walked up to them as they had to stay in a back stage roped off area that was open and our dressing room which was very large had it's door open as usual and they could see me and I could hear and see them. I walked up to the rope separating us and said..."Is there something about me that threatens you or have I done something to you that I don't seem to know about...because this is a Party and I am sure all the people here and that includes you two Gentlemen....would be much happier having some of the great food here and a few drinks than arguing over something stupid...RIGHT?.....99.999% of the time...THIS WORKS....along with the fact I am NOT the person anyone would want to throw down with...RIGHT?....WRONG! Next thing I know the....more effeminate of the two men is screaming out loud....and LISPING QUITE POSSIBLY TO A GREATER EXTENT THAN I THOUGHT POSSIBLE FOR HUMAN SPEECH...."You just want to get us thrown out because we are GAY and you pretend to be Homophobic but what you REALLY ARE IS A CLOSET QUEER!....then he turned around bent over and grabbed both cheeks and said to me..."YOU AIN'T NEVER GETTIN' ANY OF THIS BABY!"....and he did this said this and rose doing that ghetto thing by jerking his neck sideways without tilting his head and making a circle with his arm and hand presented in a traffic cop STOP hand signal....and then snapped his fingers. Now here I am...a non-homophobic straight man who supports Gay Marriage as well as I am secure in my sexuality thus there is no amount of words anyone could use upon me that would make me react or be ashamed or embarrassed in some thought that someone MIGHT THINK I AM GAY...because neither do I care whether a person thinks that about me as well as given who I am as well as how I act and handle myself....if anyone here knew me....just to present the idea that I might be gay would be laughable given my extreme interest in ALL THAT IS FEMALE...LOL! So at that point I did what I should have done from the start....tell my security guy's to escort them out. Because my security guy's know what I sometimes do as well as what I am capable of...I am, allowed a great deal more leeway compared to any other of the guy's in the band as my security guy's know....I like to handle things myself and I feel you create more problems by throwing someone out as they will perceive they were wrong or slighted than if I was to take a couple minutes and do what I did by talking to these IDIOTS....and as I said...it usually works...99.999% of the time. Now here is what I want to get off my chest. As progressive as I believe myself to be....as well as the fact I support Gay Rights and Gay Marriage...for some deeply seated TRIGGER in my GENETIC MEMORY....I am admitting that when that Gay Man did his Bend Over and Ain't Gettin' Any speech with the Limp Hand Motions and the Neck Jerk and ESPECIALLY THE EFFEMINATE SING SONG VOICE....for a moment...and folks....I HAD NO CONTROL OVER MY GENETIC MEMORY BASED REACTION...of which that reaction was limited to just a THOUGHT and not any PHYSICAL REACTION...as I am just too disciplined to react in a physical manner just because I might get angry or have adrenaline sent pumping through my veins.... ......in that MOMENT....I visualized snapping his neck like a twig and then turning into a Spin Kick that would break the other guy's sternum....and then the moment was gone and I was back to being me. Now THERE IT IS! The question remains...was I having such a moment because these two were acting like ass#@&%$? Or was I having this moment as a Genetic Memory response to the Physical Actions and Audio Stimulus that pushed me over the top? I will hold back my answer for now and PLEASE....do not judge me too harshly. I am not that GUY...but I can be...I just choose not to be. Split Infinity
  22. Nevertheless...what I state is true. The only way it will work is if EVERY SINGLE PARTICLES POSITION AND CONDITION AND STATE are know...and it also must take into account SR and GR as far as Particle Position specific to Linear Time. But if all this is known...it is like unlocking the box that has the key to unlock the knowledge that is too complex to imagine...but it is still a reality. Split Infinity
  23. I placed a number...1, 2, 3, before each question so I can refer to them in such a manner given my penchant for multipurposeful sentence structure. LOL! As far as your #1 Reply...this is a case of Physicists and Cosmologists trying to out smart themselves and look right past the obvious. The obvious being...although length, width, height and time have been assigned the roles of Dimensional states 1, 2, 3 and 4...with 4 being time...the REALITY is far more complex as only 4 Dimensional States assigned to our Universal Space/Time and all the Matter and Energy within it are NOT ENOUGH dimensional states for our reality to exist. But still...the OBVIOUS is being over looked at that is...Every single Universal Dimensional State is interconnective and governed to every other existing Universal Dimensional State. So even though Hadrons such as Protons and Neutrons are comprised of Quantum Particle/Wave Forms which need far more Universal Dimensionality than 3-D or 4-D just to be able to exist...3-D as it would be used to describe an object with the words Length, Width and Height...are 3 specific dimensional states that cannot exist without each other within our Universal Space/Time reality. So we can't have 3-D without Time or 4-D...(in reality we can't probably have 3 or 4-D without at the very least 10 or 11-D and maybe as high as 26 to 48-D)...or more...but for argument sake...a 2-D object cannot exist...3-D objects cannot exist as Time is needed or 4-D to allow MOVEMENT for Electron Orbital Fields...and even 4-D cannot exist as this will not allow for Electrons and Photons and other Quanta to behave as both Particle and Wave as well as will not allow for Frequency. So as far as 1-D or Singularity...I will say that Singularity CANNOT be described as ZERO-D...as 1 Single Point of Reference MUST exist to allow all the other possible existing Universal Dimensionality to have a base construct upon which they can be interconnective and thus allow for all dimensional states to effect and be effected by each other. So whoever thought up...HEY! Let's pretend we are REAL SMART and tell everyone...LOOK NO HANDS!...or NO D!...really are not very smart at all! LOL! I guess I forgot to list 1,2,or 3 when posting so...oh well! Split Infinity
  24. Arc...I read some of what you posted and I think you have listed some pretty cool data. I am thinking that perhaps the position of the other planets specific to Earth and to the sun might have something to do with Earth's Magnetic Field drop offs and increases. Earth has an iron rich core that is 4000 miles in diameter....that is larger than the planet Mercury and the core is closer to the Earth surface that the distance between NY and LA. The Outer core is Molten and the Inner core is Solid Metal...and this inner core spins independently from the rest of the planet. The Inner core is comprised of metallic crystals which are aligned with Earths poles....how do we know this? Earthquake waves travel faster passing though the inner core North to South than passing East to West. This means that the metallic crystals aligned with the poles North to South allow such waves to travel with the grain much faster than against it. The Solid...Inner Core and the Liquid Molten...Outer Core generate Earths magnetic field. Geoscientists at John Hopkins believe that the Eastern and Western halves of earths core take turns melting and growing thus this is why earths magnetic field is leaning now to the east. If the axis gets anchored in the growing half we get a Magnetic Field Reversals. Now the as the core halves take turns growing and melting this will account for changes in the Magnetic Field strength, geometry and could be a cyclical long time period event that is responsible for the changes in the amount of Solar Radiation either allowed in or repelled. This cyclical event could be just specific to the planet earths system or governed by an over all system of Solar/Planetary plus Earth based Gravity based effects. Split Infinity
  25. Clad...if we knew the position and state f every single particle existing in our Universe...and because our Universe is FINITE...regardless of any Multiversal Quantum Interconnectivity existing...thus our Universe is a CLOSED SYSTEM...so because of this and if we knew....IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE TO PREDICT ACCURATELY TO 100% EVERY POSSIBLE ACTION, REACTION, STATE, CONDITION, EVENT, HAPPENING, OCCURRENCE FROM THEN ON TILL THE END OF OUR UNIVERSES EXISTENCE. WE WOULD BE ABLE TO KNOW....EVERYTHING THAT WOULD HAPPEN AND BE ABLE TO PREDICT WITH 100% ACCURACY SUCH THINGS AS....Where would exist and be located a single Proton or Neutron as well as what would be it's future state or function or condition or action or in what construct will it be existing....or non-existing in the case it might be swallowed by a Black Hole....from the moment we knew where all the particles in the Universe were positioned and every subsequent moment until the end of our Universes Existence. We could know what you would be doing and where you would be doing it at and with who and what the weather would be 20 years from now....and even know if for some unfortunate reason you had passed away...if you were say buried in one of those Hermetically Sealed Zinc-lined Coffins which will not remained sealed as the body decays the building up of Gases such as Methane and others will create to great a stress upon such a coffin due to the interior atm. pressure of the building gases due to decay and the coffin will then EXPLODE to a point and thus rupture it's seal at which time the Atoms and Molecules that comprise your body will be able to be relocated by a variety of means one of being Bacteria consuming what was once your body and thus we would be able to actually know where the location of one ATOM that was a part of your left index finger located at one time as part of the flesh that was located 20 Microns deep through a layer of skin right at the very center point of a fold that existed to allow the bending of that index finger and that fold being located 2.11673 Centimeters from the edge of the cuticle...as that atom in particular we were able to trace it's journey from that finger then injected by a Bacterium which itself was digested by another Organism which itself was digested by a Multicellular animal only 1/2000ths of a centimeter long and that creature moved upwards by 1.89 meters and then itself was consumed by another creature which eventually exited the concrete vault that held your coffin and was eated by an insect that traveled by flight some 2.5 miles North/Northwest until it was smashed upon the window of a 2038 Ford F-150 Pickup that was just purchased by an Allen Daily who then drove the truck 5.9 miles to his home which was located only 2.1 miles from your home...and in his driveway he took some Windex and washed away the bug mush as well as you One Time Fingers Atom which was then attached to the paper towel he used and this was thrown into his Home Bio-Degrade Compost Unit where part of your finger has now become compost for Allen's Garden and eventually that Atom is used and becomes part of a Tomato Plant and is part of a Tomato itself which is picked and eaten 6 months later by Dan's 6 year old daughter Sally and 24 hours later the digested remenants of that Tomato/Your Finger are being flushed down a toilet where that atom is floated off to a sewage processing plant and becomes part of the Water that is released into the river clean and out to the ocean it goes where it is again used to help create and grow a baby shrimp which eventually is caught and sold to a cheap sushi bar where it is left out of the fridge too long and make a girl named Chloe sick as she uses the Ladies Room and in an attempt to vomit puts her fingers down her throat and does so but your ATOM/Finger ends up getting stuck under her Left Fingernail where for a time exists some SYMMETRY...until she cleans it.....etc...etc...etc.. POINT IS....if we knew where the position of all the Particles in the Universe were...we would know every single possible thing about everything to happen and will happen...till the end of our Universes Existence. Split Infinity
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