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  1. I find it interesting that of all the possible paths existing which choices are expressed in a possible Multiverse....very often these paths end at a BAR! LOL! Split Infinity
  2. I am not advocating nor do I agree with the statement you quoted...as this statement I typed is what certain members of congress would state. As I stated...the reasoning for such statements are due to...MONEY. Split Infinity Also...there are currently working and efficient clean energy generation methods specific to Solar, Fusion and a few other Exotic forms that have been developed by the U.S. Military. Solar has been lambasted by some as being too expensive and not efficient or cost effective. THAT...is the Biggest Joke going. As well since it is and has been a long standing goal of the U.S. Military and U.S. Military R&D Groups and Vendors to develop Low Temp. Micro-Fusion Reactors for use in powering Laser Systems and other Military Weapons platforms...it is hard to imagine that the BILLIONS of DOLLARS pumped into such secret programs over multiple decades has not produced a viable system of such energy production. Split Infinity
  3. Arc...it's all about MONEY.....and.....SECRECY. There is no doubt that once a particular member of the House or Senate...get's into bed with large Corps. specific to Fossil Fuel production and distribution by taking campaign contributions from such Corps...and these donations are set up to come from multiple sources under various names...such members of Congress...and they are both Conservative and Liberal...might spout whatever their constituents might need to hear but when it comes down to a VOTE....they might perhaps not show up that day or vote opposite of their stated position on Global Warming with the excuse...I am all for passing legislation to lower CO2 emissions but not at such a cost of loosing jobs for the American Worker. Since there is NO WAY IN HELL that BIG OIL is going to make large contributions to members of Congress who will not play ball...and there is also NO WAY IN HELL...a member of Congress will pass up MILLIONS in campaign contributions as for those who do not know....once a member of congress retires....THEY GET TO KEEP WHATEVER AMOUNT OF MONEY IS LEFT IN THEIR RE-ELECTION WAR CHEST. Since those who are EXTREMELY RELIGIOUS tend to follow and support whatever their congressmen might say if such a member supports legislation specific to Religious Ideals and Beliefs...there is a connection between those who are highly religious and those who do not support any legislation that tries to deal with Global Warming issues. Now as far as SECRECY...a person upon this topic said that I would be aware of High Tech. Clean Energy Generation being developed for U.S. Military use....they are correct. The U.S. Military might just have a working a Low Temp. Micro-Fusion Reactor....but no one here will ever know about it any time soon. The reasoning for this is obvious as such tech. is an issue of National Security....but isn't Global Warming as well? Split Infinity
  4. You know what is funny? I replied by typing the word...Prat? You replied to that in a manner where you felt I was misunderstanding that you were not calling me this as you once again stated you felt others might feel this way about me due to the way I post. If you will notice I only referenced the word...PRAT...as well as I added a...? The reason for this is not because I thought you were calling me this....it was because I couldn't believe there were still people living that used the word! LOL! Split Infinity
  5. The idea that the origin of the Scientific Method is religious in it's nature is ridiculous. If anything Religion is a creation not based in any way upon the Scientific Method as the tenet of all Religion is FAITH. Science does not take anything upon FAITH. Split Infinity
  6. It is true that some Liberal Groups are advocating Fossil Fuel Bans and that would be going to far but as well some Concervative Groups are trying to tell people that Global Warming is but fantasy...it is not. We have a very real problem that if not dealt with is going to bite us in the ass. Split Infinity
  7. The NSA Echelon program was in place well before George W was in office. You have to understand that regardless of what political party controls the White House and Congress...NSA programs like ECHELON will ALWAYS be running. It is not like the Republicans are the only political party to occupy the White House and have running massive Intel programs specific to data collection and recognition. I don't care if you are living in ESTONIA and you just purchased a $10 THROWAWAY Cell Phone...the moment that battery is in that phone...as it is not even necessary to use the phone...the NSA will know that phone exists. Such is the nature and level of technology in use in such systems. Split Infinity
  8. Well that's just it isn't it Pop? There are so many possibilities and probably infinite possibilities we haven't even considered...trying to explain or define EVERYTHING...is a BIG chore. Split Infinity
  9. Arc...the Global Warming issue is not considered fantasy by the U.S. Military. That I can tell you with certainty. Although because of American Politics and Economics...Global Warming has become a Hot Bed issue with one side claiming it to be Pseudo-Science and the other claiming it to be Inevitable...Global Warming Reality seems to be some where in between. Although there is no doubt the Planets Climate is warming up...and there is no doubt that by pumping great amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere that this is accelerating the process...as well that due to warming trends frozen Methane in Alaskan and Siberian Lakes is converting into Gas and this Gas can heat up our atmosphere at many times the rate of CO2....there should be a balanced plan to reduce such emissions as to force strict and major changes too rapidly would have a huge effect on the Global Economy. The U.S. Military is right now and has for some time been planning and developing a U.S. Naval Fleet for Arctic Patrols as they know within 10 years there will no longer be any Arctic Sea Ice. Because of this new shipping lanes will be available as well as this opens up the Arctic Sea Floor for Oil Exploration and the Russians actually sent out a Mini-Sub to place a small Russian Flag upon the bottom of the Arctic Ocean in some type of CLAIM for drilling rights. The U.S. Military is also developing plans and forces to act when the inevitable Resource Wars begin due to Climate Change causing drought, famine and displacement of people living in low lying areas below sea level which will be flooded. Split Infinity
  10. Mikey...I had this thought. Now I know that I have gone on about the likely existence of a Multiverse but I thought I would put this out there. We can see to the edge of our Universe with Hubble and within less than 380,000 Light Years of the Big Bang...so this basically let's us know that our Universe is FINITE....or at the very least has an edge or boundary so...either there is something BEYOND this edge or boundary or Space/Time only exists to the limits of where there is Matter and Energy as well as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Given this I think it to be highly unlikely that either nothing exists beyond or that there does not exist other Divergent Universal States of Reality. Even if all this were taken into consideration in a Lingual Theory I think it would be necessary to also add to such a description a possibility for MORE to exist to be a part of this everything. I think that EVERYTHING or INFINITE is a term that defines something that the Human Brain cannot really comprehend. Say...even if there exists a Multiverse...perhaps there also exists a MULTIMICROVERSE MULTIVERSE where the size of our Universe and possible Multiverse is riddles with other MicroUniversal States say at below Quantum Levels but having a Quantum system of their own. Everything is a BIG word. Split Infinity
  11. Ringer...I actually am not taking this issue personally but I can understand why you might think so due to my typing style. LOL! What I DO feel is important is to point out WHY an issue exists and what can be done to work things out...and this working things out would be specific to communication, understanding and finding common ground. I do not think it is helpful or beneficial for anyone to say or think that just because another person or group thinks and feels and believes differently than I do that there is something wrong with that person or group or there is something that must be forcefully changed. I support Gay Rights and Gay Marriage. I do not feel that anyone who does not has something wrong with them or is Homophobic because they do not support these issues. As well I do not think it is anyone's place to tell another what they can or cannot do as long as it does not hurt anyone. Obviously...some here feel it is their place to tell others they are doing something wrong and they are misguided, ignorant and wrong for doing, acting or feeling a certain way. I reject this notion. Split Infinity I would think that the term...SELF-RIGHTEOUS...would much more aptly fit those who are telling me that I am wrong, misguided and ignorant in feeling disgust when I might happen to view two Homosexual men French Kissing. Just who are these people to think, believe and be so self-righteous to judge me? Split Infinity....Prat? Really? LOL!
  12. In that case I whole Heartedly agree with you. Sorry if I jumped on you. I guess I have read one topic too many where people are advocating that parents should not have their children immunized. I had read one mother telling the membership that she pulled her kids out of school rather than be forced to have them immunized as the school would not allow non-vaccinated children to attend school. Because I travel and have traveled...EXTENSIVELY...and not just to Europe as a short time ago...I was doing a...JOB...upon several islands off the coast of Sumatra. Every time I have to go to places like this...ESPECIALLY ANYWHERE in Africa...I have to get booster shots and some for diseases I have never even heard of. I have to get these shots a few months in advance if possible and sometimes it is not possible so there are risks involved. I have seen...FIRSTHAND...what certain viral Hemorrhagic Fevers can do to a whole village in a week and TB is ALL OVER THE 3RD WORLD...and if a child in the U.S. is not immunized they can easily contract it from certain children specific to immigrant groups attending public schools. Such young parents have been born in an age of Medical Miracles and have NO HISTORY OR MEMORIES of any time as those in the past in the U.S. where massive sanitoriums were built to house the infected and contagious as MILLIONS of the so called...WALKING DEAD...as there was neither a vaccine or a cure for TB, Small Pox...and a very large number of diseases that such a modern day parent has never even heard of knows about. Although I agree that great caution should be taken in developing such vaccines...it is utter stupidity and as well is shear ignorance for any parent to not get their children vaccinated. Split Infinity
  13. And this is the reason that issues like this exist. We are not discussing whether a person would be wrong for wanting to shoot another person who raped or killed their wife or husband. We are not talking about if it is wrong to feel anger or disgust when we read about what a Pedophile did to some poor kid. If we were and a person said..."Well...I don't think it's right for anyone to be disgusted reading about what a person who like to have sex with young kids." I am quite sure not only would I be saying..."WHAT!? Are you crazy!? How can you feel it's wrong for me to feel disgust reading about what a Pedophile has done to a child!?"....but you would as well. Now in my case where I am saying I feel disgust when seeing two Men French Kiss...you are telling me that my feelings are MISGUIDED, IGNORANT AND WRONG. Now this is no where to the same extent of an issue as the aforementioned but in both cases a person or persons feels DISGUSTED...both myself and I am quite certain you as well upon hearing someone saying that they feel it is wrong for another to feel DISGUST upon reading about a Pedophiles attack of a child................and ME saying I feel DISGUST when I view two men French Kissing. But you feel I am misguided, ignorant and wrong to feel this disgust viewing the two men in very much the same way the person who feels another to be misguided, ignorant and wrong for both you and I feeling DISGUST about the Pedophiles actions. Now in NO WAY AM I COMPARING HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY TO PEDOPHILIA...I am comparing how different people feel and believe different things and whether such things are right or wrong or have a need to be stopped or are perfectly legitimate are based on a very complex and varying Genetic, Psychological, Cultural and Religious reasons. For you to feel a person or group of people is doing something that is wrong or misguided...and you think along the lines of the way your quoted reply reads above...that being...quote..."You should note that me, and others like me, don't give two craps what you feel and how you respond, nor does it matter to me and others like me what others think is "relevant" when they're misguided, ignorant and wrong."...end quote..... ...well then you should realize that...you and others like you that don't give two craps....are not only part of the problem but also...for you to think like this does not help the issue nor is it a way of thinking that is needed to bridge the gap between different schools of thought. Your way of thinking is very much the same as when Gay Rights activists in Boston filed suit to allow them to march in the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade as OPENLY GAY IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN. They knew ahead of time what a sensitive issue this was among the very religious Irish American Community and the result of them getting a court order to allow them to march was the CANCELLING OF THE BOSTON ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE....the largest in the U.S. and Largest in the WORLD. Several MILLION PEOPLE and over 600,000 children under 13 years old were disappointed in the cancellation and this set back Gay Rights years and put all New England against the Gay Rights activists. If they had asked to march just like any other Irish American's their would not have been an issue and you certainly don't see anyone in that parade holding up a sign that say's...HEY HO LET'S GO HETERO! They told Parade organizers they would be marching with signs advocating Homosexuality as well as men would be dressing IN DRAG. So although I have no issue with ANYONE marching in the parade I don't think such a parade is the place to advocate a persons SEXUAL ORIENTATION! So according to your way of thinking...the Parade Organizers are misguided, ignorant and wrong and PEOPLE LIKE YOU DON'T GIVE TWO CRAPS ABOUT WHAT THEY THINK. Well....THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Split Infinity Monday...his response is not that of an ALPHA in any way shape or form. An ALPHA...would NEVER respond like that as anyone that is Alpha IS CONCERNED how other feel, think and respond. Whether the Alpha agrees or disagrees with a person or groups thinking or idealism makes no difference as the Alpha by nature is HARDWIRED to have the need to protect the group and whether such concern has a base in obtaining as much knowledge as possible about a person or others for the purpose of developing a plan of action or a methodology of dealing with such people or groups....or if such concern is based upon being able to understand the thinking and idealism of members of those an Alpha is charged with protecting. An Alpha would NEVER state they don't care or actually show no interest or ignore a potential problem or issue that either is occurring or will occur at a later date. Split Infinity
  14. You are correct. Ones Sexual Orientation has no bearing upon whether one is Alpha or not. Split Infinity Your statement is indicative of why you do not understand this issue. What you think is IRRELEVANT...is very much RELEVANT TO MANY OTHER PEOPLE. Unless you come to understand this...you will never find common ground with others and be able to take into account how others feel and respond. Split Infinity
  15. Well...the concept is sound even if we don't know how to do it. Split Infinity
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