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  1. You are good with the pics! LOL! By the way...I never assume anything about a person. I have them checked out. Let's talk about Italy...and certain issues that have a High Probability. At least in THIS Divergent Universal State. Split Infinity
  2. Mike...this is a complete assumption and probability is much higher that if a Multiverse exists...there cannot exist only one reality and Tile would be of a NON-LINEAR NATURE within such a Multiversal State. Thus all moments would be concurrent. Split Infinity...I am upgrading so I am putting down the telephone pole and I am thinking about a multi-story building. LOL!
  3. If Aldrin had talked about E.T. when he was still doing missions he would be quickly Black Balled. The Astronauts and Cosmonauts that have now talked about E.T. are at an advanced age where they simply don't care anymore what anyone might do to them. However if you were some low level member of NASA unknown on a Public Level and started talking about such things...some very bad things would soon follow and threats to family would be involved. I will talk about the logic of something and someone that many people now state all that was said or claimed by him has been debunked. Bob Lazar...who is now said to be dead. But let's talk about before his reported death. He made claims he worked near the Groom Lake Proving Grounds or Area 51...and said he worked at a place known as S-4...where he saw Alien tech and craft as well as stated the USAF and Contractors were working and flying them as well as detailed out how they used an isotopes of element 115 in use for a Gravitic Drive. He also claimed to work at Los Alamos and many other things I will not go into as it is too long. Now just about EVERY U.S. Official of every dept. of Military, Government and depts. of came forth to say this was all fantasy. Here is the problem in the LOGIC. Even if Bob Lazar was full of B.S. and even if every single word he said was a lie...since he had MANY MANY OFFERS to speak, make Millions on Book Deals...Millions on TV or Film deals....Radio, Newspapers, Magazines....the list is ENDLESS. He was capable of making HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS....and since everyone was saying this was all fantasy and that he did not work on or for such groups or E.T. craft.....WHY? WHY? Did he not just take the money? Instead the guy never came out of a home...was almost never seen...never talked to any media...never signed a Book Deal! If you are not brealing the law or really risking your life by talking about E.T. and such craft why would a person not make the Millions the media was dying to give to him? That is the LOGIC that cannot be denied! Split Infinity
  4. It is good to be sceptical of any UFO report as all UFO means is Unidentified Flying Object. Many sighting can be attributed to Highly Advanced USAF Aircraft but some sighting are very hard to debunk. Anytime I read about a person claiming there exists no evidence of E.T. visitations I site for them U.S. Astronaut testimony such as Musgrave, Cooper, Glenn, Mitchell...etc. These are men who have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by making such statements. Split Infinity
  5. As per my post...I stated what was being described was not entirely correct. I said this as the example given was not sufficient to convey what was intended to be explained. Split Infinity
  6. Pop...let's look at the term...Time Travel and it's definition. Time Travel means that either a person or thing can skip over a measurable amount of linear time from a point in linear time to another point in linear time either in the past or present. This is EXACTLY what happened in that the Astronauts and shuttle and clock within skipped over a measurable amount of time from one point in linear time to a future point in linear time. Split Infinity Mike...LOL! I love the picture! LOL! You are too funny! It isn't easy being me...or you I guess? Split Infinity
  7. I thought I told you this but I will do so again. I come from a Military Family and although I am not Military I am..."CIVILIAN"...in the manner the quotes denote. I have always been lucky in that I am gifted musically as well as scored rediculously high on the one time mandatory IQ tests given in High School. I started playing music professionally at 16 years old and despite my poor spelling skills and my total inability to remember where I keep leaving my expensive sunglasses...because of family and my high aptitude scores as well as a certain test given that shoed my ability to have a certain moral...flexibility....I was highly recruited out of High School. I have three JOBS of which one is helping to run several now large family owned companies...working with members of the U.S. Military...and touring and recording in a band that was very big in the 80's. I am older now and do not do long tours anymore but I still tour and record as well as some very specific people ask me for assistance on certain...problems that come up from time to time. As far as Physics and Math....I just KNOW THINGS. Split Infinity
  8. Well...I have visited your area...both of them several times. It's funny...one has great food and the other...quite possibly the worst cuisine in the world! LOL! Now just guess which one is which? Split Infinity
  9. Macroscopic Physics is a RESULT of the reality and behavior of Quantum Mechanics. Other than this the two have very little if anything in common as far as association of particle/wave behavior and Macro/Gravity/Celestial Body actions and constructs. It is like trying to compare a Bicycle Tire Pump that represents QM...to the Bicycle...representing the Macro scale. Split Infinity
  10. For some reason I missed your reply to my post and since you obviously took some time and alot of thought typing this...I figure better late than never to reply. LOL! I would ask you to think about this as it pertains to the possibilities you have outlined here...as I feel you have not included this concept I am about to state into your thoughts. If we are living in one universal state within a Multiverse...and I believe this to be not only highly probable but perhaps the only explaination for how and why Quantum Mechanics works as it does....our Universal Reality is but ONE of Infinite Divergent Universal States....existing within ONE UNIVERSAL GROUPING OR GROUP within the MULTIVERSE. Within a Multiverse there would have to be Infinite Universal Realities specific to ONE SPECIFIC Universal Group. The must also be Infinite UNIVERSAL GROUPS...each one containing infinite Divergent Universal Realities. So each Universal Groups Infinite number of Divergent Universal Realities must all have the SAME NATURAL LAWS. Each other Universal Group would have again Infinite Divergent Universal Realities that themselves all have the SAME NATURAL LAWS but different from any other Universal Group. Thus...each Universal Group has it's own set of Natural Laws that are different from any of the other Universal Groups and some of these Natural Laws would be so alien in their nature that we as humans could neither understand or even DREAM of those laws realities. Split Infinity
  11. This is not entirely correct. If it were then M-31...the Great Galaxy in the Constellation of Andromeda...which is on a collision course with our Milky Way Galaxy would never get here. Since Universal Expansion which is accelerating is a fact and is expanding right at this moment despite acceleration at a velocity greater than the Closing Velocity between Andromeda and the Milky Way...your statement cannot be correct. What is correct is that Universal Space/Time Expansion is Mutually Exclusive to each independent Galactic Vector as Universal Space/Time is being created by the position of existance based upon Linear Time of all Celestial Bodies and Dark Matter. If your stated...A...was our Moon and B was the Earth...that would mean by your example our Moon and Earth would be being seperated by created Space/Time and rapidly as well as such effect over coming the Gravitic Effect. This does not happen thus your statement must be redefined as well as use a different example and set of parameters. Split Infinity
  12. Aside from the Advanced E.T. races that are known...and reguardless of what anyone may believe...WE KNOW OF SOME ADVANCED E.T. RACES...in order for any species to develop Technology it must have the physical ability to manipulate materials as well as have the mental abilities to develop a form of communication, mathematics, physics, the scientific method or if such an Entity has a highly developed brain...it must be able to either have a relationship with another race to do the physical things it cannot. Such relationships could be mutually benificial...physically symbiotic...forced slavery...or parasitic. Contrary to popular belief...Earth Like planets which have greater mass than earth thus greater gravitational effect...will result in lifeforms that are either shorter and stockier if having a mass similar to a Human or less....and if much greater than Human Mass...realively flat and spread out over an area. Science Fiction has led some to believe that a Humanoid eveolved on a High Gravity...High Mass Planet would be some Tall, Giant Humanoid...in reality High Gravity forces evolutionary development toward the lower center of mass and well distributed over area mass Lifeform. Low Gravity Planets would allow if present....the evolution of Tall, Thin, Low Mass Humanoids. An exaple of this process can be seen when one looks at the Blue Whale as well as super tall sea weed forests underwater. Now both could neither grow or live they way they are and do if not for the ocean that allows them buoyancy that relieves them of Earths Gravitic Effect. The Whale if beached will suffocate to death as it's own body weight will crush it's lungs. Decrease in Gravitic effect shows how Vertical length will increase and an example of this is Wave and Tidal Heights due to Lunar interactions. If the Earth stopped spinning a person would weigh .35% MORE standing at the Equator than at the poles. But because the Earth is spinning the centrifugal force actually causes a person to weigh less than they would at the poles. Split Infinity
  13. I believe you have this backwards. Just by observation and calculated probability...if so many IMPOSSIBILITIES are presenting themselves...such is the Natural State of the Universe and this also leads us to believe in a Multiverse. Just think about that CAT in the BOX. Split Infinity
  14. As far as Time Travel into the Future...realise this...The Atomic Clock...The principle of operation of an atomic clock is not based on nuclear physics but rather on atomic physics and using the microwave signal that electrons in atoms emit when they change energy levels. Thus the passage of time aboard the Shuttle is experienced in the exact same way the passage of time on Earth where the other atomic clock is located. When the Shuttle returns to Earth and the two clocks are compared...LESS TIME HAS PASSED FOR THE ASTRONAUTS AS WELL AS A LESSOR AMOUNT OF TIME PASSED FOR THAT ATOMIC CLOCK TO CALCULATE BASED UPON ATOMIC PHYSICS. Thus since the atomic clock on Earth has a greater amount of passed time the Astronauts have traveled a tiny amount of time into the FUTURE. If we were to use a Biological Method of Time Calculation using the bodies of the Astronauts as well as the bodies of those say working at mission control...when compared...the Biology would show the Shuttle Astronauts had aged less than the people working at mission control. Granted doing this with Humans is difficult but using say...Bacteria or other Micro-organisms...would be easier. Yes...this is all about Relativity and Time Dilation...but in any event...this IS TIME TRAVEL. Split Infinity Mike...it is more like I am hitting you over the head with a telephone pole. You are trying to develop a Lingual Theory of Everything...but you are using only the KNOWNS! Everything...means....EVERYTHING! And if we don't really know what everything is...we have to at the VERY LEAST REPRESENT THIS within such a LINGUAL EQUATION. So you could say...A=KNOWNS + B=UNKNOWNS + C=IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW = EVERYTHING Split Infinity
  15. I think the issue get's Hung Up upon what exactly the word FAITH pertains to. Many people use this word as associated with a GOD or Religion and when things go south for such people....they site their FAITH as what will get them through such hardships or difficult times. In all my experiences I have never seen some unexplained Miracle solve such issues. Yes there has been unlikely events that were favorable to those in trouble...but this is little more than what happens when a person against extreme odds wins the lottery. I have little patience or sympathy for those who would prefer Prayer to action and believe and state that their Fate is up to GOD. A persons Fate is what they make of it and unless you happen to be one of these Lottery Winners you are going to find out first hand just how great a mistake it is to do nothing. Split Infinity
  16. Mike...even if a person was to look at such things from the perspective...of the INFINITE...since we can actually see to the edges of our Universe...what would exist beyond? And this Beyond does not have to exist as some DISTANCE beyond but rather in a state of EXISTANCE BEYOND. Split Infinity
  17. OK...I will explain it in a different way. As far a Time is concerned...if it were not for our Universal Space/Time Geometry...we would not experience Linear Time. Think about it...how do we determine, measure or experience Time? We are able to do so by comparing Matter and Energy in a position and conditon to either that matter and energy and condition to another position. How do we determine position. By using the existance and position of other Matter and Energy and it's condition. Without having a frame of reference existing because of the Space/Time Geometry and existing matter and energy within our Universal State...there can be no existance of Linear Time. Now as far as Alternate Divergent Universal Realities within our Universal Grouping...all have the same Natural Laws but since they are variations upon a single Baseline Reality...meaning that Quanta within each grouping is interconnected and intrinsic to each other reality...their existances are also intrinsic and necessary for the Baseline Reality to exist...thus...Non-Linear Time. Split Infinity
  18. As far as when is now? There are a few answer as far as that question pertains. Sure...one can site Time is Relative but as far as Space/Time Dimensionality...the matter and energy within it and how all Quanta might be transfering and interconnective to Quanta in other Divergent Universal States...that is another thing. We experience Time as Linear but we also know that Time and Space are a part of each other. We have placed an atomic clock in orbit and left another atomic clock on the earth and as the one in orbit traveled away from the Earths gravity well and at velocities over 18,000mph...as the astronauts returned to earth they found they had traveled a short distance into the future as their clock was a bit behind the one on earth...this would be specific to Time is Relative. As far as NOW within all states of Universal Realities...at least within our Universal Grouping Time would be Non-Linear. Thus all moments in time would be concurent. The reason for this is shown by the interconnectivity of Quanta in a Multiversal System as such interconnectivity can only be apart of Singularity or One Dimensionality being expressed through all Divergent Universal States. Split Infinity
  19. Well...the way I believe it to be is...YES...our Universe certainly shows us Randomness and much diversity...but in a MULTIVERSE...all possibilities must exist thus every aspect of probability is covered. It is like this with the insurance companies...given enough time...EVERYONES probability of dying reaches 100%. Kind of the same thing in a Multiverse...given an Infinite number of Universal States...probability reaches 100% that every possibility will exist. Split Infinity
  20. As associated to this post...Although I never get sick...I was unfortunate enough to come down with a case of Vertigo not too long ago as there was this virus going around. As I had never experienced this I thought I might be having a stroke and I will tell you I wouldn't with Vertigo on anyone. I went to the Emergency Room and as tests showed it was not my heart they gave me a CT scan. After the scan a female doctor came in the room I was lying in and said...We have to do the scan again. I was worried now and asked why. She said the first one wasn't done right so again I got another scan. After that female doctor came in the room and asked me some strange questions. She asked...Are you ambidexterous? I answer...Yes...to a point. She asked...can you multitask easily especially with things that are both creative and analytical? I said...Yes...I am a pro musician and artist and I am good in math and physics. I asked her why all the questions? She said they thought the first CT scan was done wrong but after they took the second they found I had a very dense and numerous number of connections between my left and right brain hemispheres. We then talked about if I could remember dreams and how vivid they were...I said I could remember them and they were very vivid. There is something about a persons connectivity between the hemispheres and having the ability to access the subconscious. Now it would seem that reguardless of what percent of our brains we use...there are certain traits that increase abilities specific to neural interconnectivity. Split Infinity
  21. In our past the rise of an Alpha Male was an absolute necessity for the survival of the clan. And becoming an Alpha Male was not just due to strength but also due to intelligence...the ability to develop tactics and strategies and being able to make the right choices to ensure survival of the clan. Now this still goes on to this day and reguardless of the rise of Women in Leadership...it is still basically the same just that women are able to accend to such positions as they no onger have the problem or fear of being physically dominated. I talk about this as I am trying to show how Good or Evil is relative to ones condition and situation. Split Infinity
  22. Here is the thing...do you honestly think that the U.S. and Soviet Union...and now Russia as well as China and others would invest Mutiple Billions in such research if there was not a payoff? This is the problem when a person mentions something about Sensitives...because there are a Million different people and groups running scams claiming to be able...for a price...tell a person what their long dead spouce has to say or something else in the same vein....people do not take such talk seriously. Add to this the VAST amount of disinformation that is put out to have the mainstream feel such things are but fantasy. A 60 minutes show...or it could have been an ABC special of a few years ago took 5 remote viewers...people who were members of a U.S. Intell. Services Recon Team...and had these people demonstate their abilities on TV...a special control was used as just as the Acadamy Awards hire an outside agency to make sure Oscar Balleting is fair and secure...so did this network. The results were ASTOUNDING! All of these people were able to direct the news team to the EXACT LOCATIONS that this outside agency had picked...all by just concentrating upon a few variables. These abilities have to do with accessing data stored in Quanta. Split Infinity In another experiment using DOGS...the dogs master left the home in their car and using a variety of different dogs and different masters...and having the master leave the home at a time compleatly random as well as come back home at a random picked time...20 minutes before the master would pull in the drive way the dogs would ALL get up and sit by the door tails wagging. In an effort to remove possible issues...masters changed vehicles and returned in different cars in case the dogs hearing or perhaps smell would somehow alert them...still the dogs got up 20 minutes before their masters return. They even had the owners cars drive past the home with another driver while the master came home in a different car a half hour later...the dogs did not get up for their masters car with another driver but did get up 20 mnutes before their masters came home in another car. Split Infinity
  23. I think you missed a bit of what I was trying to get across as my post previous to the one you have replied to is that knowing the position and condition of all Quanta in the Universe to know all future events and cause and effects would only be possible in a CLOSED UNIVERSAL SYSTEM. If our Universal System was Closed...tis would be possible but as I stated at the end of that previous post...I think not...as I am fairly certain our Universal Reality is but one of an Infinite Number in one specific Universal Grouping that itself is but one grouping of an Infinite number of Universal Groupings within a Multiversal System. A Universal Reality such as ours cannot be a Closed System if part of a Multiversal System as within our Universal Grouping Quantum Particle/Wave Form interconnectivity and transfer is at the very heart and responsible for Quantum Mechanics. As example...Photons and Electron two types of Quanta existing as both Particle and Wave. This Quantum behavior cannot be explain or exist in just a 4 Dimensional Space/Time Geometry and even if our Universal Dimensionality exists as a minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional State...this would still not account for such Quanta as Photons and Electrons having 2 or more functions as an isolated Electron has been shown to exist and function as both powering a micro-electric motor as well as grounding out thus existing as a dual function in a single Universal Reality. Photons exhibit multi-functionality which is shown by the Dual Slit experiment...thus Quantum Mechanics can be explained in a Multiversal System where such Quanta have alternates existing in other Divergent Universal States as well as transfering and being interconnective between Alternate Divergent Universal States. Split Infinity
  24. Now see...if it was me...check that...I have seen and smelled those waters...I WOULD NOT jump in the canal! LOL! I understand what you believe in that you think that all possibilities of Universal Exisance are just that...possibilities until they become reality...but that concept goes against the math and logic. As an example...the Police, FBI, NSA, DIA, CIA and other intell groups have used many forms of SENSITIVES to resolve a wide range of issues. There are in this world...REAL DEAL PSYCHICS that are on the Federal Payroll that are brought in to find missing children, the location of criminal elements...in the Military/Intelligence arena the U.S. spent BILLIONS developing Remote Viewers and such people are very introverted and secretive and have a very high sucess rate. The FBI does not just call, pay and rely upon a FAKE and such people are far and in between and are not existing in great numbers as one would think looking at the mass number of adds specific to Psychics. Now I have read some of the reports and files specific to such people and their use and the science behind this postulates that such people or Sensitives are capable of using their brains in a manner that can access stored data existing in Quantum Particle/Wave Forms that are in a state of interconnectivity and transfer between themselves and alternate versions of themselves existing in other Divergent Universal Realities within our Universal Group. Thus...Timmy falls down a well and is lost and hurt and cannot be found. A sensitive is brought in and usually by touch of a personal object or person related to Timmy...can access this stored Quantum Data. Since in a Multiversal System TIME IS NON-LINEAR...a sensitive can access the data that exists and stored within Quanta that is interconnective and transfering between themselves and alternate versions of themselves. So a sensitive access such data from a reality and timeline that is ahead of our own and such data shows their alternate self look at a newspaper or watching TV where it is disclosed that TIMMY'S BODY was found at the bottom of a well at such a place and for how long Timmy was there and when he died. This allows the Sensitive to give the authorities a POSSIBILITY OF REALITY as it could quite be possible that what the Sensitive is seeing is the result and events of another Divergent Universal Reality that has branched off the baseline reality at a different moment or for a different reason thus in THAT REALITY...Timmy died at the bottom of the well after 4 days being there...but perhaps in our reality...Timmy will die in 2 days or die when he hits the wells bottom or perhaps Timmy was able to climb out of the well and is lost in the surrounding woods injured. So such information garnished by such Sensitives can only be used as a clue or guideline as there is not a 100% chance what the Sensitive sees will be the reality in our Reality. Split Infinity
  25. People forget that Human Beings are part of the Animal Kingdom. We are one culmination of Billions of years of Biological Evolution and we are specifically evolved to be a part of the Earth's enviroment. As the Human Race and ancestors of that existed a s Bi-Pedal...we have been around in one form or another for close to 5 Million Years and we have evolved some traits that have allowed us to be at the top of the food chain. Now when most people are asked what traits evolved broght us to the top of this chain most would reply...Our large and complex brain of course. Now this is absolutely true but there are a few other evolved traits that are just as important. One of the traits is the unparralled Fat Storage and Metabolic Energy Conversing ability of Humans. There exists no other animal on Planet Earth that can out run or out distance by duration of passed time and distance covered...a Human Being. Because of our highly efficient manner in which we store Fat to be converted to energy as well as how a person can regulate the energy burn necessary to run extremely long distances...a Human will track down and run down any other existing Land Animal on Earth. Because of this evolved trait Humans were able to kill prey thus increase our intake of protein which led to development of a large and complex brain. Being Bi-Pedal was necessary for this development and we evolved to becoming as such as the one time African Jungles dissapeared due to climate change and dry grassy Savannahs replaced the trees our ancestors once climbed and as a result Humans became Bi-Pedal and walked upright in order to be able to see both prey and predator at a distance as well as to be able to roam these vast grassy plains. Point of all this is our original insticts and choices based upon Free Will were not governed by Religion or even the concepts of right and wrong...they were governed by SURVIVAL. Killing another Human Ancestor was driven by territory, food supply, water supply, availability of breeding age females and the rise of the Alpha Male which was a necessary evil for the ensured survival of the clan. Today we do not have such issues to such a degree but still they persist and what people seem to forget...WE ARE NOT ALL THAT REMOVED...if we are removed at all...from our greater animalistic state that was necessary for our survival. Split Infinity
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