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  1. Tar...if you read what I said about the Moderate Group...I said that within this group will be those who might believe in a GOD or practice a Religion or NOT. Whether a person does or doesn't believe in a GOD or practice a Religion or not has no bearing upon the reason they are part of this group. They are part because they are not advocating HATRED AND DEATH for those who do not believe as they do. I think you will be hard pressed to find A REASON to condemn their way of thinking. Split Infinity How else would the concept of a GOD come to exist...unless said GOD actually did talk to Humans...but then again...there is no evidence to support this beyond people saying that it happened. Split Infinity
  2. How the Hell do I know that other guy went Vrooom Booom Crash! LOL! Split Infinity
  3. Sam...you are more than aware at this point EXACTLY the reasons for using this 6 Point System as well as the benefits gained by using it when all else fails. As far as your MATH expert...well he obviously is not working at JPL so that point is moot. To continue to discuss this already BEATEN TO DEATH issue is ridiculous. It's time to go back to Mikey's Theory of Everything. Sorry Mikey. Split Infinity
  4. You tend to talk about a number of EXCEPTION FROM THE RULES...as far as bring up a Tribe of people on an Island bordering the South Pacific and Indian Oceans that is Papua New Guinea. Yet you don't bother to mention the close to 6 BILLION other people in the world who don't perform such sexual acts upon multiple other members of their community in such a manner. I am really not certain WHY you are arguing this point as far as a Heterosexual Man being DISGUSTED by viewing two other men French Kissing? I mean...if we were to do a survey and ask other Heterosexual Men how they felt after viewing such men french kissing I am fairly certain we would get a very high percentage of Heterosexual Men replying that viewing that would either be viewed negatively or with disgust. I do not think we would find many heterosexual men saying they either view such activity in a Positive Light or Enjoy viewing such Homosexual activity. I mean...WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR ARGUMENT? Are you trying to say for such Heterosexual Men to respond negatively or with disgust that they are doing something wrong? Are you trying to say because a tribe of people in Papua Ne Guinea have men who perform Oral Sex on other men that it proves that Heterosexual Men who view Men French Kissing and are disgusted are wrong for doing so as no one in the aforementioned Island Population has issue with their men performing Oral Sex upon multiple Other Men? LOL! Although there will always be a percentage of people not predisposed genetically to be Homosexual who engage in Homosexual Activity...Sexual Orientation and Sexuality in General on the majority is a direct result of GENETICS. So are the RESPONSES felt by various people of various sexual orientation when viewing sexual acts or sexuality conducted between various people of differing sexual orientation than themselves. Split Infinity
  5. Yeah...I do tend to have a CAP lock issue. LOL! But I am and always have been aware of Triangulation and my challenge to Sam was always really about seeing if he knew about the 6 Point system. If I could go back I would go about this in a very much different way. Split Infinity
  6. The 6 Point Positioning System not only allows you to find the star or celestial body those 6 point detail but since each of those 6 points or celestial bodies had to be predetermined as to their position from Earth's SUN as well as from each other in order to be certain their use would detail out the star or body they have been selected for....once the 6 stars have been identified as to their angle and distance from the hidden star thus also is known the six star groupings angle to your craft...this grouping can be compared to other groupings close to the crafts position or by simply comparing the size and brightness to your position of known stars within that 6 star grouping your distance from those stars or hidden star can be determined. Split Infinity
  7. I for one do not feel performing an act of revenge with the sole purpose of destroying those who perpetrated an act of premeditated murder..........is wrong in any way. The ONLY thing that would be wrong is using the murderous act as an excuse to carry out actions upon unrelated targets or people or carry out an act of revenge in a unplanned and idiotic way. The reality is that it is ONLY when people think they can get away with something or even if they know they won't be able to get away so they will do whatever they desire but if they know by carrying out a murderous action that something detrimental will happen as a result that is negative beyond the loss of their own life which they are so eager to give up...will such people not perform the murderous act. Split Infinity
  8. Sam...you must first figure out where you are relative to where you want to go or need to send a signal. The easiest way of doing this without being able to triangulate is to identify a group of 6 stars and this will tell you where to go or broadcast as well as at what angle you are to it . Split Infinity
  9. Tar...there is only ONE CORRECT WAY to view this as well as such a way being MORAL as well as being ENLIGHTENED AND CONCERNED. That way is the one where no one is RUSHING TO JUDGEMENT. In all 5 other subgroups people are rushing to judgement upon whether another person should be condemned and some actually feeling that DEATH should be the sentence for the actions of others. When people who hold different views or beliefs confront each other...and this often happens violently...the act of confrontation instantly places walls in front of being able to talk and come to mutual understanding and mutual respect. Unfortunately by the very nature of some issues and beliefs being able to do so becomes almost impossible when people REFUSE to listen and try to understand another's feelings and concepts. This is why the Moderate Group finds the actions of these other groups so petty and ridiculous. It is hard knowing exactly what must be done to resolve such things but I would advocate education and understanding to start. Split Infinity
  10. Those stars were calculated by using the method you described as well as documenting Magnitude, Star Color...etc. Sam...this has NEVER been about challenging Triangulation or using Pulsars or using Radio Signals to pinpoint location. This has always been about how to find an object or point of position in 3-D Space when Triangulation was not possible. My very first post to you referring to the 6 Point System was just a way of...feeling you out...to see if you knew what I was referring to. Because of the way I posted to you...you assumed I was stating that using 6 points of position was the only way to know the distance or location of a celestial body or point was from you or a point. Using the 6 Point system is the only way...using just visual data and geometry...and without having the ability to send or receive an EM Signal...to find a hidden celestial body or point as well as plot a course to that body or point. Split Infinity
  11. Yes...I know you posted it. I was just using it as a way to make a point. Digging the hole deeper? In what way and what hole? BIBLICAL!!??? Let me tell you that I am an AGNOSTIC and not only am I not religious but I disagree with a GREAT MANY THINGS that are written in the Old and New Testaments. How and for what ever possible reason you would come to such an idea and conclusion about me...well...I can only see this as YOU are making the assumption and the mistake of thinking....JUST BECAUSE I DO NOT ENJOY OR LIKE TO VIEW OR LISTEN TO ANYTHING SPECIFIC TO HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY...well at least as far as two men are concerned because I will admit I have had sexual relations with several couples and groups of Bi-Sexual Women as being a Signed and Touring Musician tends to allow me the ability to have such experiences...THAT I AM HOMOPHOBIC OR PERHAPS HAVE LATENT HOMOSEXUAL TENDENCIES THAT YOU PERHAPS BELIEVE I CANNOT COME TO TERMS WITH...LOL! This is not so...and if I was Homosexual I would not be ashamed as my personality leads me to be open and proud of what I am and this would not change regardless of what my sexuality was. You seem not to be able to come to terms with the fact that even though I support Gay Rights and ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE...that I do not enjoy or feel DISGUST when watching TWO MEN FRENCH KISS. I am a Heterosexual Alpha Male. And to be an Alpha Male is not about KICKING ASS or even is it centered around being the strongest...although strength is specific to it. It is WHAT KIND OF STRENGTH...that determines whether a Person is ALPHA in nature and one could be a Hetero Male or Female or be Bi-Sexual or Homosexual and still be ALPHA. Being an ALPHA has to do with KEEPING OTHERS SAFE....BEING A LEADER...and not just calling the shots but MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS that protect and benefit the group I am charged with. A persons sexuality does not matter...AS LONG AS SUCH A PERSON DOES NOT ALLOW THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION TO BECOME AN ISSUE THAT CAUSES DERISION WITHIN THE GROUP. I am looked to to lead not only my Band but the Entertainment Group and all members of it that are specific to my Band as their very LIVELY HOOD DEPENDS UPON MY DECISIONS. Whether or not their kids will go to an Ivy League or Community College depends upon business decisions I make and I must take this into consideration every time I sign off on a deal...and as I will be leaving shortly to do a short tour of North America and then Europe...where I could have taken MORE DATES but since I had decided to do only LARGE VENUES for more money and less dates rather than just take every date offered where some would have been slated to occur at smaller venues....I decided that if we started to do smaller venues it would be a sign that we needed the money and this lends itself to smaller offers of money for touring. Now...because I am in this world as well as help run several now large family owned companies...as well as I have a third...JOB...where I occasionally work with members of the U.S. Military....I am familiar with many sides of how people feel and act around Homosexual Employees or Team Members. Now in all three of my...JOBS...I have run into issues that pertain to an employee or team member being Homosexual and because of this...there were issues and concerns expressed by other employees and team members. Since it is MY JOB to solve any and all problems including such issues as these...I have made it clear right from the start of any new employee or Team Member that ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT THEIR RACE, CREED, COLOR, SEX OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION are to be treated EQUALLY unless such things cause issues or problems with GETTING THE JOBS DONE. Now as I am a "CIVILIAN"...in the manner the quotes denote...and I am in charge of my TEAM of members of the U.S. Military as well as any others I might add to the group...and such added people are wide and varied in race, creed, color, sex and sexual orientation....I have made it clear...TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE TEAM...MILITARY OR CIVILIAN OR ADDED ON BY ME...that no member will make issues or cause problems due to the nature of another within the team as well as if such...NATURE of a team member causes that team member to cause issues with others or other members...they will find themselves...DEALING WITH ME! I have had Team Members who I had quickly SHIPPED OUT AND OFF THE TEAM...because they started derision within the team because we were dealing with a person that the team member had issues with because of race, creed, color, sex or sexual orientation. I have also had to lay down the law and also had to remove ASSETS added to the team by me after such assets behavior was disruptive as they PURPOSELY ANTAGONIZED team members who they knew were uncomfortable working with them even if such team members never expressed it. So even though I really needed this asset...I had the asset removed from the team as there is NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS than going in to a location with Team Members who have their thoughts not on the JOB but on another Team Member and another Team Members behavior. This of course happens both ways. I MYSELF...being a person some will take instant note of due to my physicality as well as my looks and my experience and ability to get the JOB done as well as SOLVE PROBLEMS...as this is what my main purpose is to begin with....I MYSELF have had to keep my MOUTH SHUT when a JOB is too important to just KICK AN ASSET OFF THE TEAM...even though this asset is causing disruptions, derision and purposely antagonizing my team members and myself....BECAUSE THEY UNDERSTAND THEIR IMPORTANCE AND UNDERSTAND THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. This happens very seldom and if it was not so important that they be with us I would have staked them to the desert floor and left them. But when it does happen...it is not because...MY TEAM MEMBERS are causing it...as they know me and my rules all too well. It is happening because I have to deal with some SCUMBAG who knows their importance to the Op and because so my team and I must put up with it. Now am I or my team the ones causing this problem? NO! When the asset is a Homosexual Male and since my Team is usually comprised of young male soldiers...does this always mean there is going to be a problem? NO! There are almost never any problems but there have been a few. Is it the fault of my Team Members that this asset is acting this way? NO! IT IS MY FAULT! It is my fault because I am allowing it to happen because if it is happening it is because this asset is of such great importance that the dangers of having derision and anger amoungst my team members is outweighed by the benefits of having such an asset along with us. Does the RELIGIOUS BELIEFS of any of my Team Members be a cause of such issues...as far as a members religious beliefs causing that member to feel uncomfortable having to rely upon a Homosexual Person in a possible Life and Death situation....WELL...I CANNOT BLAME THEM FOR THEIR BELIEFS AND FEELINGS...BUT I CAN MAKE CERTAIN THAT SUCH BELIEFS AND FEELINGS DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE JOB! The same can be said of the Homosexual Person. If I have to SQUASH a persons FREEDOM OF SPEECH and suppress the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION to keep my people safe...I WILL IN A HEART BEAT....and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORALLY OR LEGALLY WRONG WITH THIS. So Moont....just as it is with ANYONE....It doesn't matter whether I personally like or dislike something. It matters not if I get disgusted when I see Two Men French Kissing...and there is nothing wrong with a person that does not enjoy or like or gets disgusted when viewing or even CONSIDERING Homosexual Activity...as long as that person is not violating the others rights. If you think there will EVER be a world where a Heterosexual Person will not have some kind of Negative Thought when viewing two men French Kissing or this Hetero Person having a Negative Feeling....JUST THINKING ABOUT any kind of Homosexual Activity....then you are fooling yourself. It does not matter that such activity is is NORMAL between people of such Sexual Orientation. All that matters is that such activity is not made to be illegal as that would truly be a crime. Just as such activity is perfectly NORMAL between Homosexual Couples....it is just as PERFECTLY NORMAL for some other people to feel DISGUST viewing such activity. I know several Homosexual Men who work in the Music World who have told me MANY TIMES that they get DISGUSTED watching a Man have SEX with a WOMAN. Are they wrong in feeling this way or are they doing something wrong by feeling this way? NO! It is perfectly normal. Split Infinity I got a good laugh when I read your post as I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! LOL! Although I make sure that when I am shaking a persons hand that I do so in a strong and definitive way...I do not attempt to CRUSH another persons hand nor do I barely grasp the hand of another doing so in such a weak and questionable manner that it makes the person receiving such a weak hand shake think the other either is attempting to do so with a broken hand or that the person abhors human contact! LOL! I am in almost perfect shape and I run and lift weights both free weight and using machines. I have been doing so for multiple decades as my Dad is Military and he made certain my baby Fat came off quickly at a young age and indoctrinated me into a workout regiment that because of what I do in two of my...JOBS...is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Still...even though I am fit and strong I would...NEVER....squeeze a persons had to the crushing point as I have seen others do as well as this happens to me often when I meet guy's that lift and are in LOVE WITH THEIR OWN REFLECTION! LOL! They meet me and the first thing they do is get a grip of my hand in a specific way that allows a person to apply pressure over the top and underneath of the bones in the hand that connect the knuckles to just before the wrist. By gripping a persons hand this way another can apply pressure easily in a painful way as well as make it difficult for the other person to take their hand away. Now I am trained and skilled in several forms of Martial Arts and I can allow a person to grip my hand this way but if they try to crush my hand I can use my thumb and index finger on the hand they are trying to crush and pinch their NERVE in their Crushing Hand in a VERY painful manner. I have done this a few times to some guy's who went over the line and really applied ridiculous crushing force to my hand. The moment I do this it surprises the Hell out of them as it is extremely painful as well as a numbing feeling lasts quite a while and I always get the..."WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!??"....from such people as if they didn't know they were crushing my hand! LOL! As Bad as this behavior is...I would still prefer the pain to the absolutely DISGUSTING feeling when a person barely shakes your hand and presents their hand for you to shake...HANGING DOWN...as their fingers are pointed directly at the ground almost swinging as if the person had no bones past their wrist. Then you go to shake it and they apply almost ZERO SQUEEZING FORCE and the only reason their hand stays connected to yours in what can barely be called a hand shake is your holding on to their hand and attempting to shake what feels like a clammy, cold and damp limp dead frog! LOL! I know what you mean! Split Infinity
  12. OK...Sam...I will try for the last time to explain this and why you need the 6 Point System. To answer your above question...The reason the 6 Point System is needed and why either a person or the probe would not use a method of Triangulation is...THEY CAN'T! This is the whole reason why a Probe or Manned Space Craft would have in their Computer Files as well as in the manned crafts case...PAPER FILES....detailing out a multitude of 6 Points of Position Stars or other Celestial Bodies for the purpose of being able to locate and plot a course to...say...Earth...or in in the future...a Radio Relay Station or perhaps Moon or Planet in another Star System where either a Manned Base was located or pre-positioned emergency supplies. The WHOLE POINT OF HAVING A PRE-CALCULATED 6 POINTS OF POSITION LOCATION AND COURSE CHART AND PLOT SYSTEM...is for when a Space Craft either Manned or a Probe has CATASTROPHIC SENSOR FAILURE or AN INABILITY TO RECEIVE SIGNALS OR DATA...thus it would be impossible to receive a LOCATION BEACON SIGNAL or receive PULSAR EMISSIONS to orient the Space Craft or Probe. With a 6 POINTS OF POSITION SYSTEM....if such catastrophic failure occurred all a probes computer or a person would have to do is scan the surrounding stars and this could be done by digital scan or BY EYE...compare the magnitudes and colors of the stars and compare stellar groupings...find the 6 stars needed by computer or by using a chart...draw lines through 3 pairs of 2 stars and where all three lines cross will be the location of whatever Celestial Body a probe or person either needs to travel to or send a signal. The 6 Points or celestial bodies used HAVE ALREADY BEEN PRE-DETERMINED. From no matter what angle or distance...as long as that distance is not too far away to visually detect the stars by either digital scan or by eye...when those three lines are drawn...IN THE ONLY WAY ALL THREE LINES WILL CROSS ONE ANOTHER...at the crossing point will be what the probe or person is looking for. Triangulation or other methods of getting a fix or plotting a course...ARE NOT POSSIBLE due to such catastrophic failure but with a 6 Points of Position system...you can always figure out where either a probe or person needs to travel to or send a signal. OK Sam? I don't think I have anything left in me to explain this again. Split Infinity
  13. Tar...your statement about the birth of your daughter reminded me about something. Obviously a parent views the birth of their child...at least the vast majority of parents...as something beautiful beyond compare and many compare such a thing to a miracle...and rightly so even with the reality this has happened over 6 Billion Times. Then there are those who have not had children. Of these two groups of people there are three subgroups for each. One of these subgroups are those who tend to be very religious and take what is written in the Bible and other religions versions of in a literal sense or command. That being...Be fruitful and multiply. The second subgroup are those who feel that Humanity is a scourge upon the environment of Earth and that people should either have only one child or no children at all. The third subgroup are people who are moderate in their nature and regardless if they have children or not...they understand the concept of why a parent would have joy upon the birth of a child as well as understand the issues involved with the effect of Humanity upon Earth environment. Now it is the third subgroup that whether or not they believe in a GOD or practice a Religion or do neither...is the subgroup that is in the vast but silent MAJORITY. The reason why people don't see this subgroup being vocal is that they tend to find such activity...ie...being vocal and involved in any attempt to sway Governmental involvement in either FRINGE ULTRA-LEFT OR ULTRA-RIGHT WING issues as STUPIDITY OR LUNACY. Now I belong to this Third Subgroup and I have seen and heard people from both extreme sides of this issue say and do things such as...Talk about protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood Clinic spouting quotes from various religious text detailing the sins of people either going to or working there as well as talking about how such people should be shot for doing so. As well as people from the other Fringe side of the issue detailing how they would love to see those who hunt and harvest deer shot with their rifles or shotguns...or have a Death Penalty for those who pollute the environment. Perhaps if such people on both sides had less consideration over whether there is or isn't a GOD...spent time considering how it would be a good thing to respect each others views and ideals...we could all move forward and understand it is PEOPLE that are going to be the ones to determine whether the Earth and all upon it will live in harmony with the planet and each other. Just a thought. Split Infinity
  14. overtone....I have NEVER been a fan or like the Village People. I don't care for their music and I would not enjoy watching them perform on stage. As well...whenever I might hear their song...YMCA...and I disliked this song when I first heard it and when I did was on the radio when I was just a kid when the Village People had just released it back in the 70's....and this was before I had found out about the Homosexual undertones and references in the song....when I heard it back in the 70's I disliked it and wondered why ANYONE WOULD THINK IT WOULD BE FUN TO STAY AT THE YMCA. When I hear it now and of course being older I now know exactly what the song is really about...and it sure as Hell isn't about Championing being in the unfortunate position of having to stay at the YMCA as a Heterosexual Male. As several members of the original Village People were and are gay they found a way to connect with the Gay Disco Crowd in such a way as to pass the FCC censorship rules back in the 70's and although reading the majority of the lyrics one would at that time not see anything related to Homosexuality...as there are several areas in the lyrics that are subtle details or clues to the intent of the song such as...You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find many way's to have a good time....They have everything you men to enjoy, You can hang out with all the boy's...You can do whatever you feel...Young Man, What do you want to be? Now do I have a problem with the song or it's intent? NO. Do I feel the lyrics are offensive? NO. Do I enjoy listening to the song? NO. Do I enjoy listening to the lyrics that are specific to Homosexual activity or targeted to a Homosexual listeners? NO. Does the fact that I do not like or enjoy such aspects of this song I have detailed mean in ANYWAY that I am Homophobic or HATE HOMOSEXUALS? NO! It just means I don't like the song. And the fact the song was purposely written for a specific demographic is only a secondary consideration of why I don't enjoy it. Like I have stated before...there is nothing wrong with a person not liking something...as long as their dislike does not violate the rights of others. "Y.M.C.A." Young man, there's no need to feel down. I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground. I said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town There's no need to be unhappy. Young man, there's a place you can go. I said, young man, when you're short on your dough. You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find Many ways to have a good time. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. They have everything for you men to enjoy, You can hang out with all the boys ... It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, You can do whatever you feel... Young man, are you listening to me? I said, young man, what do you want to be? I said, young man, you can make real your dreams. But you got to know this one thing! No man does it all by himself. I said, young man, put your pride on the shelf, And just go there, to the Y.M.C.A. I'm sure they can help you today. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. They have everything for you men to enjoy, You can hang out with all the boys... It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, You can do whatever you feel ... Young man, I was once in your shoes. I said, I was down and out with the blues. I felt no man cared if I were alive. I felt the whole world was so jive ... That's when someone came up to me, And said, young man, take a walk up the street. There's a place there called the Y.M.C.A. They can start you back on your way. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. They have everything for you men to enjoy, You can hang out with all the boys... Y.M.C.A....you'll find it at the Y.M.C.A. Young man, young man, there's no need to feel down. Young man, young man, get yourself off the ground. Y.M.C.A....you'll find it at the Y.M.C.A. Young man, young man, there's no need to feel down. Young man, young man, get yourself off the ground. Y.M.C.A....just go to the Y.M.C.A. Young man, young man, are you listening to me? Young man, young man, what do you want to be? Village People Split Infinity
  15. You are confusing a Non-Quantum Computers calculative ability which is dependent upon it's programming and inputted data to determine an ANSWER or it's ability to provide an answer based upon it's preset or predetermined abilities...with a persons Brain determining a course of action or response based upon it's ability to UNDERSTAND AND PRESENT IT'S SELF WITH A CHOICE. Quantum Systems have the ability to go beyond zero's and one's and in a Macro Computation VALUES ARE PRESET. In a Quantum System VALUES ARE INDETERMINATE until observed. This is the way the Human Brain creates and determines a CHOICE. Split Infinity
  16. OK...your question is EXACTLY what I must explain to you for you to understand this. The 6 stars or galaxies that are used to draw 3 lines through 3 pairs of them and at these three lines crossing is the point of the hidden star...are stars or galaxies that have ALREADY...prior to a probe or spacecraft leaving Earth...been determined as to their distance from Earth...their Magnitude and Color...their DISTANCE AND ANGLES to the Hidden Planet...and this Hidden Planet is already known to it's distance and angle to Earth...as well these stars or galaxies were chosen AHEAD OF TIME...as they were chosen because of their Bright Magnitude and because they could be used as those 6 points of position to locate the visually hidden star...from great distances and all angles away from that star. So say it was our SUN that a Deep Space Probe was traveling away from and this probe would be traveling through the OORT CLOUD at the edge of our solar system. Since the OORT CLOUD can obscure direct visual contact with our sun if a craft or probe was within it or had it between the craft or probe and the sun...and if the only method available was to use the 6 point system because of catastrophic failure of other triangulation methods or a lack of ability to receive signals...by simply scanning the surrounding stars we could locate a pattern of 6 previously plotted and determined stars to find the position or plot a course or know the direction to align a dish to send a signal to our sun. Now how do we know that these 6 stars can be used for finding our sun? Because we have already chosen these stars and these stars were SPECIFICALLY CHOSEN because when a line is drawn through 3 pairs of these 6 stars in a manner that all three lines cross...at that crossing point will be located the SUN. We chose the 6 stars in groups of two and each group of 2 is specific to detail one of the 3 dimensions of 3-D Space so that no matter from what distance as long as these 6 stars are visible...and no matter from what angle the craft or probe might be from this 6 star grouping...there will always be ONLY ONE WAY TO DRAW 3 LINES BETWEEN 3 GROUPS OF TWO STARS FROM THE TOTAL OF 6 STARS SO THAT ALL THREE LINES CROSS AT A SINGLE POINT. And of course at this point lies the SUN in this case. So Sam...in this case...in order to choose the 6 stars we must already know where the sun is...we must already know the distances between the 6 stars and the sun...we must already have chosen 3 groups of 2 stars where each group of two stars is in a direct straight line at either side of the sun and that all three groups of 2 stars and the three STRAIGHT LINES drawn from one star in each of these three groups of two will INTERSECT THE SUN and that straight line will continue to the OTHER STAR in that group of two....AND ALL THREE LINES INTERSECT THE SUN AT VECTORS DETAILING 3 DIMENSIONAL STATES or 3 axis to allow us to know FROM ANY POSITION OR ANGLE AWAY FROM THE SUN....where the sun is located. OK? Split Infinity
  17. Sam....there are more than enough stars to do this and even if you were trying to locate a star on the very outer rim of our Galaxy....even in the unlikely chance this star you needed to find was at a position on the very outer arm of our Galaxy and because of this there were not a large enough pool of Bright Magnitude Stars to pick from for use in the 6 Point System...nearby Galaxies such as M-31 and others could be used. Even if by the VERY UNLIKELY chance that the star you needed to find or go to did not have 6 nearby stars bright enough for use to be located from a distance...other stars could be used that would pin point a location at a specific angle and distance from the star you needed to go to or find. Thus using 6 points which when determined by computer scan and then since once you know what 6 stars you are looking at you would then know by their Magnitude approx. how far away you were and by knowing which stars are which of the 6...you would know to what angle or vector you were to the Hidden or Too Distant and Dim to see Star. At this point a second set of determining coordinates would be added as once the computer analyzes the pattern of the 6 stars seen from your craft or a probes location...it will know what coordinates to give you to determine where the hidden star is from the 6 point crossing...such as from point S...point S being the crossing point of the three lines between 3 groups of the 6 stars....from point S...at so many degree X,Y and Z ...is located Point D...point D being the Determining Point of the Star you need to locate or find. So in this way using the 6 point positioning system will allow you to know where know where you would send a signal or what direction to travel to reach that hidden star. Split Infinity
  18. There are aspects of the Human Brain and certain states and capabilities of Human Beings and one of these states would be CONSCIOUSNESS...that are indicative of a Quantum System. The capability of the Human Brain as far as at the moment a choice must be made...not only are many many considerations being cross referenced and calculated but this detriment/benefit based decision making of what is a choice takes into consideration past, present and future states as well as the states of others then these are cross referenced and given their own detriment/threat levels as well as considerations based upon subconscious based data. There is no Macro Level Computer existing or that will ever exist that can access and make a choice in such short time using such a great number of variables and what is more this choice happens on an almost unconscious level instantly. As far as Gravity...Einstein was the first to label Gravity an EFFECT due to Space/Time curvature. Split Infinity
  19. OK...Sam...your not getting this. Yes if a craft or probe could receive EM generated emissions then the craft or probe would not need to use the 6 points method. The 6 points of position are already predetermined and the craft and probe would have the stored data of many of such 6 point groupings depending upon the craft or probes mission. It is only in the case that a probe or craft has a downed antenna or broken or fried receiver that by just taking a digital scan of the surrounding stars the craft or probe could use the stored 6 point grouping data to find an intended course or direction to send a radio signal. The six point grouping would be determined beforehand and they could be determined by a variety of methods. But in the case of catastrophic receiver or antenna failure...this 6 Point System allows the craft or probe a simple method given what said craft or probe now has the capacity to do given the problem. Split Infinity
  20. Of course you have to do the calculations to know that such stars paired will allow lines to be drawn intersecting the specific celestial body or point...and this must be done as to have each line be specific to each needed axis or detail each of the thee dimensions needed. Split Infinity
  21. Sam...the 6 Stars or Celestial bodies are CHOSEN SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE WHEN 3 LINES ARE DRAWN BETWEEN 3 PAIRS OF THE BODIES...THE LINES CROSSING POINT WILL INTERSECT AT THE EARTH'S SUN. These points or stars are chosen specifically because no matter where the Probe might be as far as it's angle or reasonable distance...at least within 100,000 cubic parsecs....using these 6 points or stars from any angle drawing these lines will locate where the SUN is located...or where Earth is located and as I have stated...with the Earth...different groups of 6 points must be used dependent upon what day or week it is. Split Infinity
  22. When you extrapolate from a personal and fairly dubious set of dislikes and cultural prejudices to universal human nature. We all have our kinks and foibles - we don't all project them unto humanity in general, as norms. Not liking oatmeal or poached eggs is fine - treating oatmeal eaters and egg poachers as dubious people who should hide their preferences for your psychological comfort is an attempt to bully. And the entire argument is all but irrelevant to the thread - the very introduction of it is symptomatic. First of all there is a difference between a person speaking in a certain manner that is specific to their CULTURAL or SPEECH CENTERS as opposed to a person purposely and with effort speaking in the manner of the opposite sex. I personally believe a person has a right to do so...this does not mean I enjoy hearing it. You obviously didn't read the specific as far as the Vomit and the Colorful Fake Vomit as you have immediately associated this to a negative connotation specific to Homosexuals...it is not...as well as your response to this details the overly sensitive nature with which some people deal with anything that might sound or look like a person not liking aspects of Homosexual behavior. It is also apparent that you cannot come to terms with the reality that it is possible for a person such as myself to be able to make such statements detailing aspects of Homosexuality and behavior that I do not enjoy viewing...and still such a person as myself being able to defend Gay Rights and Gay Marriage. Although I will defend these rights...it does not mean I enjoy viewing such actions or behaviors specific to Homosexuality...and if you think that in order for me to truly not have issues with Homosexuality would demand that I would not have issues viewing such activity...well...then...YOU are just as at fault as the people who BASH HOMOSEXUALS AND HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with a person who dislikes viewing Homosexual Activity. To be in this category one does not have to be Homophobic or Hate Homosexuals. Your argument can be addressed and proven FLAWED by this simple fact.. Two Married Homosexual Men...Two Married Homosexual Women and a Married Heterosexual Couple receive two PORN DVD's specific to the other two couples sexual orientation. All couples start viewing the DVD's in bed as a precursor to sexual activity. Now I am going to present this as what the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF THE MAJORITIES APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL VIEWING SUCH PORN AND ALTHOUGH DIFFERENT PEOPLE WILL LIKE OR DISLIKE VIEWING SUCH PORN DIFFERENT THAN THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF THE MAJORITY...IT IS OF THE MAJORITY I WILL TALK ABOUT HERE. Also the PORN DVD's FOR ALL COUPLES are standard "TRINITY"....or ORAL, ANAL AND REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN SEXUAL ACTIVITY and none include any other sexual activity or particular FETISH beyond what is listed. The Majority of Married Hetero Couples when viewing the Gay Men PORN DVD...will have a RESPONSE FROM A NEGATIVE FEELING TO ONE OF DISGUST. The Majority of Hetero Couples when viewing the Lesbian Women PORN DVD will have a RESPONSE NEGATIVE TO DISGUST IN FEELINGS FROM THE FEMALE AND POSITIVE TO A STATE OF SEXUAL AROUSAL FROM THE MALES. The Majority of Married Female Homosexual Couples when viewing the Gay Men PORN DVD...BOTH will have a RESPONSE THAT IS POSITIVE IN THEIR FEELINGS OF HOMOSEXUAL KINSHIP BUT NOT A STATE OF SEXUAL AROUSAL. The Majority of Married Female Homosexual Couples when viewing the Hetero PORN DVD...BOTH will show positive interest in viewing the Hetero Female's sexual activity upon the DVD...but in the MAJORITY OF LESBIAN COUPLES...ONLY ONE will have a RESPONSE THAT GOES FROM POSITIVE IN THEIR FEELINGS TO SEXUAL AROUSAL due to the Male involvement. The Majority of Married Male Homosexual Couples when viewing the Lesbian PORN DVD...BOTH will have FEELINGS OF DISGUST upon viewing the LESBIAN PORN but will have POSITIVE FEELINGS as far as having a kinship with other HOMOSEXUALS. Upon viewing the HETERO PORN...the Majority of Married Male Homosexual Couples...ONE WILL HAVE NEGATIVE FEELINGS TO FEELINGS OF DISGUST while the other will have POSITIVE FEELINGS TO FEELINGS OF SEXUAL AROUSAL. Now when one looks at an overview of all feelings of all couples be those feelings, positive, negative...feelings of Kinship or feelings of Sexual Arousal...it should be noted that despite the fact that some or both members of the Homosexual Couples expressed Negative Feelings to Feelings of Disgust viewing either of the other Homosexual Couples sexual orientation specific PORN. Yet both Homosexual Couples still expressed positive feelings of KINSHIP. Now even though one member or both members of the Homosexual Couples expressed a Negative Feeling or Feelings of DISGUST when watching the HETERO PORN DVD's...I would be HARD PRESSED TO FIND a Homosexual Person that would be crying out...."DISCRIMINATION!"...or creating a LOBBY GROUP to bring FORTH THE ISSUES OF THE NEED FOR CONGRESS TO GRANT MONEY FOR PROGRAMS TO EDUCATE HOMOSEXUALS on how such DISCRIMINATION AND NEGATIVE FEELINGS OF DISGUST given or shown to HETEROSEXUAL ACTIVITY AND BEHAVIOR...is wrong and must stop. You can't have it both way's. The reality is...THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A PERSON DISLIKING SOMETHING...as long as such dislike does not violate a persons rights. Split Infinity...p.s...I reserve the right to get grossed out whenever I might see two Men French Kissing.
  23. Pop...here is the thing. There is no rational or logic that would provide even the smallest line of reasoning for why there must exist a Creator. Not only is there not even the tiniest shred of proof for this but as well...even if there actually did exist SOMETHING that was responsible for the Universe and possible Multiversal existence...and this includes being responsible for our existence...that SOMETHING would have ZERO support from available logic, data or observation to be thought to be SENTIENT OR AN ENTITY. What could be responsible for our existence could simply be a mechanism of the natural order and development of our Universe or Multiverse. Split Infinity
  24. Of course I have kissed my Mom...and I would be just as Grossed Out if I saw a woman of my Mom's age French Kissing a young male as for a split second my brain would make the association where I was at the age of this young male and the thought of French Kissing my Mom...Ughhh! I am a Touring and Signed Musician and in the circles I travel and am in it is often that I might be at a CD Release Party and see such behavior. Split Infinity Your reply to my post is in a manner and specific to what I am telling all here is the incorrect assumption upon why a person might react a certain way when seeing or experiencing certain things. You immediately associated my disgust at seeing two men French Kiss and then my statement detailing how for a moment my mind puts me in a position relative to my experiences as a reaction that is Phobia generated or my reaction is created due to some deep seated issue I might have with French Kissing, My Father and Homosexuality. This kind of thinking you are detailing is FLAWED. Now it doesn't mean that there are not people out there who would react this way because of a Phobia or Latent Homosexual Tendencies they cannot come to terms with...there are such people. But there are many other possible reasons for a person to be Disgusted after viewing such behavior. Here is the problem that is prevalent to the thinking of many over sensitive Homosexuals. They automatically assume that just because a person might not like or be disgusted with some Same Sex Sexual based Activities...ie...French Kissing, Having each others Hands around the others back and placed in their partners back pocket, Dressing Up like the Opposite Sex, Men talking in an overly effeminate manner and women talking in an overly masculine manner...etc... ....that because a person might view this with unease or disgust that the problem lies with that uneasy or disgusted person and so that person must have issue, find unacceptable or hate Homosexuals because of Homophobia, Latent Homosexual Tendencies or Religious Beliefs. This is not always the case and many times what is the case is that such a person doesn't really have issue with OTHERS engaging in such activity but such a person DOES HAVE ISSUE HAVING TO VIEW SUCH ACTIVITIES....as is my case. When did it all of a sudden become wrong for a person to NOT LIKE SOMETHING? I don't like eating Liver and I will tend to gag if I see someone eating it as well as when I smell it. Now do I have an issue with this person eating Liver or do I think there is something wrong with them for doing so? NO! I just don't want to see the person eating it or smell the liver. Split Infinity
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