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  1. Here are a few needing or not needing extreme pressure... ...http://www.technologyreview.com/view/509081/best-of-2012-room-temperature-superconductivity-found-in-graphite-grains/ ...http://www.superconductors.org/28c_rtsc.htm ...http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=superconductor-breaks-high-temperature-record Split Infinity
  2. Mike...I thought about your new revised theory and took note of the..."path of least resistance" statement. I thought about this and I thought...for about 15 seconds...which for me is a while...and I realized that...although we describe the Path of Least Resistance as per Electricity...and when looking at this on a Atomic and Sub-Atomic Level...the ability for a charge to conduct as well as for a Chemical Reaction to take place...has to do with the certain elements having unfilled Electron Orbits which allow such elements to be able to take on additional electrons or in a chemical reaction where elements share electron orbits...such as using an electric charge in a tube of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases to form H20 as well as using UV-Light to separate water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases....or needing Elements that can take on additional electrons in unfilled orbits in order to allow conductivity and as a Lightning Bolt strikes...it will travel through the air and seek out the tallest grounded material that has less resistance than the air to the ground from the same distance. In all these examples...we may sight resistance or open electron orbits but I feel that it shows us for such events to occur...they do so due to CONDITION. Split Infinity
  3. Well..I have only known you for a short time. I have been lucky that I have many experiences in life as well as have done such things and learned from them at an early age. I will admit that the Genetics have a good deal to do with such things as Very Smart in both the Analytical and Emotional sides parents that were EXTREMELY TOUGH on me and even though they had money they earned...I had to earn EVERYTHING I got. I was also lucky that I was born with talents in Music, Sculpture, Painting and just about anything creative. I also had a Dad who made sure that the amount of Baby Fat that was still on my body at 13 was quickly burned off! Working out became a passion and I am still very active on stage, as a diver, runner, martial arts...etc. The one thing I took out of all this is that EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE...and after seeing a childhood friend who had a slow speech issue even though he had a 135 IQ...being PICKED ON BY HIS OWN TEACHERS...I realized that could just as easily have been ME if my Dad had not forced me to lose 40 lbs! After that and other things I made sure to use what mental skills I had teaching would be tormentors a LESSON as in reality...such people who pick upon others are just insecure themselves and if there is one thing I am VERY GOOD at is finding weakness and exploiting it.. I don't like to do this but sometimes it has to be done. I enjoy talking with you also. Split Infinity
  4. I read the good intentioned quoted reply you quoted here and I have to tell you that Physics and in particular Quantum Physics are key in this field. The Human Brain is a Quantum Computer and as such can calculate at great speed...and complexity. Thus it is running 3 distinct consciousnesses...Left...analytical, Right Brain Hemisphere, Creative and the SUBCONSCIOUS...as well as other areas of the brain responsible for everything from Hormone release to auto flight fight responses. Here is the thing...unlike a Lap Top that uses a series of 1's and 0's in a Binary Code....a Quantum Computer or the Human Brain uses INDETERMINATE VALUES. In a Electronic Quantum Computer this is achieved by using Quibits...from WIKI...In quantum computing, a qubit (pron.: /ˈkjuːbɪt/) or quantum bit is a unit of quantum information—the quantum analogue of the classical bit. A qubit is a two-state quantum-mechanical system such as the polarization of a single photon: here the two states are vertical polarization and horizontal polarization. In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other, but quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a superposition of both states at the same time, a property which is fundamental to quantum computing. Thus although the Human Brain is Biological...it too allows Superposition of States and Indeterminate Values. An analogy although not close to the reality but close as far as it's use to explain the value of what is quoted above...The USAF R&D groups long ago found out that by wing airfoil construction allowing Greater Instablity...ALSO ALLOWED SUCH AIRCRAFT TO OBTAIN GREATER FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS AND MANUVERABILITY. In a Quantum System...this is slightly applied to Superposition and Indeterminate Value. I would make certain I took as many Hard Core Quantum Physics courses as I could. Split Infinity
  5. OK...the search for a Superconductive Material that can be at Room Temp. and not have to be under any specific pressure as there are such materials that are superconductive under certain pressures at or near room temp...anyway's...we would not need to use such materials if a method can be developed to either use an EM broadcast at specific alternating frequency, duration and modulation of combinations to be Broadcast in a method first developed by Tesla but still have some room to be refined...that would allow energy supply without resistance and at an almost zero energy loss thus super efficient in order to increase speed of everything from computers and soon to be Quantum Computers to everyday electronic devices. There are not many links about such things but their are links to a person who works at Microsoft who is on this path as well as there is a U.S. Patent out and that you can find detailing a Holographic Circuit. When I get some time and inclination I will look them up and provide links. Split Infinity...p.s...Just because a person might not know about something...doesn't mean it does not exist or is being developed. Also...a Search is only as good as what is being used as key words to run that search. This is mostly due to the reality that such advancements are not widely advertised for many reasons from Defense issues to funding and to making a lot of money.
  6. You know...I was for a time an assistant for this Professor. He was Old but unlike some had a very good sense of humor, took pleasure in the small things in life...and this reminding me of my at the time deceased Grandfather...I would keep an eye on him as I loved the man and was worried about him. He was brilliant and even though he was a Professor in the field and arena of Physics and Cosmology...he had Emotional and Social Intelligence. You see...the old I.Q. Tests that back in the day were taken by everyone in their Jr. Year of High School were designed by people that didn't understand the concepts that Analytical Intelligence is not the only form of intelligence and it is possible for a person to score very high on an I.Q. test and still be an emotional and social MORON. My Professor understood this and as we grew closer we would discuss such things. He like myself was lucky to be born with the Genetics to have a high Analytical I.Q. as well as have a high Emotional and Social I.Q. We both were musicians and most people who are good at science and math are usually NOT good on the creative side. At the time there were two students who were very jealous that I was given the assistant spot and I can tell you right now I don't have a jealous bone in my body nor do I even understand why people get jealous. My Professor talked to me one day as I waited with with him on a stone wall ledge as he would get tired crossing the campus. He told me...You know...there are no such things as IMPOSSIBILITIES. Although we can only show the tiniest amount of math to even show an association as far as this is concerned...because I am old and have taken alot of time since my wife died to look...REALLY LOOK at things be it objects of geometry or nature or people or emotions...I have found that the CAUSE AND EFFECT are so vicarious and positioned like an infinite sided dice balanced on the tip of a corner of that die.....that by the slightest cause will effect it to flip to anyone of the infinite sides. He went on to say...for everything that happens...there is a REASON it happens and this applies not only to objects or Quantum Particles but to perception and emotion. He said...guyX and guyZ are jealous that I gave you the assistant job. They feel that they should have your job because they have been here longer and you just arrived. They also think you are White Trash because of your long hair..."I was in a Band Touring."...and I have never told them that you and your family are self made and wealthy. He said...all these things show me that what they think about you and what emotional state they are in because of this self made reality is very much the same for how there must be Infinite Possibilities and not only must there be but without this tenet of Universal Natural Law we could not exist. He then asked me...after he flipped a quarter and it came up heads...."What is the probability that it came up heads?" I was about to say immediately....50/50...but knowing him now...I stopped my mouth from flapping and thought. I then said...100% He smiled a very big smile and said..."NOW you got it! Now you can move on to greater understanding!" He went on and said..."It is like asking...what are the chances that THIS PERSON....and he pointed to an article he had folded to the front of the local Newspaper that showed a Man and a Woman...Husband and Wife who won $117 Million before taxes playing the lottery. I said again...100%! He said..."YES!" He then went on to say...if the probability is calculated upon an individual prior to the Lottery Number being drawn...then such a person would have a better chance getting hit by a bolt of Lightning on a clear day 500 feet underwater in a Sub while wearing Rubber insulating boots and touching nothing! But STILL...this person WON! He went on and we talked about how no matter how many times a person might flip a quarter...before it is flipped...no matter how many flips are performed...say....1 Billion...the probability that after a Half Billion flips where all came up tails...the probability it will be heads next still remained 50/50 for all following flips and this is the same even after 999,999,999 flips turn up tails. His point was...there is no such thing as IMPOSSIBILITY. There is no such thing as Statistical IMPOSSIBILITY. The fact that the couple in the paper had won shows us that THINGS AND EVENTS WILL HAPPEN IF THEY CAN...AND EVEN IF WE CALCULATE THEY CAN'T...THEY STILL FIND A WAY TO OCCUR. He looked at me and said...The reason I chose you was not because you are very good in this field...and definitely not because you are on time or can type or spell well...back then we used ELECTRIC TYPE WRITERS....and I didn't even pick you because of your high IQ or high aptitude scores or previous grades....I picked you because I KNEW that you could understand what we are talking about now. He said...students like guyX and guyZ will never understand this as it goes against their nature. They must have quantitative evidence and mathematical proof. If it does not fit into the box that it has been designated by their own minds to be fit into...they will fight and rip and claw to make it fit. This is because although they are brilliant in the math of things...they don't get that the REAL RULES OF PHYSICS AND THE UNIVERSE....maybe perhaps used to engineer this or design that but...they will think such things to be numbers and quantitative and something that must be assigned a VALUE. Then he said this...something I will NEVER FORGET...the only numbers a person should pay attention to and know quantitatively are the numbers that YOU...YOURSELF HAVE ASSIGNED A VALUE TO. Where one sees the number quantitatively as $150.00...the number of dollars that they spent on a dinner at a place where they first took their future spouse....another like you and I would see the number 2...as in just the two of us...just you and your girlfriend...just me and my wife. And the probability that after spending $150.00 and telling her a bad joke because I was nervous and thinking...Why does this beautiful woman want to be with ME?....and after all this what is the Probability that this chance meeting and date and all that goes along with it in a thousand and more details will result in her being my wife and my being happier than I have ever been? 100% There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBILITY in this Universe...or more aptly...MULTIVERSE. He was a good man...I miss him. Split Infinity
  7. Maybe I have saved you...from yourself. I have always noticed that people who profess to be Poets, Intellects or Enlightened....are not anyone I would want to have a beer with anyways! LOL! A Lingual Theory of Everything? OK...I have it. If it is a sunny day and you are sitting around your pool with a beer in one hand, a smoked BBQ Baby Back Rib in another, good music playing in the back ground, a good friend or very good friend either male or female with you....and one of the two of you say's...You know....this is about as Good as it gets! Well as far as I am concerned...that is talking about EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS! So I suppose...what a person might consider as something as apposed to another who considers the same thing EVERYTHING...is subjective....but still just as INFINITE within that persons value system. Split Infinity
  8. I would just LOVE to read someone talk about GOD in a manner that does not refer to the word GOD as a person, a male or female, an entity, an Alien or having any connection whatsoever to Good or Evil as I find such words and their meanings too subjective as well as whether a person is a relatively..."Good Guy or Gal"....or a Raving Lunatic....or a Murderous Bastard...I find to be conditions of Human Behavior that originate from our Mental and Physical States as well as Driving Instinct as well as Disease. All these conditions or physical or mental states and they can be developed over time by condition, disease, environment, GENETICS...which is the big one...as just about all the things I mention here are created or rooted within the Human Genome...and even...BRAINWASHING...ie...Garnishing Control over another thoughts, decision making abilities and beliefs that extend from the real world to the perception of a Reality that only exists within the Brainwashed individuals mind. So...say a person shoots another dead. Now why did they do it? The possibilities are endless. For protection, for revenge, by accident, due to insanity, due to chemical interference with the Brains decision making abilities or area that allows empathy or regret, Genetic disposition to be violent, childhood abuse...etc...etc...etc... The point is that in anyone of these possibilities...there is a REASON why a person commits what would be considered an EVIL ACT. That reason is one they could be aware of or not. Because of this...it is logically possible to use Gene Therapy and this will be used to a greater and greater extent in the future...to either cure Mental Diseases, Genetic Anomalies, Chemical Dependence, Hormone or other Brain Chemical imbalances....etc...etc...etc.. In ALL CASES...there is a REASON why people do what they do...be it good or what we call EVIL. And just so the people who are overly SELF-RIGHTEOUS that would disagree....the reason why a person DOES A GOOD DEED...and after doing so...FEELS GOOD ABOUT DOING IT....thus they want to do it more...is because once doing such a Good Thing...chemicals and hormones such as Endorphins, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Adrenaline...etc...etc...etc. When a person goes to Church and sings a song or goes to a Religious Rock Concert and throws their head back and holds their arms in the air...and even when a person drops off some old cloths at the Salvation Army Depot...and after doing so feels good....THEY ARE FEELING GOOD BECAUSE THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENS WHEN A CRACK ADDICT SMOKES A PIPE IS HAPPENING TO THEM....a release into the brain of these chemicals. So...just remember...the feeling you get when you drop off some canned goods at a Survival Center or make Baked Goods for a Church Bake Sale...and after doing so and being apart...You Feel Good...the same exact thing is happening in the Mentally Ill Psychopath Who Get's Off Raping and Murdering their Victims...their Brain is being drenched in Chemicals that make both you and them FEEL GOOD. Split Infinity
  9. Pop...just to let you know...not that I am implying anything by saying this...I am just saying...Because of what I sometimes do...my setup is by design...using a Mid-Level Firewall that if a person of some skill could penetrate...they will be allowed and then TAGGED. Once they have been tagged...well...I leave it up to you to guess what happens next. This is not directed at you...it is just informing all. Because my...friend....Mothman...is quite possibly one of the Top 10 Computer Experts Alive...what a person who THINKS they are at the top of the game will be able to see or access...is all smoke and mirrors. Hidden within the smoke...is a GUILLOTINE! LOL! CHOP! Split Infinity
  10. The field you would like to go into is not one for those who are not ready for a challenge and you will spend...YEARS...even if you graduate participating from the bottom up to be able to work and make...A LOT OF MONEY...in a field that is expanding it's knowledge base daily. Now here is the thing...unless you become a Dr. of Medicine...or get a PHD. in either the Biological or Physics end of this...going into such a field without obtaining such Doctorates is like wanting to be a licensed Pilot and just getting a drivers license. Psychology is very subjective and the other fields you speak of are NOT. You will have to take a variety of Psychology classes just to be able to continue study in this chosen field you state but Psychology is very different that learning the Brains Neurotransmitter matrix and chemical precursors. So although necessary...getting good grades in Psychology or a degree is worth about 50 cents and a cup of coffee as far as what you aspire to. I have multiple degrees and I admit I used to LMAO at the way certain Professors would act as far as how serious they took Psychology as well as how they mistakenly think the thoughts and actions of one person will follow a pattern as far as all people. This maybe true of a certain percentage of the population but not all. Split Infinity
  11. After talking to some people about Superconductivity...and how much of a pain it is to have to cool certain materials using Liquid this and that to extremely cold temps. just to get Superconductivity...I started to talk about a Holographic Circuit Board as well as using a method of EM broadcast to send such energy directly to where it was needed without needing such materials. Now there are a few things on the net about such types of Virtual Circuits. My question to the engineering crew here is...not if it possible but how long will it be before it is widely used? Split Infinity
  12. Swansont...I know that Mike has presented some things that cannot be so...especially when he starts talking about Quantum/Macro Scale associations...as I agree with you that his proposed concepts are flawed. But I would ask you to go easy on Mike as he has brought up a few things that do beg for answers to such questions. Now as I have stated...the Quantum World does not act like the Macro...Celestial Body Gravitational model. In fact no one has EVER shown a connection other than all Matter and Energy is comprised of Quantum Particle/Wave Forms. Still...every now and then I find Mikes posts to be able to show me a perspective which allows me to think and develop ideas. Such ideas may not be based upon his theories...but his questions do and have been beneficial...at least so I believe. Split Infinity
  13. Mike! LOL! You really make me smile...and if this was the only thing I knew about you...it would still make me believe that anything you post has value. Of course because of what I sometimes do...it is not the only thing I know about you...but it is all good...well...most of it. Never think my friend...that I wish to force you or anyone into thinking or believing as I do as all I wish is to get people thinking. I think this topic have real merit. I notice we have upgraded to Lightning Strikes! LOL! Split Infinity
  14. I think there is value to your posts. I just think that you are making some assumptions based upon the limitations of what a person can perceive. Any theory to be on a track to becoming valid...must be constructed to take into consideration all possibilities of condition...known and unknown. It is like this in Math as we use a Plus or Minus or add a letter to represent a possibility of value. Without having this within a theory...well...you know. Split Infinity
  15. Mike...Photons or Electrons...whatever...we are talking about Particle/Wave Forms. Photons or Electrons at frequency shows us how such a Wave has such Quanta existing in Non-Linear Time as well as having two or more functions. This shows us that calculation of Quanta...can only show Indeterterminate Value as well as Probability of effect into the infinite. Split Infinity
  16. I am bright eyed and bushy tailed! LOL! Then again...I am fairly certain that there are other versions of me that are not. Split Infinity
  17. LOL! I say this a lot! Although...nothing makes a person feel young like discovering something new! Split Infinity
  18. Mike...your example is a perfect opportunity for me to bring up Chaos Theory and Fractal Patterns. It has been found that even in the most random and unpredictable systems that over time...patterns will present themselves. Split Infinity
  19. It is not your fault but you are not quite getting what I am trying to explain. The reasoning behind why it is so difficult to explain is that we as Humans base all our reasoning and theories upon what our senses and mental abilities...which also use what sensory data can be sent to our brains...are able to perceive. You talk about existing forever...in effect you do as although we experience time in a Linear way...in a Non-Linear way we are eternal. And it's not about winning or losing...it's about discovery. Split Infinity
  20. Ohhh...Mike! Dogs, Ducks and H3! LOL! There is a Theory I have it is called...QUANTUM EVOLUTION...it is the process by which Matter...and all Matter and Energy are made up of Quantum Particle/Wave Forms. Thus this is why it is so important for someone to figure out the UFT....Unified Field Theory because if we understood this....JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING would become possible for us. We could change at will Matter to Energy back to Matter if we wished as well as be able to form...with the aid of some very complex Quantum Computers...just about anything from Energy. You want a bowl of soup...BAM! You want to replicate a product in the millions...as long as you have the energy...which if you understood UFT could be generated from any Matter you might have or just use generated energy and change it into this product again and again and again. Want to Teleport equipment and materials into space, the moon, some where on Earth? Just break down such equipment into energy and beam it to the position desired then reconstruct it at that point. Or perhaps if you flew to MARS...you could just bring such equipment and use the Rock and Sand lying around...convert it to Energy and reform it into the equipment. Human teleportation would be an issue as it is unknown if a person who is converted to energy then beamed to a location where reassembled...would have memory or consciousness of that person. Or such types of Teleportation where BALANCING THE EQUATION is necessary is when the Matter that makes up a person is read into a Quantum Computer and then using Energy or Raw Material at the receiving end...A DUPLICATE of that person is created and if such a Quantum Based System could account for what makes us...us...as in a specific person....the person being read at the point of send would most likely be destroyed. This has massive moral implications as the person on the sending end would be deciding to be killed voluntarily as who would want a duplicate of themselves running around? Well...maybe some people...but if this is the only way to be teleported and you sign on all legal...well...there you go. Anyways...QUANTUM EVOLUTION is the process by which Matter and Energy continually arrange themselves into more and more complex forms....using natural Universal Laws. As example...Fusion. Hydrogen being fused in Helium in the Stars is one form of Quantum Evolution. Supernova...the process by which Heavy Elements are created such as Gold, Uranium...etc...from the explosions of such Supernova. Chemical Reactions...the process by which Molecules are formed. Eventually by using a wide variety of Natural Mechanisms...QUANTUM EVOLUTION....will construct Molecules of such complexity and length...and along with a variety of other conditions also Quantum Based...we get...GENESIS. At this point...Biological Evolution would be the word used...but it is still along the same lines. So Duck, Dog, Time, Space....it is all due to Quantum Mechanics and even the existence of the Macro Universe is due to the Quantum World....BUT THEY DO NOT BEHAVE THE SAME. Split Infinity
  21. I agree with your assessment. It is unfortunate that some would do such things that place a wall in front of certain possibilities pertaining to this topic that should be discussed. But like both you and I agree...it is impossible to do this without others presenting ideas and presenting claims not based upon science and at the very least...Logic. Split Infinity
  22. Mike...I would like you to think about my next statement. We as Humans are limited to our Biological Perceptions with the exception of a very small minority of people. Because of this there are a few things that we assume as we have no other frame of reference other than the MATH to understand the possibilities that we believe as just that...possibilities...where the MATH shows us that they are in fact ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES. Here are a few examples...people see things as having a beginning a middle and an end as far as TIME, SPACE, EXISTENCE and many others. We also have a deep seated need to think that at the point of a CHOICE or CAUSE AND EFFECT....there will be a SINGLE CHOICE MADE, A SINGLE RESULT....and because of this we don't take into consideration that the MATH tells us...if something can happen...IT WILL HAPPEN. And even that answer is based upon a persons understanding that there will be only one outcome after a choice or cause and effect occurs. But when we start looking at QUANTUM MECHANICS...and such things as Quantum Particle/Wave Form Frequency...say a Photon is at a specific frequency thus has a measurable Wave Length...the Photon being a Quantum Particle/Wave Form and as we look at a particular Light Wave Length...a single Photon is existing at all positions of the measurable by distance...Wave Length. This example ALONE...that being a Photon existing at all possible points of position within the Light Wave length IS PROOF POSITIVE that Quantum Particle/Wave Forms at Frequency exist in NON-LINEAR TIME. Therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for a Single Universal Reality to exist in a state of only Linear Time. It is also IMPOSSIBLE for Matter and Energy or even an OBSERVER to exist or OBSERVE if time did not exist. You can't have Matter or Atoms unless there are Electron Orbits that create Quantum Fields that exist in BOTH Linear and Non-Linear Time. The One Great Question that people ask and do not realize that the question they ask they are driven to do so as the Human Mind cannot come to terms with either the reality or the concept of the basis of their question. Everyone at one time asks....SINCE I EXIST...AND THE UNIVERSE EXISTS...WHAT CREATED IT...WHEN WAS IT CREATED...AND WHEN WILL IT END? The reality of such things does not even apply to the parameters of the asked questions but I will attempt to answer. You and the Universe...and Multiverse exist because you HAVE TO. Non-existence is just as likely or unlikely as existence...thus since you and the Universe and most likely...Multiverse exist....existence is the natural order and non-existence is NOT. Since existence is the Natural Order...it is just as unlikely as likely that it exists and thus since there is no Math, Science or Logic that points to it being Created by any entity...a person must come to terms that such existence being the Natural Rule and Law...means that they do not understand that for all of it to exist only generates such questions of a Creator in the Minds of a Being confined to Linear Time...as if they could see and understand things in a Non-Linear way...they would understand such questions are non-applying to the reality. This last statement also applies to when will it end...question. It NEVER ENDS...IT NEVER BEGINS...THERE IS NO MIDDLE OR PRESENT OR PAST.....only existence. Split Infinity
  23. Pop...there are a few theories out there and one is mine...that deals with this very issue you present. If there are more realities or Universal States out there...where are they in relation to our reality and how are they different or the same and what determines our specific reality. Well...some Cosmologist and Physicists have presented the idea that since the vast majority of space between atoms and quantum particles of...is empty...then Universal Realities could be utilizing the same space. Sci-Fi...and the VERY UNFORTUNATE TERM that has become prevalent in it's use by people who wish to appear smart...and this even happens when some Professors use this term...is From another Dimension or Beings from another Dimension...such as is this term used in the Indiana Jones and the Skull movie...and this really frosts my ass. The word Dimension is just a term of Geometry and one could say another Universal Reality...or beings from another Universal Reality...but Another Dimension just means adding some Space/Time Geometry or Dimensionality. What I believe and I think is highly probable is that Divergent Universal Realities are each existing at a different Quantum Vibrationary State which places them out of phase with our Universal Reality. Thus they are not sharing the same Space/Time...nor is it like they exist as Membrane separated Universes in a side by side distance. It is more likely that our Understanding of Space/Time and a Universal States existence is simply above our mental understanding as we Humans have issues dealing with complex forms of existence as we need to afirm such existence in a 3 or 4-D verbal explaination. Split Infinity Mike...here I go again. Probability by it's nature must be calculated by an observer. This fact alone shows us that the only system that can use Probability to describe possibility is a system that the Observer is based in. Thus unless the observer can find access to other systems within their existing system there can not be overall calculations and predictions on anything outside the observers system. Quantum Mechanics may allow the observer in our system to acess the other systems but only those specific to our systems...of Universes Grouping. Any system or Universe outside our Universal Grouping that is apart of another Universal Grouping cannot be accessed. Split Infinity
  24. Moontanman...I have heard and known about the Shark issue for some time and if you remember this was first done with Dolphins but for obvious reasons this was stopped and since people don't seem to have the same love for sharks...this was the next step. Not to anger any MOD but to be honest...I am a bit confused as well as am being very timid in how I post upon this topic. This TOPIC is called UFO...and I would think that talking about all the possibilities of just what UFO's are...and this is a vast amount of possibilities as well as some knowns and many unknowns. What I can't seem to understand is that the MODS feel it is perfectly OK for me to present a post detailing the possible U.S. Military Secret Aircraft angle for an explaination to what the topic first post question asks...but when I might go into more...let's say...EXOTIC explainations and answers to such questions detailing what UFO's maybe...it is NOT OK. I full understand why the MODS want to keep conspiracy theories off this Forum as once that starts it is like opening a gate and what once might be a rational explaination for a possibility within such...EXOTIC explainations...will rapidly become a place for every fringe idea and concept to be posted without any basis in science and logic. Still...with the exception of one of my posts here...I feel I have presented something based upon science, logic and High Probability. Still...this forum is not my show and I will defer to the MODS. Split Infinity
  25. OK...since the name of this topic is UFO...let's talk about that...Unidentified Flying Objects which could be a number of things. The area that this airline had an issue is known to have many sightings of which I am very certain maybe Highly Advanced USAF craft of various construction. Anywhere in the UK airspace there have been many reports of UFO's and especially over the channel. Now the UK has some very important U.S. Military Bases and because of the very close relationship between the UK and the U.S. everything from USAF Stealth Aircraft flying to and from the U.K. usually at night or being refueled by U.K. based KC-135 Tankers as well as being refueled by a Not So Much anymore Top-Secret Stealth Tanker also based in the U.K....which during the very end of the Cold War...were performing Recon-Missions directly over Soviet-Block Eastern European Nations as well as flying over the European area of the then Soviet Union at night without ever being detected. The U.K. is also most probably home to some very advanced U.S. Stealth Recon-Drones as well as Langley operated Armed Attack Stealth Drones as well as the better known Global Hawk and Predators. But it is the small and Stealth Designed Secret Recon-Drones that I think people are encountering or seeing and as it is now known that a Stealth Drone has been made with Light Panels...sort of like the exterior of the craft is a big Hi-Def TV screen that uses cameras to picture what the sky is above the craft and the "TV" screen below the craft show this...it is not a very difficult thing to do but what is tough is to make this happen on the skin of a Drone moving at a good velocity. Since the USAF and Congress as well as the U.S. Dept. of Defense have decided that the Future of Military Aircraft of all types will be ROBOTIC as well as be both Stealthy for Radar...IR-Light and now Visually stealthy...I think there will be alot more of such encounters as has been detailed here. This is just but one aspect of what the realities of UFO's are...there many other possibilities. Split Infinity
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