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  1. reasons why aliens might invade: humans go looking for life on another planet. Occupants think WE are the invaders. They declare war.
  2. "life imitates art"-OSCAR WILDE "death destroys a man, the idea of death saves him" E.M FORSTER
  3. how about a subscription to a cool tech. magazine like maybe 'Popular Mechanics' or something?
  4. i was just wondering... is your work on display in an art gallery or anything?
  5. how about machines? something portable that can be pull apart (slaughtered) and then reconstructed (ressurrected). If any of the parts or mechanisms (bones) are broken, then the machine cannot be rebuilt in the original form. I got the idea from the Shiva sisters in Final Fantasy.
  6. beats the chris hemsworth version nice work with the shadow background...'modern' war hero and ledgendary god, all in one breath.
  7. i think its awsome!!! the wolves as guys...nice. I would have given them spiked collars though... (that would have been MY personal touch) I cant get over your project...I'm starstruck. Dude, you have some serious talent
  8. there is the answer to your question of ethics....YOU CANNOT FORCE SOMEONE TO STAY FOREVER YOUNG!!!! Even the most die hard Alphaville fans might choose to live a natural if not normal life.
  9. A SCULPTURE!!!! are you telling me that somewhere out there there is a sculpture of a snake at the side of the road? Imagine driving and looking out of your window to see that
  10. i think the whole idea is a bit shallow. i think the 'designer' baby's freedom of choice would be compromised. we are born with certain features like the colour of our eyes. As far as we know, it was not our choice, blame science, god, fate, whatever... When the baby grows up if he doesn't like his brown eyes he can CHOOSE to wear contacts which changes his eye colour to blue. Why should that decision be made for him. What if the kid likes brown eyes and finds out that his eyes were made blue by his mom because SHE felt it was cute.
  11. random person: would you like to live for a 1000 years me: No i guess the whole 'not aging' thing would be okay if whatever process it is that is developed to stop aging is availabe to everyone, no matter who they are or we would end up in a situation like the one in the movie 'in time'. i don't think humans were meant to live forever. it is not natural. we would lose humanity. (would it make us less human?) In the words of E.M Foster 'death destroys a man, the idea of death saves him'.
  12. nope, science did not dupe you. We are 'social animals' and rules serve as a guide so we don't end up in total chaos. imagine a city with no rules, no laws, no police force. now add to that equation banks, stores, drugs and guns. discarding rules would be like trashing the corner stones of civilization.
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