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  1. So...what exactly is your point? Split Infinity
  2. Since Gravity is an expression of One Dimensionality or Singularity within our Multidimensional Space/Time...and that every single dimensional state that exists and comprises our Universal Space/Time reality is connective and governed to an extent with each and every other existing Space/Time Dimensional State... ....the OBJECT AT REST is generating it's own Gravity Well and also being at a STATE OF RELATIVE REST....as NOTHING in our Universe is STATIC...it is also effected by Gravity being generated by our Planet and all other existing celestial bodies and dark matter in our Universe. Split Infinity
  3. I agree with your statements and in particular your reference to how certain Vegan...Meat is Murder groups judging by this slogans argument. Split Infinity
  4. It is difficult to explain. In effect I am saying that I believe that an object that is FALLING...is not in a conventional state of MOTION. I think that a conventional Force...such as EM or Kinetic...is necessary to Force an object into motion. An object that is Effected by Gravity is not moving in a conventional sense but rather is EXISTING at infinite points of position along it's line of Fall dependent and observable by the passage of linear time. Split Infinity
  5. My statements detailing a person being killed QUICKLY by Solar and Cosmic Radiation...and I did not even go into Solar Flares...were replies to being on Mars as it was Terraformed...as well as being aboard the ISS without the benefit of Radiation Shielding. In both cases without protection a person would quickly be dead. Now I said something to the nature of...What good is an atmosphere if a planet has no magnetic field so a person would have to wear a protective suit? Without a magnetic field Solar and Cosmic Radiation would breakdown the atmosphere being created probably close to...at or to a greater extent and rate than such an atmosphere could be created. As well people would have to wear protective shielding even with an atmosphere and in the event of Solar Flares...well...Forget It! As far as Earth's magnetic field failing...the atmosphere would protect us for a period but as such things as the Ozone Layer decayed as well Solar and Cosmic Radiation would cause Atmospheric Warm Up...which would have incredible potential to create destructive reactions. Crops would die off and so would life in our oceans. It would be just a matter of 5 to 10 years before Humanity would face mass deaths by starvation, radiation based cancer and disease and mutation. Animal life would be impacted immediately as birds and ocean life depend upon the magnetic fields for orientation. Anyway you look at this the Earth would be dying. Split Infinity The Earth's Magnetic Field deflects Solar Wind which is comprised of High Energy Particles...mostly Protons and Electrons...which are generated by our Sun. Also Earth's Magnetic Field deflects Cosmic Rays which are also High Energy Particles of both Mass and Energy. The Cosmic Rays specific to energy are at the X-Ray and above upon the EM Spectrum . The particles of mass are mostly Protons. Split Infinity
  6. Human Beings are Top Predators. Our bodies are designed specifically to out distance any prey on Earth and although our bodies cannot out swim a Dolphin...the record for how long a Human can hold their breath underwater is close to that of a Dolphin. If it were not a fact that the African Jungles turned into grassy savannas...which caused the forced evolution by natural selection of Tree Climbing Human Ancestors to walk upright as to be able to see predator and prey over distances of these savannas...which allowed us to hunt more efficiently and by taking in large amounts of animal protein Humans were able to develop a large complex brain...we would still be eating plants swinging out of trees. Now it is NATURAL for Human Beings to eat Animal Flesh as well as eat a wide variety of Plant Matter. Our bodies are evolved to eat these things and since IT IS A NECESSITY for developing children to consume Animal Fats and Proteins as well that such Fats and Proteins are a necessity for developing bones and muscles...for anyone to say Humans don't need to eat animal based proteins and fats is ridiculous. An adult can be on a Vegan diet that allows at the very least either dairy, eggs or fish as a true all plant matter Vegan diet without any of these three within it is not healthy as there are some aspects of animal based Fatty Acids which are readily available from consumption of fish. Supplements can be taken as well as many needed proteins and fats can be gotten by consuming specific plants...but studies have shown this does not have the same benefits as getting them from animal sources. Split Infinity
  7. Tar...although I abhor violence I am a person who is both trained and capable of extreme acts of violence. In my opinion...if I am on a...JOB...and the situation spirals into violent actions...I have not done my...JOB...correctly. It is a reality of our world that people will KILL for a wide range of reasons and although I would prefer it if such KILLING did not take place...sometimes there is no other course. Now some might say...There is ALWAYS another course or another way to prevent KILLING...but such WAYS tend to be of a nature where if a person or group is not terminated...this inaction will cause the deaths of others or perhaps...MANY OTHERS...and in most of these instances the people that are KILLED for the purpose of saving others know full well what they are involved with and are in no way...INNOCENT. I will tell you this now from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE...The most violent and dangerous of all such people...are those who KILL in the name of a GOD or RELIGION. No other group of people is so unpredictable, violent, willing to die to KILL others, willing to KILL INNOCENTS to make a point in some warped concept of doing so in GOD'S NAME or considering themselves as THE HAND OF GOD and such people are not just confined to Middle East Terrorist Groups...but exist right in the U.S. and have jobs, go to PTA Meetings, are members of local churches or other religious institutions and justify such actions as being a method to protect their children, their Religious Rights and their way of life. Now if I am brought in on a...JOB...it is because all other methods have failed to resolve the issue and I am brought in to convey the message that unless the person or group in question can come to a brokered agreement that I am charged with structuring...as well as let them know this is the last effort that will be made...then OTHER forceful and decisive actions will take place to force their compliance or end the issue once and for all. When I work with other people or groups that are not of the nature of Religion Specific in their cause...I have an almost 100% success rate where EVERYONE gets to go home and live their lives. When I am brought in to a...JOB...where the issue is being created by people or groups RELIGION SPECIFIC...my success rate is MUCH LOWER. I hate this being a fact and if it was possible I would REFUSE to do...JOBS...that involved such people or groups. But since a high percentage of issues demanding a FIX are created by such people and groups...to deal with them is inevitable. So if you are asking me where I would...DRAW THE LINE? I would draw the line at a point before anyone could hurt anyone else. The problem is...I AM NOT THE ONE DRAWING THE LINES...and even if I did...these people would be right there with an eraser and pencil removing my drawn line and creating another line at a point where they are comfortable going so far. Split Infinity
  8. This is true...but since those women who have a lessor physiological ability to prevent their womb environment being effected in this manner will tend to either loose the fetus or have such a fetus born Homosexual and thus not reproduce...such traits will not be passed down and those women who's womb environment is less effected will have children that will reproduce....this is NATURAL SELECTION IN ACTION...thus EVOLUTION. So it still all comes down to Genetic Predisposition. Split Infinity I have been saying since I first posted upon this topic that I am CERTAIN that the Negative Feelings that I encounter upon viewing Male Homosexual Behavior...and it is not all behavior just behavior sexual in nature such as 2 Men French Kissing...etc...is due because of a Genetic Predisposition SPECIFIC TO MY HETEROSEXUALITY. Now I am sure that to some extent such feeling might be generated to a certain degree by the Cultural stigma associated with Male Homosexuality...but since I support Gay Rights and Gay Marriage...as well I feel it is not my place or any others or group or government to tell a person or couple of any sexual orientation what they can or cannot do sexually or dictate what constitutes Marriage. And even though I am disgusted when viewing 2 Men French Kissing and I am not comfortable around Homosexual couples expressing sexuality...I support their rights to do so and feel their Negative Reactions upon viewing WOMEN in a state of sexual arousal or women and men expressing sexuality...IS JUST AS NORMAL AS MY NEGATIVE FEELINGS VIEWING MALE HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY. So I REJECT your statements declaring that for a person such as myself to have Negative Feelings upon viewing Male Homosexual Sexuality. Split Infinity
  9. I take exception to part of your second paragraph above. Your stated reason above for why Gravity accelerates objects of differing masses equally is...and I quote..."This is because the inertial and gravitational mass are the same."....end quote. I am fairly certain that the reason why objects of differing masses appear to accelerate at the same rate is that due to Gravitational Effect being an Expression of One Dimensionality...the point of existence of any object or particle or particles of...regardless of it's mass...has it's very Existence determined at Infinite Positions along it's path of Fall dependent upon the passage of linear time. So depending upon the quantity of mass...and in this case that of a Celestial Body...will determine the extent of Space/Time curvature specific to a One Dimensional State. The extent of the Space/Time curvature will determine at what point in Linear Time Passage as well as at what point along the line of fall...the object of mass will exist. As the closer to the Gravity Well exists the Falling Object...is the Greater the extent of Space/Time curvature or Greater the EFFECT of GRAVITY...the objects existence will manifest at an accelerated rate within this linear time passage. This is also true for Gravity's EFFECT upon Quantum Particle/Wave Forms such as Photons or Light. Even though Light travels at 186,282 miles per second at a constant...the Warping or Curvature of Space/Time generated by Gravitic Effect will cause Light or Photons to travel at Light Speed along the Curvature of such Space/Time. So it is possible to have Light traveling at 186,282 miles per second upon a path that would take it past a point perpendicular to another point in Space/Time at a distance of .7 Million km....without such Light altering it's course....but if Light traveling a similar course perpendicular to a point .75 Million km...which is .05 Million km greater in distance to the Radius of our SUN...and if this Lights course was to travel perpendicular to the center point of our Sun at a distance from the Suns center of .75 Million km and this course is plotted for such Light to pass perpendicular to this center point and at a distance above the Solar surface of .05 Million km...the EFFECT OF GRAVITY or the Warping of Space/Time by the Suns mass will not only cause the Light to travel along the curvature of this warped Space/Time but actually cause this passing Light or Photons to ACCELERATE as if Falling towards the Solar surface. Split Infinity
  10. Here is just one link of many...http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2002/nov/10/science.research Split Infinity
  11. I am not saying this...at least I do not believe I am saying this! LOL! What I am trying to detail is that it may be possible that an Object Falling is not in the same state as an Object being FORCED into motion by EM or Kinetic Means. I am starting to think that a Falling Object is not in an actual state of motion at all but rather in a TRANSIENT STATE OF EXISTENCE which can be both observed and determined as to it's existence and the position it is existing dependent upon the passage of linear time. The Falling Object is EXISTING at infinite points of position along the line of it's fall and it's existence at all these infinite points along this line is specific to Gravitational Warping of Space/Time in a manner that is consistent and expressing a One Dimensional State of Effect. Split Infinity
  12. And this is fine. I personally would not recommend not eating Fish...and if I remember...you are eating this way for Health Issues...perhaps to lower fat and bad cholesterol? Still...you are not advocating SHOOTING HUNTERS! LOL! As many Veganazi's and this is not true of most Vegan's...as I for a LONG TIME...would only eat Plant matter, Fish, Dairy and no eggs. I would eat Venison as it is super low in fat and ultra high protein. I was part of a special Deer Hunt around a very large Reservoir. This hunt was by special permit given by a lottery system. The problem was there was such a large Deer population in Massachusetts and especially around this body of water as there were so many deer that they were starving in winter and eating young trees and stripping the bark off trees near the water. This tree death was causing erosion of soil now unheld to the banks of the reservoir as the trees were dead...and to prevent such issues they held a special hunt which they keep on holding due to the still very large deer population. As I drove my vehicle with a friend who also obtained a permit...into the reservoir main entrance...I was surprised to see all sorts and numbers of people holding signs at the gate chanting and shouting at hunters driving in. The signs were painted Blood Red with such tripe as MURDERER! HUNTERS = DEATH BAMBI KILLER! GIVE THE DEER A GUN!...etc. The truck in front of me had a balloon filled with Blood Red Paint thrown at it and as it hit the Hunters truck it exploded splattering red paint all over the windshield and hood. The Hunter got out of the truck yelling and he was hit upon his Orange Vest with another paint filled balloon. The State Police and the Metro Police...Metro is specific to the reservoir...were right there and they went after the people who threw the paint balloons as well as held back the FURIOUS hunter. I had to wait 30 minutes right there before I could get in and I could not turn around as there were vehicles behind me as this was a very regimented hunt. This kind of violent protest only infuriates those who are responsible for providing 100% of all money used for Wildlife Conservation...as 100% of all money paid for permits and licenses are used for this purpose in my state. Split Infinity
  13. Just thinking of what your above post is saying...I thought of this. I am beginning to think that Motion or an Object in Motion can exist in various states...those being... 1...An Object FORCED into Motion by either Kinetic Transfer or EM Attraction or Repulsion. 2...A Falling Object EFFECTED into an apparent state of Motion due to Gravity. Now at first one would think the two objects in the same state...that being a state of Motion. But I think that the two objects are in fact in very different states. In #1...the object is FORCED into motion and the Electron Orbital Fields that surround the Atoms that make up this object...whether the Electron Orbits are unfilled thus an Electromagnet could attract the object by an EM Force or if the Magnetic Poles of an object were aligned with the same of another...the object would be Repelled by an EM FORCE into Motion. Or if the object was struck by another object...thus the Electron Orbital Fields surrounding the Atomic Nucleus' of the Atoms making up the two objects would repel one another and the Kinetic Energy of one object would transfer to the other object FORCING it into a state of motion. In #2...the object does not encounter any Electromagnetism. It is not struck by another object so there is no Kinetic Energy Transfer thus no Kinetic Based FORCE placing it in a state of motion. There is OBVIOUSLY no Atomic Force involved and yet...IT FALLS. I propose that the state of a FALLING OBJECT is not the same state of an OBJECT FORCED INTO MOTION. The Falling Object is existing at infinite points of position along the line of it's fall dependent upon Linear Time. This concept is specific to Gravity being an aspect or Expression of One Dimensionality created by any Mass and as in the case of a celestial body such as Earth...the greater the mass the greater the EFFECT of GRAVITY. Since all Dimensional States...regardless if our Universal Dimensionality and Space/Time is 10 or 11 or 26...etc...each individual state of dimensionality is a part, specific, associated, interconnected, effected, governed and EXPRESSED with and within all individual states of dimensionality as they exist as a cumulative geometric construct of our reality. So since we know that the ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF ONE DIMENSIONALITY in our Universe is a Black Hole or SINGULARITY...and this is achieved after a MATTER QUANTITY THRESHOLD has been exceeded to cause one Star in a Binary Stellar System that is eating it's companion star until at such a point as the star eating the companion obtains enough matter at a position in Space/Time to COLLAPSE into a state of SINGULARITY OR ONE DIMENSIONALITY. Since this can be seen to occur at one end of Matter Quantity Threshold before a Black Hole is created by Gravitic Compression...calculations for One Dimensional Expression in lessor Matter Quantity States exist...allowing us to know exactly how great is the Expression of Singularity or how great is the EFFECT OF GRAVITY when X-Amount of Mass exists at a position. So I think it might be a reality that a FALLING OBJECT might not be in an actual state of Motion but rather in a CHANGING STATE OF EXISTENCE DEPENDENT AND OBSERVABLE UPON THE PASSAGE OF LINEAR TIME AT INFINITE POINTS OF POSITION UPON THE LINE OF IT'S FALL. Just a thought. Split Infinity
  14. Ed...do you eat Fish, Eggs or Dairy? Split Infinity You know...if what you just posted was what Vegan Activists were all about I would have no issues with them. The problem is that some Vegan Activists go way beyond this and are against ANYONE having the right to eat animal flesh. Now I certainly would not tell another person what they can or cannot eat as far as a diet...unless a strict Vegan Diet is forced upon a developing child as this is dangerous...but I cannot agree with a person telling another adult that they cannot eat meat. Split Infinity It is important to note that Factory Farming and Slaughter of Animals is not at all healthy either for the animals or the people that eat such animals. Still...this unto itself is not justification for some to consider Human Consumption of Animal Flesh as immoral. Humans are omnivorous and we have evolved to eat both plant and animal. The Vegan counterpoint is that everything our body needs can be obtained by eating plant matter. Well...one could survive doing so and many quite well...but this is not true of all people...especially the very young and elderly. There is also a marked difference in the health of a person who goes on a Vegan Diet where eggs, fish and dairy are allowed to a diet where they are not allowed. Also multitudes of studies have shown long term adherence to such a strict vegan diet causes low bone mass and density...low muscle density...issues specific to concentration and higher rates of mental illness...as well as such persons increasing their risk to a variety of diseases specific to such a diet. While there are MANY health benefits to a Vegan Diet...these benefits are specific to a Vegan Diet that allows the consumption of eggs and dairy at the very least and fish consumption is recommended. Split Infinity
  15. I have posted about this before on another related topic. Although a person who eats a non-strict Vegan Diet...that being...eating Plant matter along with Fish, Eggs and Dairy...will gain benefits of such a Low Fat diet...Vegan Diets that do not include Fish, Eggs and Dairy tend to be unhealthy. Multitudes of studies have shown when a person who eats ONLY PLANT MATTER...such a people on average have many health issues specific to such a diet and even when all possible supplements or plants specific for Protein and Calcium intake are available...Heath risks still present themselves. I for one see no issue in a person consuming Animal Flesh although I feel it to be important for us to be able to solve the many issues of Factory Slaughter Houses and Antibiotic/Growth Hormone/Steroid Drips used to increase output and choice meat sizes in animals. Being a Hunter I have a deep respect for animal life and feel that to Harvest the Flesh of an Animal for Human Consumption is a SACRED EVENT. As well...if children understood what an animal is sacrificing for that kids burger and chicken nuggets to be on a plate...Food Waste would be dramatically cut. Split Infinity
  16. You should take a look at how long Life on Earth would survive in the even Earth Magnetic Field Collapsed. It is NOT a very long time...and if such a thing happened it would be considered an Extinction Level Event for ALL LIFE on the Earth Surface all the way down tens of meters deep. Even with Earth's Atmosphere...Solar and Cosmic Radiation...never mind Solar Flares...would penetrate our Atmosphere well enough to kill us all if we were not shielded. Shielding itself would not even be sufficient during high solar flare activity and atmospheric Warm Up would be a disaster. Split Infinity
  17. Were all going to go...I prefer to do so after eating a very thick Porterhouse Steak...with a salad...just to keep the Vegans Happy! LOL! Split Infinity...p.s...You can't Grill it...Till you Kill It.
  18. What good is having an atmosphere if a person cannot walk around the surface of Mars without a shielded suit? Even with an atmosphere without proper protection Solar and Cosmic Radiation would Microwave your body to a state of...VERY DEAD...in short order. Split Infinity Ed...if the ISS was not properly shielded and even if the astronauts did not encounter any massive Solar Flares...they would be ZAPPED DEAD without such shielding very quickly. Split Infinity
  19. It all comes down to three possibilities...of which two have very little logic. 1. Behavior towards another's sexual orientation is Genetic in it's nature. 2. Is a result of experience and culture. 3. Is a result of Biochemistry driven by outside chemical induction. #2 and #3 are highly unlikely as being either sole reasons. #1 and #2 are more likely as a combination greater in possibility than the combination of #1 and 3# or #2 and #3. Even though experiences and culture can play a major role ones Genetic disposition will determine to what degree. Split Infinity Split Infinity
  20. You know...I find it ridiculous that people spend so much time working out studies and ratios to determine such things as is discussed here. In the end...all living things become food for something else and that includes us. I think we should spend more time and money working on ways to keep our livestock healthy and antibiotic, growth hormone, steroid, parasite and chemical pollution free...rather than waste time in some comical crusade to try to get people to become Vegans. First of all...until the day we understand the UFT...Unified Field Theory...which would allow the existence of Food Replicators using Energy to Matter interchange...and yes...just like on Star Trek...people are still going to be cutting into a nice Porterhouse Steak. Such Vegan activism would be best spent on trying to get Livestock Farmers to do so in an ethical and humane manner which is better for the animals as well as better for us. Split Infinity
  21. Mars already has a lot of Water Ice just below the surface and this has been seen bubbling out and freezing from within Impact Craters upon the Martian Surface. The problem with attempts to Terraform Mars is that Mars no longer has the ability to generate a Magnetic Field and such fields like the one Earth generates...are responsible for protecting the planet and any life or atmosphere or water on a planet. Mars lost it's at one time vast oceans to Solar and Cosmic Radiation that burned off those oceans as a result of a lack of a protective magnetic field. Any attempts at developing a Martian Atmosphere or developing large surface lakes of water would be a failure as without a protective magnetic fields such atmosphere and water would again be lost due to such radiation. Even if a way to continually regenerate an atmosphere or waters upon Mars were possible...Life would be killed off due to radiation and a Human Being would last but a very short time on a Martian surface with such radiation bombardment. Split Infinity
  22. What I find interesting is that it is known that a Human Clone that let's say is brought to term and birthed from a Human Female after a Fertilized Egg that will develop into that Clone of a specific person...that Clone will be Physiologically Identical to the person from which it's DNA is derived from. Now this happens close to the same when Identical Twins are born as a single egg is fertilized by a single sperm and early on it splits into two cell groups producing two children with 100% identical DNA. Some identical twins are called MIRROR TWINS as they are Mirror Images of each other as one is left handed the other right and as well even their FINGERPRINTS are mirror images of each other. So in a case of a Human Clone...the child would be...in a true Clone...100% Identical DNA. The point of interest to me is...since who a person is has as much to do with their Genetics as it has with their Upbringing or Condition...just how CLOSE will a Clone act and behave and have traits to the person they were Cloned from? If a Cloned child was placed in almost identical environments as the person who was cloned...although this could never be at 100% identical...just how close to the same person Mentally could a clone become? Split Infinity
  23. Your statement just got me thinking about Mikey's original Topic....that being his development with a Lingual Theory of Everything. In order to EXPLAIN something we Humans need REFERENCE POINTS....just like how we need 6 Points to locate a Hidden Star under the conditions I have described...over many...many...MANY....MAAANNNYYY....posts of late on this topic. So in order for us to develop a description of EVERYTHING....we need to use REFERENCE POINTS or something that the reader can use in order for them to orient themselves as to what is being discussed. So I would think EVERYTHING would need an awful lot of points of reference to describe. Split Infinity
  24. Such imbalances be they a direct result of a persons Genetic predisposition to have them or the introduction of Chemical elements to cause changes on a Genetic Level via mutation...is still Genetic in it's nature. As far as to your second statement...can you provide examples that would detail otherwise? As far as being...Emotional? LOL! I would...an...answer that bu...bu...but I am too broken up after reading your assertion. LOL! Split Infinity
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