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  1. This short video details the idea of a nuclear saltwater rocket. This rocket is pretty much a continuous nuclear explosion propelling the space craft. The vid is short and informative not to mention wild! Should development of such an engine be pursued? 


  2. Just now, StringJunky said:

    What were they thinking?!  Mind you, the arming keys to the UK nuclear bombs  in the 50's or 60's were kept in a key cupboard in an office on the airbase....

    I think it was a macho thing to toy with something so powerful in front of students... 

  3. 27 minutes ago, Bufofrog said:

    Pretend I don't want to watch a youtube video, what is the demon core?

    Sorry Bufofrog, I did say it killed two scientists, but yes as StringJunky said it was a plutonium nuclear bomb core meant for use in an atomic to be dropped on Japan but it wasn't needed and was used to experiment on neutron reflectors. Hands on experiments stopped after this... 

  4. 11 hours ago, Bartholomew Jones said:

    Yeah you're right.  Sorry.  But I'm staunchly non-darwinian.  Sorry about that.

    Your denial of Darwin is meaningless considering Evolution is a fact supported by mountains of evidence. If someone were staunchly non Heliocentric theory would you still respect their views? You are wrong, your stance on science shows us you lack the expertise to even discuss the topic of trace elements. 

    Until you produce lab results that list the trace elements that are lacking you are wasting our time and yours. Trace elements is not some box you can just dump out, there are many trace elements, some minor and some major, some are used by all plants and some by just a few. Talking using scientific terms while denying science itself shows to me you are at best simply ignorant of your problem and just trying to use some catch all terms to excuse poor harvests or at worst you are a troll...   

    Oh and BTW scientists know they don't know everything, if they did they'd stop.. 

  5. 1 hour ago, michel123456 said:

    It looks like The Most Famous Artist from Santa-Fe is the author of the first one.


    I'm not sure I buy that, the one in Utah seemed a lot bigger, two men standing beside it are what I am using to gauge it's size. 

  6. 15 hours ago, Bartholomew Jones said:

    I don't go about it too scientifically.  My theory, if you will, is the more you diversify, directly, and through composting--for example, different selections of moss, tree hummus and fungi fruit bases (mushrooms), from the woods, the richer your soil.

    Science gives me a fresh, temporary, view into it.  Even if I don't quite get it, nature is assymetric; whether science is right or not, and whether I accept or reject the particular principle, nature rewards me.  There's an old story among the ancient Hebrews about the man Jacob before his name was changed to Israel how nature rewarded him similarly with flocks.

    I have to ask "If you are not going about it scientifically "how do you know if any trace elements are missing and why are you asking questions on a science site"? You are simply using your own opinion and you are welcome to that but that is meaningless in a discussion like this. 

  7. 2 hours ago, CharonY said:

    One should add that one can get high quality soil rather easily. A lot of things you introduce, e.g. volcanic soil or other fertilizers are rather rich in trace elements. While nitrogen can be fixed by some plants (in conjunction with bacteria, which is the basic idea of crop rotation), phosphorus tends to be the limiting factor in large-scale agriculture. 

    The other thing to consider is of course yield. A plant might grow and produce crop, but one might get much less than with proper fertilization. And of course there is the difference between aiming for self-sustenance or large-scale production to feed everyone.

    Yes, hence my lava rock flour, of course i was growing cacti and some required some aragonite as well. Aragonite is useful when breeding and growing out turtles as well..   

    3 hours ago, Bartholomew Jones said:

    Cover crops are a good way to enrich the soil.  I usually let as much "competing" vegetation come up with my crop as possible.  It works well in place, for example, of tomato stakes; and the alleged competition is negligible if not nil.  It tends to balance the place out.  For example, theres more roughage for the rabbit before he finds my carrots.

    Did you know alfalfa is a kind of clover?

    No I did not know that, thanks for the tip. Do you have lab assays that pinpoint the trace elements you are lacking in your soil? 

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