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  1. 3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    "Arguably" we as a species, have reached a certain level of intelligence. Certainly if we were being visited by any Alien ETL, they would be far higher up the intelligence ladder. Considering that, I am rather convinced that if we were being visted by Aliens, they would recognise our level of intelligence, and would not need to approach us or Earth in such a mysterious manner. I am convinced they would make themselves known...Instead of buzzing and/or landing in some backwood territory, and anal probing some poor individual, they would instead make themselves more known, and make their presence official and land in the lawns of the White House, or if they preferred VB, on the court of the Sydney Opera House, or government house in Canberra.

    If I remember correctly that was one reason why J. Allen Hynek was considering the "Parallel Universe Hypothesis"  say that that could explain how they do seem to flit in and out of existence but it doesn't really explain much more than aliens or magic really. 

    3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    I don't accept that they would just be continually flittering in, then flittering out again, creating turmoil and indecision amongst us poor humans, based on the above reasoning.

    I don't think they would be agressive or beligerent as they would be scientifically advanced and not really want of anything, as anything found on Earth could be also found throughout the Universe...

    Almost certainly true but if intelligence is rare then we might be more interesting than we think.  

    3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    I certainly don't accept the analogy of comparing Aliens and their advanced technology, to ourselves, to  that often reference of us [humans] to say ants on an anthill.

    It should be noted that we study ants quite closely and even try to influence them by using their own communication methods, ie pheromones. 

    3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    Examining this phenomena more, we are fairly certain that there is no other intelligent life anywhere within our solar system, so any Alien visitation would need to have crossed many light years of space to reach us and through many other stellar systems with many other planets. In essence, the two major barriers between intelligent Alien contact and us would be time and distance.

    I really don't think we can necessarily assume that, I've even seen some ideas from real scientists about this and they were interesting at least, both slow boat colonization of objects in the outer solar system by aliens and even previous civilizations from Earth have been suggested. This has a name, the "Silurian Hypothesis"  Not a serious suggestion really but it highlights the limits of our knowledge. 

    3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    In saying that, and in understanding that we do not have any evidence of any life existing off this Earth as yet, I personally believe that we are not alone and that out there species exist in various forms, and at various levels of evolutionary intelligence.

    I waffle back and forth on this, our own rise to "Glory" involved some amazing coincidences, then again intelligence is strongly selected for in evolution and arguably has occurred several times in the history of the Earth from octopus to dolphins to elephants intelligence seems to have some real survival benefits. Technology is not unknown either, from birds to octopus to dolphins some primitive tool use is not unknown either. Use of fire seems to be limited AFAWK to hominids but several species of us have used it as well. 

    3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    But as one of the greatest visionaries of our time said, "Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence" Carl Sagan.

    Yes, this is true, I have often wondered if this bogs us down sometimes but I see no real way around it. 

    3 minutes ago, beecee said:

    Finally I would like to say that the two greatest wishes I have in my life and what's left of it before I kick the bucket, is that evidence for some life off this Earth is finally found, and that man has finally set foot on Mars and returned safely.


    Me too, a cancer scare this year kinda made me wonder if I would be around much longer to see these whishes answered. 

    3 minutes ago, swansont said:

    Can you provide a quote?

    I think you’re reading more into the article than what’s there.

    “There are a lot more sightings than have been made public,” he told host Maria Bartiromo. “Some of those have been declassified.”
    “And when we talk about sightings,” Ratcliffe continued, “we are talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain.”
    “Movements that are hard to replicate that we don’t have the technology for. Or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.”
    You are correct, this is where I got it. 
  2. 13 minutes ago, Phi for All said:

    The most reasonable explanation is the US military making it all up in order to keep appropriations focused on support against this potential threat. It would also explain how this technology is supposed to exist but nobody has used it to gain the upper hand in the last several decades.

    Maybe the technology is more about making radar see things that aren't true. But then you have those pesky eyewitnesses. 

    I'd give you a plus but evidently my ability to do that has passed the daily limit. I'm not sure I would believe it if the military admitted aliens were anal probing rednecks because they can. I think it will be interesting to see what happens, I really think it will go away or simply be classified but this will be telling. To me this would suggest the military is making it up. 

    It would be extremely cool if it turned out to be some sort of natural phenomena all along! 

    Did anyone check out this link in the article? 


    I'm not sure who this guy is, SwansonT you might be able to answer that better than me. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, swansont said:

    If they can’t identify them, they can’t restrict the possibilities 

    Good point but the process of elimination has been used to limit what they can be unless as the article states the military knows and is not telling. Still doesn't make them alien of course but the real question here is does the military know or not. It has come to the military having to officially lie to congress/public or tell the truth, I think they will lie. The trick will be trying to figure out which they are doing. 

  4. On 12/5/2020 at 12:58 PM, VenusPrincess said:

    If you believed something was true, but also knew that others would be demoralized and angry at you for sharing that truth, should you stay quiet or lie about it instead?

    Is there a difference between not telling something and lying to hide it? My brother outed me to my elderly mother, a extreme fundie christian, as an atheist. There was no good reason to do so other than his own peevish need to try and hurt me. My mom immediately confronted me, and I do mean confronted, and has caused a huge rift between us, not to mention several other family members, for three years. She is in her 80s and in poor health, I was too taken aback to think about whether or not to lye and choose to tell the truth. 

    I have wondered for sometime if I made the wrong decision, my stance on god was not a big deal to me but to her it was devastating and results in me hearing her beg me to believe to avoid hell every time we talk. An intolerable situation that should never have happened and the truth hurt people in both directions.  

    On 12/6/2020 at 1:06 PM, Dr.Amateur said:

    Depends on the person lied to and the person lying.

    Sadly I think I may have to agree with that. 

    On 12/6/2020 at 1:43 PM, StanPon said:

    Not the Furum that I would expect this question in.
    The answer is no, in my opinion. Bad things happen. Truth is good and bad. We cannot always control evils, but we can at least control the truth.

    Not always, sometimes others control the truth and use it to cause harm. 

    On 3/17/2021 at 10:19 PM, Firebirdy said:

    I don't think people should lie for the greater good because I don't think lying for the greater good exists. Lying is for people who don't have a completely strong conscience because they're corrupt. Lying is just another form of corruption, not justice. Lying is for selfish and/or opportunistic power, not justice. It's why justice is not common at all. It's why wars, systemic racism, systemic classism, systemic sexism, systemic ableism, other systemic things, social credit systems, re-education camps, concentration camps disguised as public schools for children, anti-intellectual propaganda disguised as political correctness, feminazis disguised as feminists, misogyny, misandry, rape, patriarchal stockholm syndrome, stockholm syndrome in general, sexist double standards that abuse the people in the court rooms because of confirmation bias that treats women and men differently based on their biological sex rather than focusing on hard facts, and other things continue to exist because of lying. Honesty helps people have accurate thinking, but lying is corruption that keeps people in the dark from what is really happening. Lying is what caused the people to be cynical and not trust anyone. A lot of people have a hard time dealing with hard facts and brutal honesty enough as it is. If someone were to say that lying is for the greater good, then I would think that they're a psychopath, sociopath, or a person with a weak conscience. Because if I detected a person lying to me to not hurt my feelings, then I wouldn't trust them with my life at all. I would rather be alone and in pain than live with corrupt delusions in my head because I would rather not have my intelligence be insulted from lying.

    Yeah, the jeans make you look fat. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, Phi for All said:

    It could be aliens, in which case, as the article points out, this hang-back-and-observe approach is a LOT more preferable than the Spanish Conquistador approach, and could suggest they aren't violent.

    It could be the US military, pretending not to know what's going on as a security measure. Not likely, but not a huge risk either. We'd certainly forgive them if it meant strategic aerial dominance. And they don't seem to be using the technology in an unethical way....

    It could be someone else's military, which is where the scary comes in. There are a few contenders, but normally building something like an aircraft capable of the stunts some of these UFOs pull is more difficult to hide than the planes themselves. Our satellites are pretty good at showing what foreign facilities do. Again though, the technology isn't being used violently.

    It could be a private company, which is also scary, just because of the wealth and focus private enterprise can bring to bear. Private interests are usually profit oriented, and other than selling to the military, what profit is there in aircraft that run circles around what the military has? 

    Or it could be non-human but still from Earth, the most unlikely. A non-technological flyer we've never found evidence of. It reminds me of the joke about the three-legged chicken, raised for the extra drumstick, but nobody knew what they taste like because nobody could catch one.

    I was listening to the three legged chicken joke the other day, Dom Deluise on Carson I think. I think the military gas lighting the media is most likely, possibly the sightings are part of training programs of some sort. Some of the evidence is mostly electronic in nature which lends it's self well to this type of thing. The kicker is the supposed demands by the gov for the military to reveal exactly what is going on by june or july. If that happens I'll eat my hat, the military admitting to not being able to control the airspace around their own equipment would be quite an admission. 

    I think it was J. Allen Hynek, an early sceptic and employee of the USAF's UFO "investigation" Project Blue Book, who in his later years before his death was talking about some sort of "interdimensional" or "parallel" universe hypothesis as to the origin of the objects and or lights. It may or may not be telling he died of brain cancer. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    I will do it in your topic, mine you already littered to the limit, have a conscience

    I littered your topic? You have done nothing but talk trash from the OP, your entire topic is trash, it makes no sense to anthropomorphize animal behavior yet you continually do so. You kill animals simply by breathing, ever hear of fairy flies?  BTW, feel free to comment in any topic I make, I may not always be right but I at least have the integrity to admit when I'm wrong. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Curious layman said:

    This appears to be disputed but I see no reason to say they kill lions much less eat them or not. 

    10 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    Perhaps I will use my right to request confirmation of everything that you posted here. Separate the text point by point and give proofs of all your statements

    Please do so!

  8. 1 minute ago, altaylar2000 said:

    This is only for fundamental questions on the topic, but this is generally offtopic

    I disagree, you keep making these assertions you cannot justify, these might be the least of them but their ease of checking them calls all the rest of your baseless assertions into question. I am calling you out, please justify your assertions. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    this is not a fundamental question for this topic, I will not look for anything
    The pig eats meat, so what if the monkey eats it or not?

    You asserted that monkey kill lions but do not eat them, I do not believe you have substantiation for this assertion, BTW monkeys and chimps are not the same thing either. 

    3 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    By the way, it is also very close to humans, inside the human even closer to pigs  then to primates

    Say what? 


    You made a positive assertion, you are required to back this up or admit you have made an assertion that is not evidently true... Time to reread the rules dude.

  10. Just now, altaylar2000 said:

    It was about chimpanzees, but besides, I know that baboons constantly kill them, it seems they don't eat them either.

    Again, if it's chimps then a quick google search should turn up the link to the info as well as the baboon. I simply do not believe you, please provide proof. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    I read it in another language, and for a long time ago, you may not believe me, it makes no difference to me.
    They klled lions because they enimes for them, they clever enough to see danger and prevent it

    In general, all these nonsense about the predation of herbivorous delusions, because they are anatomically and physiologically arranged differently

    And it's not matter at all

    Ok, which species of monkey kills lions but does not eat them? BTW, you can quote any language you want, I can use google translate. 


  12. Just now, Curious layman said:

    Western lowland gorillas occasionally eat Termites and small insects.

    Well that's what the internet says. My source;


    Ok, thanks for the correct info, I know chimps hunt and kill small animals even other primates. 

  13. Just now, Curious layman said:

    Gorillas eat insects.

    Accidentally? I think? Not sure... But Altaylar2000 eats them as well. 

    26 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    You can try to fix them.

    You are not answering some important questions here. 

  14. 1 minute ago, altaylar2000 said:

    the cannibals also reasoned about the victims like that


    because it killer of innocent

    Gorillas are vegetarians, does that make them innocents?  

    2 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

    the cannibals also reasoned about the victims like that


    because it killer of innocent

    This well known, you need at least nerves to feel

    It's widely assumed, but I don't see how you can show it to be true, maybe plants are the truly sentient beings and animals just assume that plants are not because they do not complain. 

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