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  1. I am beginning to hear serious concerns about the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia in it's invasion of Ukraine. Is this a serious threat or is it just more war mongering by Russia in it's desperation to take over Ukraine? Some people whom I respect seem to think this is a likely endgame for Putin others seem to think nukes would not make much of a difference at this point since the troops are so widely dispersed. This would seem to put a target on cities if they were used at all. 

    Russia seems to be in chaos after the drafting of civilians was instituted with hundreds of thousands of men leaving the country. Are nukes and the threat of nukes Putin's last chance at winning the war in Ukraine and would this drag the rest of the world into an exchange of nukes?  

  2. 4 hours ago, Sensei said:

    You reboot the system when Microsoft wants you to, i.e. after downloading a major update such as drivers or the system.


    I actually restart it once a week seperate from those things. 

  3. 23 hours ago, Sensei said:

    People who own laptops often simply push the flip cover down, which hibernates the system, instead of shutting it down. This causes problems in some situations. I know that Windows Media Center (the TV Tuner application) in Windows 7 is buggy and consumes the entire disk until the system is properly shut down and restarted (which obviously kills services). I found a workaround - shut down only the service in the Administration Panel. The files are locked permanently by the service - no cleaning, deleting, etc. can remove them while the service is running. In Win10 WMC was removed, but some other service or app can have similar issues.

    Mine is a tower not a lap top but i will keep that in mind. 

    2 minutes ago, Janus said:

    Another thing you should do from time to time is do a "Restart" rather than a "Shut down".   I know it sounds counterintuitive, but Restart does a fresh reboot, While Shut down preserves a number of settings to speed things up upon turning the computer back on.  If one of those processes is what is causing the problem, it will be carried over to when you turn the computer back on.

    I restart at least once a week. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Sensei said:

    You should do it in safe mode..


    Especially if safe mode is problem free..


    Believe it or not when i logged on this morning it allowed me to go online with no problems, it was still slower than it should have been by quite a bit but it did work. My computer skills are limited so i don't really understand what you are talking about but I'll try your idea once I review the links you suggested. It's been decades since i did anything in safe mode. Thank you again for helping me, I am not sure what it was I did to help the situation, I tried several things, I am not even sure it was anything I did. 

    oh oh oh, I did go to task manager and shut down what appeared to be several versions of chrome running at the same time. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Sensei said:


    Thank you Sensei for your help. I am not sure what to do next but as you probably know my computer skills are limited to using it not fixing it. If I can't figure it out I'll have to switch to a laptop my wife left, Again I do thank you for your help. 

    2 hours ago, Externet said:


    Try deleting items in the recycle bin that qualify.

    Did it

    2 hours ago, Externet said:

    Delete temporary files.

    Did it as well. 

    2 hours ago, Externet said:

    Shut off WiFi and plug the ethernet to evaluate difference.

    I'm not sure what you mean here. 

    2 hours ago, Externet said:

    Check all the installed RAM memory reports complete.

    Not sure what you mean. 

    2 hours ago, Externet said:

    Check available unused space in the hard drive.

    Did that as well. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, Sensei said:

    Pretty ancient CPU.


    I'd suggest buy new SSD 120 GB (it is 15 USD or so) and plug it instead of current drive, and install OS once again on it.

    If it is 25% and it has four cores, then one core in entirely stuck.

    In Task Manager identify which process is using CPU the most (sort by CPU usage - click on listview column).


    It looks like the task manager is using the most of the CPU, the CPU varies between 20% and 0% tending toward the low end most of the time. This problem just started a few days ago, before that it was running like a swiss watch. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Sensei said:

    ctrl-alt-del and you can observe CPU usage, memory usage, network usage.

    What do you get for each one?

    Takes forever to just get the task manager to come up.  CPU 18% more or less, it varies somewhat. Memory 49%, Network 0%, Disk 1%, GPU 1 to 3%, Network 0%

    4 minutes ago, Sensei said:


    Start > Run.. and enter "Performance Monitor" and you have more detailed app for monitoring and/or recording logs about it.


    4 minutes ago, Sensei said:



    You did not give any details about your machine. OS version, CPU model (exact!), physical memory, drive is HDD, SSD or NVMe?


    AMD Quad-core A6-6310, 6GB DDR3 SYSTEM MEMORY, AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, HP, windows 10

  8. My computer has slowed down to the point of almost being unusable, it started about a week ago and has only gotten worse. When I am on my desktop it will almost not let me open google. It takes several minutes just to get to google and the internet. I have run McAfee virus scan and Malwarebytes not to mention restarted my tower several times to no avail. The scans say my computer is fine. Does anyone have any idea about the cause and cure of this problem?  

  9. On 9/1/2022 at 12:20 PM, iNow said:

    Came here to say the same thing. Just finished rereading it again a few weeks ago. 

    Dystopian for sure! My son gave me the book to read and it prompted us to see the movie. We both cried at the end of the movie! 

  10. 9 hours ago, we2 said:

    There was a time when I was an Atheist, however, I had an experience that laid me to question creation and I started studying which led to my belief in God today.

    I studied the bible and other religious works to come to the conclusion that lack of belief is the only reasonable stance to take on the issue of gods.  

  11. I'm a nudist, I never saw any reason to reveal that here, never really seemed relevant to any issues I was discussing. But now that we have a nudist thread i would say that my username is associated with my nudity and that I love to walk around the beach in the nude but nude swimming is heaven on earth! I am, btw, an atheist and see no way to connect my love of being nude (naked means you are nude and up to something) of course these days i supplement my income via paypal donations by people who want me to keep my clothes on! 

  12. 11 hours ago, NTuft said:

    Any thoughts/experience on/with methylene blue for that purpose? Or what do you suppose could treat in the aquarium?

    Methylene blue can be used as a rinse to clean off nets, When I ran a petshop I kept methylene blue in containers near the fish bagging station to keep nets soaked in why waiting to be used. I've also used peroxide in the net dip containers and I use peroxide to clean equipment like filters and other accessories. Drying the plastic parts out over night will remove the peroxide.  

    "in the aquarium" is tricky, most people would use antibiotics instead of disinfectants, few disinfectants are any better at killing bacteria than they are at killing fish.  

    11 hours ago, NTuft said:


    I should correct my over-selling of Palmolive -- they make a claim about efficacy that is limited to a few bacterial strains, so even my altered claim of efficacy is probably still an over-statement.

    Palmolive or any soap is a bad idea in aquariums, it's difficult to really rinse off but it's deadliness to aquatic life is less than it used to be but still not low enough to be used in an aquarium.  


  13. On 9/18/2022 at 9:50 AM, NTuft said:

    @jmf I presume you looked at the study based on your comment about sodium hypochlorite. "Concentrated original Lysol" performed well, as did sodium chlorite with an activator (sounds like MMS, which might be good for disinfecting aquarium tools; but double check). I would suggest Palmolive with lactic acid or some other things, but again, the concentrated Lysol at 1% seemed effective in a study so that carries it. Perhaps the Palmolive in a strong solution for cleaning gross contamination, followed by the soak in 1% lysol. Appreciate the mention of mycolic acids...  doubt a regular soap saponifies those cords. Plus if they're acid resistant then they're the 0.1% that escapes the lactic acid, and they're catalase positive, but I doubt they'd enjoy the l-lactic acid or peroxide regardless.



    I think you have forgotten that the OP is talking about aquariums. Things like "Lysol" and Palmolive are quite poisonous to aquatic life and would be worse than the bacterium.  

  14. 2 hours ago, TheVat said:

    Spit-take!  There needs to be a web initialism, SCOS.  Spewed coffee on screen.

     I believe the early 20th century comic actor WC Fields might have been allergic to water.

    Never drink the water... fish have been fucking in it... 

  15. 21 hours ago, studiot said:

    Of course they would, but I'm not talking about their publicity department.

    They certainly invented Nylon and ICI held a licence for its manufacture in the UK.
    But after the war the Sherman Act cause bitterness and much litigation over this licence.



    Wikipedia will do



    There is a facebookmemories group you might be interested in for the now defunct ICI fibres.



    Perhaps there is one for Du Pont ?

    There is a local page for the Cape Fear Site, but I know of no company wide pages for Dacron. 

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