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  1. 23 hours ago, Mordred said:

    Then how do you explain the elevation changes of several of the mountain region's or the impressions that match those of a leftover lake or those that match tributaries as per remnants of rivers ?

    A continental glacier leaves a completely different pattern after it melts or evaporates 


    Here is the list of canyons or Valles


    Here as well


    Many of these have reference papers 

     I suggest you start there

    The Ice cap on Antarctica has chains of lakes and even streams flowing from one lake to another. I honestly do not see how your links negate my idea.  

    19 hours ago, Mordred said:

    Now I am more inclined to think that The volcanic activity could be the most likely factor there is an alternative theory that our sun might had between 2 to 5 percent more mass in the past but solar winds removed the excess. I remember hearing about it a few years ago but took a bit to find a relevant link


    Anyways googling Young sun paradox will pull up some hits one of the more recent suggested solutions is due to higher solar flare activity


    Young sun paradox would seem to be just another way to explain away the Frozen Mars,  such enormous solar winds should have had devastating effects on the inner planets and their atmospheres leaving them with little or no gaseous envelopes. A somewhat thicker atmosphere could have saved the Earth from freezing over,  methane is thought to have been a large component of Earths early atmosphere and methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Poor Mars would have been more like Europa although with a somewhat thinner ice shell. Geologic activity could have kept a layer of liquid water under the ice for quite sometime before the sublimation of the ice cover exposed the water. 

    The High levels of peroxides on Mars could also be explained as a response to the UV from the sun and it's effect on ice. This is thought by some to have been at least partly responsible for one of the great oxidation events after snowball earth. 


  2. 4 hours ago, Mordred said:

    Geologically speaking the traces left by water and ice significantly differ in structure perhaps a study of the geological traces is appropriate. Ie the types and structure of erosion gouges.

    Are you thinking of glaciers? I am thinking more of a complete ice shell that doesn't move and if my idea has any merit at all the high places should sublime first leaving any remaining ice in lowlands. 

  3. 5 hours ago, dimreepr said:

    Having re-read the title and OP, I'm confused as to what your idea is; it's like you're asking if steve was asleep last night, because I couldn't and I'm far more warm and comfortable.

    My idea is there was never a warm wet balmy Mars, the Mars we see today is the end result of an ice world that has evaporated into space. As opposed to an Earth like world that froze and then evaporated into space. At the time Mars was supposed to be warm and balmy the Sun was significantly dimmer and colder than it is today, Venus is thought to have had oceans and warm temps, Earth waffled between warm and ice and Mars should have been frozen. 

  4. 3 hours ago, dimreepr said:

    Please note, I didn't say Mars was closer than the Earth; and do you really need a citation that one degree stands between ice and water?

    Considering that far more than 1 degree of temp difference stands between the orbital temperature of Mars and Earth and that Earth at the same distance as Mars would be an ice ball...

    Check your grammar next time, It certainly read that you were saying mars was closer to the sun then than is it now... But my point is that Mars would have had to have considerably more atmosphere than earth to be warm and balmy at it's distance from the sun,  than the Earth had or has and the Earth froze over at least twice... 

  5. 44 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    That's a non sequitor.

    No, a dim sun would indicate colder planets, Mars is even further from the sun than earth and earth froze over ergo Mars would have been colder. Actually much colder, Earth in the orbit of Mars today would be an ice ball! 

    44 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    It would, since it's you that suggested it...

    I suggested it based on logic. 

    44 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    I think you mean dimmer and perhaps at a time when Mars was closer to it; it only takes a degree to turn an icy world into a liquid one, and then back again.

    Mars was closer? Citation please... 


    1 hour ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    I remember we had a similar discussion on SFN already, no?

    I recall that I commented positively about the idea. While in periods of increased volcanic activity Mars might be able to acquire an atmosphere thick and greenhouse enough to develop significant surfaces of open water, I agree that most of the time it had to be ice covered.

    You might be right, senility is a terrible thing.. 

  6. 18 hours ago, Airbrush said:

    Interesting, you made a good case for Mars as an ice world.  I've never seen that suggested in ANY TV program I've ever seen on the subject "history of Mars."

    Funny, after posting above, I googled "was mars an ice world" and the first item on the list was your OP! 

    That is interesting, it's something I've been mulling over for a few years now. It seems to make sense, more sense than Mars was warm and balmy at a time when the sun was dim. 

  7. Mars would appear to have many channels and alluvial fans that indicate that at one time it had water and maybe even seas but at the time this is thought to have taken place The Sun was significantly dimmer than it is today and unless Mars had a vast thick atmosphere this would seem unlikely. The Earth is thought to have frozen completely over at least twice in geological time so IMHO a balmy Mars with rivers and seas seems unlikely. 

    On Earth large ice sheet often have lakes, streams, and rivers under them and we do see Moons that are ice covered but far enough from the sun that ice is stable. Mars is close enough to the Sun for ice not to be completely stable and small enough to have lost its atmosphere and left the ice covered surface exposed to very low atmospheric pressures where ice might have sublimed and been blown away by the solar wind. 

    While this was going on streams and lakes under the Martian ice might have flowed and left behind the apparent stream beds and lakes that were never actually exposed to the surface while this was going on. 

    So the Martian surface we see is what is left behind after all the ice is lost to space via the solar wind due to Mars lacking a significant magnetic field! 


  8. 17 hours ago, Phi for All said:

    You need to write a book about what TV shows you're watching. Or post this in What Are You Watching?

    Yup screwed the pooch on that one, my favs books would take up far more space... 

  9. 3 hours ago, firestarterone said:

    Currently nothing, just browsing this thread looking for book recommendations. 

    Outlander is pretty good, between netflix, Hulu, and amc there are more shows that anyone can really watch. I like british TV shows quite a bit bit. I am binging Outlander right now I made a very partial list a few posts and back and everyone else has been making some good suggestions as well. Time is my limiting factor! Primeval has to be one of the best time travel type shows ever! 

  10. On 8/5/2019 at 6:56 AM, Strange said:

    That is a truly terrible take on this research. I don't know if it came from the original press release, or some journalist/editor made it up later.

    So it is about (hypothetical) mirror matter and the possibility that neutrons might be able to flip between normal matter and mirror matter. The idea is that detecting neutrons that appear to have passed through a barrier could indicate that they oscillated into mirror matter and back (and so avoided the barrier). This is a non-trivial experiment.

    Some good background on it here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2019/07/16/you-must-not-trust-experiments-that-claim-the-existence-of-parallel-universes


    Mirror Matter that was aware of is evidently not the same as the Mirror Matter being referred to here. At some point some standardization of names will surely come into play...  

  11. In the background of this video something really odd sems to be going on before this point they were making mercury spin with a magnetic field and interviewing some odd people but at 09:22 they start doing something really odd ,the spinning mercury is odd, but this seem to be a object that rises on a magnetic field to a quite high level, even outdoors. Anyone want to take this one? 



  12. 1 hour ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    Do they travel aimlessly and accidentally stumbled on Earth (and decide to conquer) or did they come with the goal? 

    They came here with that goal. they would send probes to inhabitable planets, they prefered planets that already had intelligent species. Their civilization was based on conquest and domination on their home planet and they just continued that when they found nearby aliens. I think in the book Humans were the third or forth race they had invaded. 

    1 hour ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    If a robotic probe visited Earth long time ago and recorded a primitive civilization, then it can be possible that sleeper ships arrive centuries later expecting a low-tech civilization. It is possible that someone makes such a judgement error... It is however unlikely that they won't send more subsequent robotic probes just to observe how the situation is going.

    They had long lives and there technological progress took 100,000s of years to get to the point we were from the medieval civilization the probe found. The other races they had conquered so far shared that slow progress. They thought we would as well.. 

    1 hour ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    Another possible scenario with sleeper ships is that settlers arrive only to discover that the planet is already taken. Then, because they are in some sort of emergency situation and have no way back, they decide to fight.

    That is basically what happened to them

    1 hour ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    But there is always this problem with the inter-stellar travel. It seems to me that a civilization capable of doing it (even in sleeper ships) must be far more advanced than us today. Currently we are completely unable to make even a sleeper ship. We don't know how to sleep and we don't know how to make a ship that maintains itself for hundreds of years... Maybe they can have some biological advantage that makes their ships simpler (an inborn ability to cool down and sleep infinitely long, plus a resistance to radiation)

    Their biology made sleeper ships much easier for them, they were reptilian and naturally hibernated for long periods of time. They only traveled at a small fraction of the speed of light, several thousand years travel time was what they were used to and saw no reason to advance it any further.  

    1 hour ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    Just read the synopsis on the Wikipedia... Interesting idea of inherited knowledge... I only do not understand why did the previous civilization perish if it was capable of interstellar travel (or if it was not capable of interstellar travel, then how did those elephants develop the needed technology - it is not a small step)?


    Footfall was interesting, not one of my favs but still a great read... 

  13. 2 hours ago, Danijel Gorupec said:

    I did not read... Which elements of the invasion did you find unique and realistic? (I am not afraid of spoilers, but other members could.)

    Do you only consider a hostile military invasion? Or you also consider a trading invasion or a scholarly invasion?

    I must say that I never found a novel that, in my opinion, would depict a realistic hostile invasion to our home planet. Probably such novel cannot even exist because I think that a realistic attack would end in matter of minutes - nothing much to write about.

    Interestingly, I found Predator (1987 movie) relatively realistic. It is not an invasion, but I can imagine how a macho asshole (possibly an outlaw) from a more advanced society comes here doing his macho stuff. Some people do this too.

    A couple of spoilers is necessary, this would be an alternate time line series of Novels, the invaders only high tech that we do not have today is Fusion, they invade during WW2 and for various reasons expect an easy victory. Their ships are sleeper ships taking centuries to make the journey. The essentially show up with technology comparable to what we currently have now but at the beginning of WW2. Expecting a medieval society and only having a limited number of high tech weapons (high tech means comparable to our current tech) and hijinxs ensues...   

  14. I keep seeing this pop up on youtube, scientists are trying to find a mirror universe and open a portal into it... What is going on if anything? I keep seeing this news blurb in various forms, some quite extreme others not so much but none seem to be exactly the same and the idea is provocative but is it true? I know about Mirror Matter, Dark Matter, and even antimatter and all of these are being connected in some way to this. I don't see how this can be since these things exist or are hypothesized to exist within our universe. The whole idea is beginning to sound like bad science fiction...   

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