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  1. 22 minutes ago, mistermack said:

    I can't see that being easy or cheap to do. The pressures at ocean depths are phenomenal, so you would need extremely powerful pumps and thick walled piping, and a lot of energy, to do it that way. 

    If you had a submersed electric propeller and a thin walled pipe, you could pump up cloudy water that you have disturbed with a jet and the only energy needed is to overcome friction in the pipe. The wider the pipe, the lower the friction, so it should be doable that way. 

    As far as the local environment is concerned, you would be doing it in an ocean desert, something that covers more than half of the planet, so I can't see much harm coming from it. If you can raise the productivity in the lifeless parts of the ocean, it takes the pressure off the threatened species elsewhere, by applying a brake to the price of fish worldwide.

    Off the coast of south america cold water wells up naturally and supports a wide ecosystem from sardines to humboldt squid. A series of solar powered pumps could use thin tubes in clusters to carry the air. The thin tubes are more resistant to pressure than one large tube and the air pressure would support the tube against the water pressure.  Over time you could establish a similar ecosystem. Unusual currents have brought the humboldt squids as far north as washington state in recent years temporarily creating a new fishery for the huge squids. Hmmm squid steaks on the grill! Ecosystems can be manipulated and appropriate species will move in... 


  2. I've grown sargassum weed in an aquarium, water movement is important as are nutrients. If you really wanted to increase the nutrients you could anchor a bouy in very deep water and pump down air to make a rising current to bring up nutrient rich water. This is easy to do but it changes the local environment and that might not be desirable... 

  3. 51 minutes ago, Sensei said:

    Thick atmosphere = large pressure of atmosphere at the surface..

    Habitable for human being is the not same as habitable to any organic life form and even less for inorganic forms.. Supply of energy might be due to planet's internal activity e.g. volcanoes, tidal forces etc.

    I understand that, I am not thinking of humans, but life in general. 

  4. Think of it this way, totally speculation, take the continent of Africa, divide it in half, one half is the peak of modern ecosystem (before people fucked it up) the other half is the cretaceous at it's peak. Would the cretaceous animals wipe out the modern mammals? would the modern mammals wipe out the cretaceous animals or would they merge and form a unique combined ecosystem?     

  5. If we could move Venus, adding water should be child's play and that would be the Key. Earth has about as much CO2 as Venus but most of ours is locked up in carbonate rocks. Add a few comets, spin Venus up to a more reasonable day thength and you would, probably in a rather long time,have a habitable planet. Water is the key! 

    Recent research points to Venus having oceans up until as recently as one billion years ago... 

  6. Besides the concept of large rocky planets with atmospheres dominated by hydrogen and water oceans there is the possibility of large ice planets with dense hydrogen atmospheres and oceans of methane. Imagine an ice world 20,000 miles in diameter due to being mostly ice it could have a gravity of one gee due to the cold it could hang on to hydrogen.  They may be more plentiful than earth like worlds.  

  7. On 8/5/2019 at 7:35 AM, Danijel Gorupec said:

    I did not read... Which elements of the invasion did you find unique and realistic? (I am not afraid of spoilers, but other members could.)

    Do you only consider a hostile military invasion? Or you also consider a trading invasion or a scholarly invasion?

    I must say that I never found a novel that, in my opinion, would depict a realistic hostile invasion to our home planet. Probably such novel cannot even exist because I think that a realistic attack would end in matter of minutes - nothing much to write about.

    Interestingly, I found Predator (1987 movie) relatively realistic. It is not an invasion, but I can imagine how a macho asshole (possibly an outlaw) from a more advanced society comes here doing his macho stuff. Some people do this too.


    On 8/5/2019 at 11:15 AM, Janus said:

    I always enjoyed the Niven-Pournelle  novel Footfall.   It addressed the issue as to why a civilization with the resources to cross interstellar space would even bother to invade the Earth.  They also "leveled the playing field" a bit by handicapping the invaders in terms of psychology and actual intelligence (while supplying a rationale behind both.)


    On 8/5/2019 at 11:56 AM, dimreepr said:

    You tell me, if we're the aliens what do think is the prime directive?

    Let's not forget what an alien invader actually is; a human being that has lost it's homeland but hopes its home planet has some compassion.



    The series of novels is quite long, I like to find good stories that play out over several novels and The World War series has at least 6 or more novels in two different but connected series. The best part was there was no star trek fantasy technology, the aliens had pretty much our current 21st century tech and like humans they have some serious character flaws, drug addiction, lust for power, sexual problems, and they introduced their own native animals who began to wreak the ecosystem  much like humans did when they traveled the world. The addition of real people places and conflicts added to the realism. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, swansont said:

    And I want to know where someone said that, because my recollection is that it was the analyst’s take. Not a retelling of the navy’s position. And I’m nauseated enough having to listen to Tucker Carlson once.


    I think you've watched him enough, Tucker said it, he indicated the Navy said it but his veracity is always in question. I'd actually like to see the Navy report before I would accept it as anything but sensationalism on Tuck's part... The time stamps I provided should have been spot on... 

  9. Just now, swansont said:

    The navy didn’t say that, the guest did, and yes, it’s different. Defying the laws of physics is not merely beyond our capabilities.

    I did make that clear in a previous post. 


    Well the guy in the video did say the Navy claimed those things,


  10. 1 minute ago, swansont said:

    Do you not know what you claimed? There’s a written record.

    You said the navy is “now admitting these sightings are of objects that at least appear to be beyond the capabilities of our technology.”

    I was paraphrasing, I think we can assume that beyond our understanding of physics would be beyond our capabilities? 


    00:10 to 00:30 beyond our understanding of physics. 

    01:45 to 01:55 Defying the known laws of physics. 


  11. 3 minutes ago, Sensei said:

    If flying object will be identified as extraterrestrial flying object (made by organic extraterrestrial life form, or not organic), it will stop being UFO. It will be identified.

    Well yes, but tell the general population that... 

    I put this here not because I decided it was true but because I thought it might be interesting to track this through the media. It has popped up several times already and even in Science News since this report by Fox News... 

  12. 4 minutes ago, swansont said:

    Where in the video? I heard them say the navy’s position is that they don’t know. I also heard them speculate, but neither person is with the navy.

    Well the guy in the video did say the Navy claimed those things, gee SwansonT don't you believe them? This is starting to pop up all over the media, it will be interesting see how distorted it becomes over time. Last time it got really weird quite quickly... 

    I do wish they would get the nomenclature figured out. Originally, back in the 40s and 50s, maybe even later the term UFO in a military reference didn't mean simply something that had been seen and not identified immediately. A light in the sky or such, the label UFO wasn't applied unless after some investigation the object couldn't be identified. Later anything seen that you didn't immediately know what was labeled UFO then it became synonymous with alien spacecraft. Now they have a new term UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena... JUST TELL US WHAT IT REALLY MEANS!!!  Umm sorry got carried away... 

    I am becoming quite sceptical in my old age but still sarcastic as hell..       

  13. 18 hours ago, iNow said:

    Congratulations! I’m sure her grandpa will spoil her for years to come :)


    18 hours ago, zapatos said:

    And she's so damn cute!!


    14 hours ago, Mordred said:

    Congrats she is a cutie

    Thank you all very much, she is already smiling!

  14. 11 minutes ago, swansont said:

    That is something you are imposing on the discussion. It’s one possible category of unexplained behavior 

    It is what the Navy supposedly said, still seems more probable that this is just a cover up of friendly drone activity nothing more. Just another case of the military yanking our chains. Of course if the Navy expands on this in detail... well we'll see if they do.. 

  15. 23 minutes ago, Airbrush said:

    Does your theory mean that during the late heavy bombardment, Mars received a proportionate share of water-ice that turned Mars and Earth into water worlds.  But Mars froze over forming a shield over the surface, allowing liquid water to flow under the ice shield.  When Mars lost it's magnetic field, the solar wind began to blow away the atmosphere and also blow away the ice shield.  Then, like a thin egg shell, the ice covering cracked and fragmented allowing the liquid water under the ice to freeze and the inner and outer atmospheres to mix.  Then most of the water-ice was stripped away by the solar wind.

    Sounds about right! 


  16. Human influence on evolution in some species can be predicted. Wild Fish populations tend to get smaller and smaller as individuals when fishermen put pressure on them by keeping the biggest ones. This results in smaller individuals becoming mature and reproducing causing the population to become composed of smaller fish. This was predicted and observed and is beginning to change fishery rules in some places. 

    Is this what you were talking about? 

  17. 9 minutes ago, swansont said:


    "In a series of statements obtained exclusively by The Black Vault, the U.S. Navy confirms three UFO related videos represent what they call “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs."


    "The Navy’s official position now confirms TTSA’s claims, at least, in part."

    I can't reconcile the statement that this is the official navy position and the release that was exclusively to some website. (and since I've seen quotes that imply the information was more widely released, I think the "exclusive" tag was misused)

    Taken at face value, which of course you can never do, this short video seems to be saying something profound. The Navy, who at first poo pooed the whole thing as drones or other unusual but explainable objects, is now admitting these sightings are of objects that at least appear to be beyond the capabilities of our technology. 

    The Navy's assertion that these UAPs are being taken serious and that they are investigating this phenomena is a bit suggestive all by itself. 

    The involvement of Nick Pope is a double edged sword. I've never been able to pin him into a category and sometimes he seems to be genuine and at others he appears to be just another hangeron in the UFO industry. I'll have to see more info before I jump on the bandwagon but watching it go by is becoming more interesting. 

  18. 9 hours ago, Mordred said:


    Let me ask you a question if the temperature never supported liquid water how can you have lakes and rivers from glaciers to cut canyons ?


    Liquid water would have been under the ice sheet. As I said the antarctic ice cap while much smaller does have lake and rivers under the ice. Tectonic activity would have raised volcanoes under the ice sheet, caused Mars quakes and other activity to move a this layer of water around under the ice. I am not suggesting a layer of water many miles thick like Europa and as the ice sublimed the water beneath would have frozen deeper until finally contacting the surface at the high points with basins retaining ice covered water longer. 

    There is an area on Mars around the equator, if I remember correctly, that appears to ice covered by dust and regolith so some of this primordial ice may still remain.  As the surface of Mars moved water could have flowed from one basin to another under the ice. 

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