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  1. For some reason what appears to be a world wide prank of some sort is being reported on. A monolith was found in Utah and now what are though tto be copies have been found around the world from eastern europe to columbia 4 or five have been found. If it's a prank it must be rather expensive to place stainless steel monoliths around the globe. Anyone have any ideas or new reports? 

    My fave take!

    img (10).jpg

  2. 6 minutes ago, swansont said:

    I think what's being discussed is a plant that needs e.g. zinc (or some similar situation). There's nothing you're going to plant that's going to introduce zinc to the soil. You need to introduce it by other means, as you have described - bring in soil from elsewhere or add fertilizer that has it.

    I keep getting the idea that some sort of "General Trace element" is being discussed but so far no identification of a specific trace element has been named. The idea that trace elements are some sort of catch all or a group is false..  You have both major and minor trace elements no to mention many that only apply to one plant or a group of plants. I also doubt that the nutritional value of food plants is greatly influenced by trace elements, if the plant grows and fruits it has the trace elements it needs... 

  3. 30 minutes ago, swansont said:

    I was aware that clover adds nitrogen, but that's hardly a trace element (which was the context). Does it do more? 

    No, you are correct, I apologize. Trace Elements are an iffy subject, the key word is trace. To really discuss trace elements we really have to know which ones are being discussed, which ones are necessary for the plants being grown. When I used to make up my own potting soils I ground up volcanic rock into powder to try and insure trace elements but a good fertilizer like miracle grow adds them easily. We really need to know exactly which elements he is talking about. The idea there is a general "trace element" is less than accurate.

    I have to say that nitrogen is the biggest problem in plant nutrients I am aware of, I've never had a problem I could actually show a trace element or lack thereof to be the cause of that problem. 

    After several years of trying to make sure trace elements were present I found out that it's very rare for trace elements to be a widespread problem except in limited extreme cases and generally sending a soil sample to a lab that specializes in this is all it takes to pinpoint the problem..  

  4. 19 hours ago, MonDie said:

    One thing is for sure.  It doesn't do it for you because you kept imagining that it would.  Imagining your god exists is as pointless as conversion therapy for gays.  I could say I'm open to something flexible like kharma, but even if I am honest I might as well be saying that I'm open to unicorns.

    I was reading Thich Nhat Hanh in middle school.  He will let you be atheist; maybe Ghandi would too.  But American Christian lobbyists are engaged in a vicious, passive-aggressive, sectarian, and exploitative campaign that will keep "Believe" signs hanging in your local supermarket.  For what? For a shallow superficial acknowledgement that only appeals to the easily duped minority of their majority.  Tomorrow is now and it becomes racism and white nationalism as shallow as the color of your skin.  Tomorrow it will be some other sectarian identity being exploited for public relations purposes.  This is culture, this is a cult, this is humanity in a still uneducated twenty first century with staggering student debt.  I guess I'm an atheist.

    Only a poor, uneducated person living in an elitist twenty first century has said in his heart there is no God.

    Keep donating to your charities like a bandaid on an open wound.

    It gives me a moon tan... damn I must not be as funny as I thought... 

  5. There are some interesting speculations in physics, some are actually based on science fiction concepts and some science fiction concepts are based in actual physics. Most of the really wild stuff is just speculations that take mathematical concepts and try to apply them in real life. Personally, even with my minimal understanding of physics, I would be surprised if some break through totally overturned  physics as we know them and allowed things like FTL or alternate realities but it can't be ruled out and there are scientists who are pushing the boundaries. Sabine Hossenfelder and Michio Kaku are like opposite ends of the spectrum of speculation. Michio Kaku is more of a sensationalist and Sabine Hossenfelder is a bit more down to Earth. I wouldn't say science is not looking into wild possibilities but i don't think wildly spending money to try and make a science fiction concept work without some prospect rooted in reality is a good idea. 

    I always cringe when I hear someone question why science isn't looking into some wild concept, usually the reason is the concept was just plucked from where the sun don't shine instead of some odd observation or evidence...   

  6. 7 hours ago, robert1978bp said:

    I have been fascinated with the subject for many years.  I am here to learn, positively argue, but not to battle in this controversial matter.
    To my understanding here are the scenarios that exists on how the continents are getting farther away from each other that can also be reversed in time to understand how these continents have been joined together in the past.

    Plate Tectonics: mainstream argument,  basis for the Pangea "island".  In this case continents were joined on one side of the globe, while the rest was covered with oceans.  In plate tectonics the oceanic crust is constantly being recycled, rising at fault lines from a slushy magma underneath, spreading, creating ridges, subducting in other places under the continental crust.  The older lighter material (continental plate) float above the denser newer material (oceanic plate).  Denser material dives under the continental plate, mountains are created, volcanos channel the magma released where the subduction curve meets the magma.  This recycling mechanism of the oceanic crust does not effect the size of Earth's radius in a major way. 

    -- My main problem with plate tectonics is the subduction part.  I've looked at sea floor maps and see no evidence of subduction, but rather that the so called oceanic and continental plates are ONE.  The only separation of these giant plates occur at fault lines, and if fault lines happen to be under a so called continental plate, then ridges (mountains) are being created in a same way that we see them being created at the bottom of oceans (like the mid-Atlantic ridge for ex.).  Now if subduction was to take place in the California region for example (and hence causing the Pacific chain of mountains) then the Oceanic crust should be the oldest here being California the final stage where the sea floor takes a dive as it subducts.  But sea floor age map shows the opposite.  The material at this fault line is NEW spreading in both direction (in this case East and West).  This phenomena is the SAME FOR ALL THE FAULT LINES around the globe, so the possibility that these could be an entrance for an oceanic plate to dive into is eliminated.  The way I see, California ridge is constantly being created by the newly emerging material from underneath pushing the lighter (and older) crust not only upwards but TO THE SIDEs also.  Because this happens over a long time, meanwhile erosion is also work at hand  the mechanism is not as obvious.  Also on all terrestrial planets in our Solar System the phenomena of spreading is evident, but subduction is not.

    Expanding Earth.  This theory argues that the Earth has a larger radius now than in the past but with the same mass.  In this case continents were joined together on all sides in the past without significant room for oceans between them.  Heavier elements like iron were still mixed with lighter elements at the surface, which held the structure together uniformly.  As iron started to sink deeper into the Earth's center, the inner part started getting denser, the outer lighter material was left to expand eventually cracking giving way to fault lines.  Then these upper lighter pieces started floating above the newly exposed magma.  Inflating balloon with dots moving away from each other is used commonly to illustrate this example.

    -- I am still in the process of completely understanding expanding theory and its related possibilities.  Seems very intricate if we consider gravity, tidal, convectional forces, but perhaps worth investigating.  Could there be immense hollow areas beneath the Earth, or sponge like structures keep getting stretched by tidal forces perhaps? What about other planets.. would this theory fit to explain spreading in a convincing manner?  As I understand unfortunately our current scientific knowledge /instruments are preventing us from exploring the subject in more detail.

    Growing Earth:  Earth with a radius and mass that is constantly growing.  Similar to expanding Earth theory, continents were joined together in the past on all sides without significant room for oceans between them.  As more mass was acquired underneath, spreading started to occur at fault lines hence the top land (older land) getting farther away from each other.  In this argument whether the land was completely covered with oceans or if the oceans were introduced later by another process is less significant than the question of where the additional mass came from, and is still coming from.  The amount of solid material entering Earth's atmosphere cannot account for this process to be taken seriously.  Pair-production, and a presently very narrow understanding of neutrino interaction are the two possibilities of explaining how the Earth acquired and is still acquiring additional mass, which is not happening at the surface level, but rather near or at the core level.  It is interesting to me that all the experiments of neutrino detection are taking place deep inside the Earth as possible, giving me the idea that the immense amount of neutrinos passing through our Earth somehow do interact under unknown conditions, hence making way for generating additional mass which originated from the Sun's core.

    Combination of some or all of the above:  At this point I would say that the combination of all of the above (minus subduction) makes more sense than plate tectonics alone that includes subduction.  Note that both expanding earth and growing earth suggest that the continents not only join in the Atlantic, but also in the Pacific.  What do you think?

    I had to post this, I just could help myself....


  7. I came up with idea many years ago, the big bang happening in two opposite time directions with anti matter in one and matter in the other. Both universes would see time running to the future but matter in the opposite big bang would act like anti mater in our and the reverse would be true. Observers in both universes would see time running the same way, from past to future. But a god like view from out side would see time running in them in opposite directions. 

    Is this what you are suggesting? To be fair i found out later this had already been thought of by several scientists... 




    big-bounce.width-2500 (1).jpg

  8. 1 hour ago, John Cuthber said:

    Are you hoping his bacteria would evolve into something intelligent?
    I'd rather not spoil Titan.

    How about dumping him in an orbit where his mortal remains will burn up falling into the sun?

    Or just drop him from a mile or two into shark territory.

    Or teleport into his office, kidnap him, have him carted off somewhere and get a few medics in green rubber suits to do invasive tests on him for a few days, then put him back in the office.
    Wait for him to try to explain his absence... :-)

    Or just spike his breakfast burger with truth drugs...

    Personally, I'd rate 7 of 9 a ten.

    John you have an evil streak, my kind of friend... 

  9. 19 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    The White House.

    Land on the lawn 

    Wait for the press etc to turn up then broadcast a message " You lost; start packing,. You leave in January. "
    Then leave.


    Take him to Titan and drop him off naked in a methane lake... 

  10. Let's say you woke this morning and found a space shback yard. For the sake of argument (all you Star Trek fans know what i am, talking about) it's the Delta Flyer. The door is open and when you walk in it tells you it will take you anywhere you want. 

    Where would you go first? 

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