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  1. 6 hours ago, makar said:
    Greetings to all concerned people of science. I suggest watching the video below, which was shot in the city of Mariupol (Ukraine). Suffering from the uncontrolled illegal operation of Metinvest metallurgical plants, our city is on the verge of an environmental disaster. For this reason, I would like to know how we, as city dwellers, can initiate independent environmental monitoring to prevent an impending catastrophe on the coast of the Sea of Azov.
    Thank you in advance.

    Ok, I watched the video and it was impressive but non informative. How about some conversation about what is happening, this is a forum where we talk about things and your video really could be of anything if the person watching cannot understand the language or the context of what is going on...  

  2. 1 hour ago, Wulphstein said:

    God has always existed.

    Citation please... 

    1 hour ago, Wulphstein said:

    God is the engineer who designed and created the universe,  all life, and man.

    Citation please.. 

    1 hour ago, Wulphstein said:

    Does that make sense?

    None what so ever. 

    1 hour ago, Wulphstein said:

    God is current.  I heard his name in a dream last night.

    I had sex with Madonna in a dream last night, I wonder if it was good for her...

    I doubt you know what the word Atheist means, in fact I think you are a troll, you spew nonsensical gibberish as though it means something. 


    49 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    Can't you tell just by looking around that this universe has to be created by an Intelligent Designer? 

    No in fact the universe looks exactly like you would expect it to if there was no designer, order arises from chaos, I've actually seen it and it can be demonstrated to work on both micro and macro scales. You are the puddle, science is the sun, have a happy delusion... 

    4 hours ago, Wulphstein said:

    So atheism is falsified. It was crushed to death by two empirical facts. First, the universe is efficient.  Think of the least action and least time principles. Therefore, quantum foam is falsified. Second, complex systems require engineering. 

    Both your proofs are nonsense even if they pointed to a some sort of cause for the universe why must it be a god? Perhaps a mindless being consumes space time and excretes universes and has no clue to it's own shit... 

    3 hours ago, Wulphstein said:

    Atheism is inconsistent with established science.  You can believe in atheism,  just like you can believe in unicorns,  fairies and scientology. 

    Science has no bearing on atheism, if you could prove magic works and science is false that would not prove a god. Atheism is not a belief system any more than not collecting stamps is a hobby... 


  3. 2 hours ago, beecee said:

    The ancients saw the so called  evidence of god all around them...in the Sun, the Moon, Mountains, rivers, etc etc. We know better these days and have shown evidence that these things are simply applications of gravitational collapses, supernovas, abiogenesis, and evolution, and we can take those evidence backed solutions back to 10- 43 seconds after the BB. So you see science has logically and reasonably pushed any need for any god explanation back to near oblivion.



  4. Just now, Wulphstein said:

    I liked the old interpretation better.  Don't screw humanity over like you'd screw your girlfriend.  It seems like that's what atheists are doing with their anti-social, hate humanity, attitude.   God's interpretation of the Bible is more inclined to heal the soul; while atheists lie to people and tell them they don't have souls. 

    Now you are just preaching nonsense, against the rules even in the religion section... 


  5. 3 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    Nope.  Complex systems don't just pop into existence as an explosion and lead to complex bio machinery that leads to life.  Nope, atheism is less believable than scientology.

    Actually they do, please get some basic education before trying to run with the big dogs...

    2 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    You're too serious.  You need to laugh more.  What is the point of being morbidly depressed?

    So now you are psychoanalyzing me? Must have cut you to the quick... 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    Moontanman, you are a native American.  At least I get that vibe from you and your picture suggest it.  Native Americans have every right to be pissed off that their land was taken by the white man.  You were lied to by people who called themselves Christians, and other white people who were atheists.   But the original teachings that came from God still came from God.  Whether or not you believe the land was put to better use, or would have been a better as a native American nation, is your opinion.

    This has nothing to do with my heredity but if you want to go down that rabbit hole let's start by your insinuation of the no true scotsman fallacy and go on to how do you know the people involved were atheists. Christians labeled us as soulless animals to be eradicated often buy putting a bounty on killing us or just distributing small pox infected blankets. All approved by christians, the good christians just destroyed our language, culture, took our children away and forbid them from speak their native tongue and believing in their ancestral gods. usdi watali 


  7. 5 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    All sides are guilty of that, the content depends on the bias.

    All sides are guilty, how can ignoring the parts you do not like and asserting the parts you do like not be a bias? While pointing this out be a bias as well? 

    5 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    Did you ask everyone? I'm still waiting for an answer to my question, I think you know which one I mean.

    Or are you just a troll?

    I smell troll dude... 

  8. 1 minute ago, Wulphstein said:

    But Xenu, Thor, Allah and Zeus are not showing up in people's near death experiences!  But Jesus does!  I mean, I thought you people were scientific and intelligence, had good pattern recognition and common sense!

    Seriously, you are going to use near death experiences as evidence of gods? Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, and yes the Norse gods as well as a myriad of other "near death" experiences happen, some with no gods and most times no experience at all. A near death is an hallucination of an oxygen deprived brain. All sorts of silliness shows up. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    Morals come from GOD.  Religious is meant to teach the moral values.  Whether it can do so without violating them depends on the religion.

    Citation needed... 

    6 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    Here is a list of God's moral teachings. Yeah, these are the teachings that God says were supposed to be following.  They look fine to me.  https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Morality,-And-Redemption

    Typical dishonest theist cherry picking, pick up a bible, read it two or three times, pay attention to what it says not what someone else says it means, get back to me when you have more than a kindergarten understanding of what it says.. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    No, it really doesn't.  I could of called you a viper!  But I was charitable.  :D

    Um, everywhere.  The West absolutely is basing it's moral code on Christians values; even if it doesn't know where they got their values.

    Really no, do you kill people who work on sunday? Does the law state that women cannot teach men? Stoned any harlots today?  

    Just now, Wulphstein said:

    The funny thing is, there are a few who claim to have seen a pixie.  But there is zero evidence of multidimensional foam; so to claim that an infinite number of universes pop into existence is woo; and it won't get you the attention of a young pretty girl.

    These things are supported by mathematics and evidently your knowledge of pretty girls is quite limited... 

  11. 3 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

    Just saying...

    Just saying that was inserted into the pledge in the 1950s and women's rights among other things are not biblical, we no longer stone homosexuals or unruly children or people who work on sunday or wear clothing made of mixed cloth. Religion hijacks normal moral behavior and claims it as it's own. The behavior was not invented by religion...   

  12. 2 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    But how do you get the chemistry to be so stable.  I mean, if the physics constants, you'll either get protons and nothing else or you might get black holes in which nothing evolves "because it all gets destroyed by tidal forces.  Why is it in engineering you have to get hundreds of parameters to be in tight spec, or something complicated won't work.  But you can just get a stable periodic table, but accident?  I mean, that sounds more bat poo than Scientology.

    The only honest answer I can give is we don't know and if that were the case we wouldn't be here to discuss this. We have no idea if the universe has to be just this way or if it can be different. We don't know if this the only universe or if there are an infinite number popping into existence from some multidimensional foam or if invisible pixies created it all... Simply inserting what ever woo you want into the explanation accomplishes nothing...   

  13. On 7/27/2019 at 10:18 AM, jimmydasaint said:

    I will have to refer to the OP, before we go off on to a tangent:

    If God does not exist and we follow a moral code, which, in the West, is based on the old Christian moral code, we then live a moral existence before the end of our existence.  We, as moral characters of action have had a positive effect on society.  

    Um no... Where in the west are morals based on the old christians moral code? 

  14. 2 minutes ago, Wulphstein said:

    Termites are molecular machines.  How do you get molecular machines by accident?  without planning?  And please understand, I wish to be respectful and don't wish to say what I'm really thinking about your intelligence.  :)

    You get molecular machines via  the physics of emergent complexity. Driven by energy molecules can and will spontaneously become more complex, carbon can become life though energy powered emergent complexity. 



    England is suggesting that biology arises because, in certain environments – like on planets – where the energy balance is so out of whack, physics guarantees that atoms rearrange themselves to be able to deal with the chaotic flow of energy. These atomic structures just happen to resemble what we refer to as “life”.


  15. Does no one here actually read what the bible says about the soul? I may not be a biblical scholar but at one time I was religious, a christian, but always a "doubting Thomas" eventually the doubts become far too thick to be ignored but that is independent of the OT. If you want to discuss this we have to show some evidence of a god at the very least much less a soul...

    Yes Gees I am calling you out, I ate my bowl of stupid this morning and I am ready to digest it thoroughly...  



    Historical developments[edit]

    The traditional concept of an immaterial and immortal soul distinct from the body was not found in Judaism before the Babylonian exile,[1] but developed as a result of interaction with Persian and Hellenistic philosophies.[2] Accordingly, the Hebrew word נֶ֫פֶשׁ, nephesh, although translated as "soul" in some older English Bibles, actually has a meaning closer to "living being". Nephesh was rendered in the Septuagint as ψυχή (psūchê), the Greek word for soul. The New Testament also uses the word ψυχή, but with the Hebrew meaning and not the Greek.[3]

    Relation to Greek "psyche"[edit]

    The only Hebrew word traditionally translated "soul" (nephesh) in English language Bibles refers to a living, breathing conscious body, rather than to an immortal soul.[5]In the New Testament, the Greek word traditionally translated "soul" (ψυχή) "psyche", has substantially the same meaning as the Hebrew, without reference to an immortal soul. In the Greek Septuagent psyche is used to translate each instance of nephesh.[6]

    In some translations or interpretations the soul is nothing more than air, the breath of life, once that air stopped moving in and out of the body it was considered dead. The soul having left the body. 

    None of this makes any sense in the light of science, no evidence for a soul exists that I am aware of, and when "doG" put it in humans is a nonsensical question. Could we rationally argue about when during evolution did "doG" put eyes in Humans? At the very least we know humans have eyes... 

  16. 2 hours ago, Phi for All said:

    I've read that an actual spinal column (not the horizontal bridge we try to stand on its end) would be best for bipedalism, and I can imagine it would be better for the upper body of a centaur. 

    The book (fiction) solves the problem by using cartilage like a shark. Contrary to popular belief cartilage can be quite strong, ever carve up a shark? 

  17. On 7/30/2019 at 5:19 PM, iNow said:

    Not to mention having two different sets of rib-cages

    In the book that image is based on the centaurs ate the same food as us, it was never clear but the upper rib cage seemed to be the lungs and the lower one the other organs. But it was just fiction no doubt a very good book, equal to lord of the rings in my estimation.. 

    23 hours ago, Phi for All said:

    I keep thinking about the spine(s?). Needs a bunch of work to avoid major backaches for Moontanman.

    Um...Bioengineering should account for that!  In the book I was referring to the Titanides didn't have a spine made of vertebrae, it was made of cartilage, they were designed by their god to be able to visit earth...   

    On 7/30/2019 at 5:19 PM, iNow said:

    Not to mention having two different sets of rib-cages

    Oops double quote... 

  18. On 7/30/2019 at 4:03 PM, Gees said:




    What next Gee, shall we discuss the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin and you win by default because I can't prove there are no angels? You cannot argue nonsense that cannot be investigated via the scientific method, by definition it is not to be believed or given credence if it cannot pass that test. I have seen this bollocks argued  over and over nearly to infinity, to quote Aron Ra "If you can't show it you don't know it" Nonsense deserves to be ridiculed as do those that pervey fairy tales as fact... 

  19. 3 hours ago, Gees said:

    John Bauer;


    It was a pleasure to read your comments in this thread, as it is not often that I find someone who is so obviously intelligent, knowledgeable, and educated in these matters, and is also religious. (At least it is rare in this discussion forum.) I am sorry that I did not notice your thread earlier, as I would have loved to have a discussion with you on the matter of "souls". I am a philosopher by nature and habit, not by formal training, and have studied consciousness for most of my life. My studies have naturally caused me to also study Religion, but I should notify you that I, myself, am not religious. This does not stop me from appreciating and respecting Religion, and if anything, causes me to try to protect people's religious beliefs.

    There is a good chance that you are no longer posting in this forum, and I can't say that I would blame you after the less than adequate responses you received. You were looking for intelligent conversation and did not get it. Believe it or not, many of the members here are knowledgeable and intelligent; it is only when posting in the Religion forum that they seem to "eat a plate full of stupid" before posting. If you are reading this, and are still interested in conversation, let me know via the PM system -- send me a private message -- of where we might be able to have a real discussion on the matter of souls. Maybe another forum?


    Really Gees, I eat a plate of stupid before I post on religion? That is really insulting dude, couple that with John bending over so far to defend the undefendable he is showing his ignorance big time and trying to tell us it's only biker shorts and not his panties makes it doubly insulting. His completely unsupported views on religion which is in it's self unsupported shouldn't even be on here. 

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