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    I enjoy surf fishing, beach combing, scuba, aquariums, native fish breeding, and writing. Here is a audio book of a short story I wrote.
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    some statistical analysis but no other higher education.
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    I live near the ocean, I am a science junkie and just another bundle of ignorance trying learn.
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  1. My wife, Nancy, passed away the morning of the 16th in her sleep. I am lost, I don't know what to do, I keep thinking I'll ask Nancy what to do then it hits me again.

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    2. MigL


      All my sympathy and condolences, Moon.
      I am saddened by your loss, and wish there was more we could do than proffer sympathetic words.
      After many years of talking to you, and getting to know you, I hope you know that you have a lot of friends, here, that can lend an ear in your time of need.

    3. exchemist


      Keep buggering on. Do what you have to do: inform everyone, arrange the funeral and all that. When my wife died I found the problem was the emptiness after all that was done. Luckily, in a sense, I had a teenage son to bring up, so I had to keep life running normally and keep up appearances. If it is just you in the household now, I can imagine it must be even harder to keep going.

      As for asking your wife what to do, that goes on a long time. Even now, 5 years on, I often find myself asking what my wife would want or how she would have handled something. I also still get a lot of dreams in which she is present. Often we chat and I ask how she can be there in spite of being dead, and things like that. It is all very friendly but I wake up feeling a bit strange. (I wonder if such experiences are common and whether that may be where the idea of ghosts comes from.)

      It's a bit of a marathon. Life will acquire meaning again, but it will take time.

      You have all my sympathy.

    4. swansont


      So sorry to hear this.

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