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    PhD and postdoc then Science teacher (now part-time). Hobbies are eating crisps and watching Trash T.V. Love 'Man vs Food' and 'South Park'. I also like long walks with my wife, playing computer games with my children and the occasional Table Tennis game.
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    Post doc then general dosser, know nothing but want to learn everything
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  1. Instead of giving a hungry geezer a few coins, I bought him a week's shopping - and I feel good!

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    2. jimmydasaint


      Thank you guys. I'm no saint. I used to walk past these guys but have now lost my fear and engage them instead. I ask their name and why they are out on the streets. Most of the problems tend to be due to mental instability from my straw poll, but they tend to be OK people.

    3. Moontanman


      I have no shame in admitting it makes me feel good to help out others. I bought dinner and a hotel room for a woman and her child a awhile back. I ran into her at a local fast food place and she was trying to get them to let he work for some food. She had been brought down from several states away by her boyfriend and he abandoned her and her daughter to the streets a month later. I put her in tough with locals to get a bus ticket back to new jersey. She couldn't understand why I would he...

    4. jimmydasaint


      Love that Moontanman. I believe that the good we do comes back to us somehow and be sure that, when you need help, this act of charity will help you in turn. Great job man!

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