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  1. Yes I tried! But I could only find it now. I think I can use a cold finger (see how it provokes the condensation of part of the vapor). I mean, the usual fractional distillation (image below) wouldn't give me the reflux ratio I needed.
  2. I don't understand why Lady Gaga doesn't figure on this list.
  3. Hey guys I'm looking for a nice drawing of a lab device for fractional distillation at low pressure with reflux ratio. I just can't find anywhere a reflux associated to a fractional distillation. I've seen Perkin triangle but I don't know how it gives me reflux ratio. Thank you! Antonio.
  4. This creationist park must be cool... I would feel like I were in a Harry Potter theme park. Well, I'm upset with elections in US, so no comments at all.
  5. Hey guys, seize the water and energy, they're all saying! Well, I stay in the shower for about 20 minutes... this is just because I live in a very hot country.
  6. So Mariah Carey FINALLY threw her babies out.

    1. Moontanman


      I am quite certain No one ever looked any better doing it...

    2. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      are babies used in this context some kind of euphemism?

  7. Ladeira

    My Poem

    so cute I'd place it on my wall.
  8. It's quite nice that you assumed now that you have lost opportunities. Your career is not over because of college. In college, you just have to learn. Joining a research or not, you learned somehow (as your friend said "you're doing well in classes") what was to be learnt. I'm almost sure you've got an urge for opportunities like those you've left behind. And that's the right time. Postgraduating will give you that no matter what happened - or didn't - in college. Focus on what's coming your way and look for what might come. Talk to some of your professors, I'm sure it is going to help.
  9. My reply is too good to be written... lol ufo.bmp
  10. You say that cause they haven't raped you yet.
  11. Well embarassing photos are the greatest thing on Facebook. Childish is having other people checking your Facebook for your embarassing moments. Who never wanted to play jokes sometimes? I guess people need to set personal life apart from professional one. Embarassing things are real life. Isn't hiding it only convenient omission?
  12. Religious argument is always based on their belief that homossexuality is a state of mind, not a condition. That's how they try to say that it was chosen by the sinner. Really really disgusting, I hope I can marry someday soon. In my country.
  13. As everyone said, you should look for your professor. I have reports here, but they are in portuguese, I guess they wouldn't interest you.
  14. It really sounds like Discovery Channel speaker man. This paragraph you wrote made me laugh so, so, but SO much that I hope it is not so inappropriate to reveal it here. Anyway, for what we discovered by now, this theory is very weak.
  15. Hey, don't be shy. I don't know if that was the right place to create this topic on the forum, but welcome! People are very cooperative here. Hope you enjoy.
  16. Hey guys. I'm back to SFN with a very boring issue. I'm doing some pretty nice copper electroplating on stainless steel pieces using a solution containing 250g.L-1 CuSO4.5H2O, 0.05 mol.L-1 H2SO4 and 0.1 g.L-1 SDS. As it is for codeposition of suspended particles, it is desirable to use a dispersant (SDS) and EDTA. I usually use a temperature of 28°C (82ºF) that is mostly related on the articles I've seen, but somehow, when I used a temperature of 50°C (122°F) which is still OK for this kind of electroplating and took the sample to EDS analysis on a SEM, there was a big peak of Cl (15%
  17. I think he means something like an atomic oxygen, I guess it is represented by the symbol [O]. I know some atomic oxygen is released when manganese heptoxide decomposes but I'm not sure if that's what you mean. Don't really think you'd have hydrogen peroxide. It's more probable that you'd obtain O2 when 2 of your atomic oxygens collide or, if you want to think on a collision between H2O (pure, without dissolved O2 or anything else) and [O], then there must be some chance, I don't really know.
  18. hi! what's up?

  19. This may be a weird topic, but I really wanted to start this discussion as I haven't seen many about it. First, I'd like you to see my dog (Rony): He is simply one of the cutest pets I've ever seen, as he acts friendly and shows some respect to his owners, he loves to be cared of and all that fawning we usually deliver to the dogs. In spite of being very friendly, we always observed he's extremely strong. He is VERY jealous. It was worse before he got 3 years old. When he came to us, he used to destroy anything that we had taken care of in front of him. Specially plants. Only
  20. In Brazil, bumper stickers are very common on cars. Specially Christian and Catholic ones, also referring to politics, brands, and other stuff. Personally, I dislike them. But I see them all the time.
  21. Hello guys I deeply feel I need to introduce myself again. B) When I first signed up SFN, I was 15 years old. Now I'm about to reach 18, so there were so many changes I'm sure I'm not the same. My first contact with science was due to my mother job. She works with microbiology quality control and bacteria identification so that I've always shown some interesting on science topics. It led me to a Chemistry Technician school, know in Brazil as IFRJ (Federal Institute of Science, Education and Technology) which offers High School + Chemistry Tech courses (altogether). So that I
  22. Really enjoyed the reading though being aware the story has no really-special attractives. It's just normal and easy-reading... good but not astonishing.
  23. Excelent initiative! If you have previous knowledge on Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, etc. you can start reviewing books of your current level. I mean, really studying, getting to understand what's been said. And whenever a doubt comes up, you can post it here so we can help you. After learning new topics, I usually write about what I learned and compare to what's in the books to check what I misunderstood or unfortunately forgot. Hope it serves as a good tip. If you have NO previous knowledge, so you can start from secondary level books and keep improving it.
  24. I'm supposed to say no for an obvious reason. Though I don't really enjoy showering with other people, aarg. I really think they should build individual shower boxes if the problem is that. Gay = straight like black = white, the differences between two people aren't to be bad. Like blue and black eyes. So easy. B) Cause, banning gays from military is such an idiot thing, but you could never consider a gay man guilty if he gets... hm horny showering with the others. It's nature. So I am really guided to support individual shower.
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