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  1. Now it’s been established fact that UFO sighting since 1940s, now its over 70 years worldwide reporting of UFO sight seeing. Just wondering if they are really intelligent life forms from deep space, what taking them so long before them finally appear like regular visiting aliens before masses of people and on national TV? Why they just showing us glimpse of their flying machines some times beams of lights and then disappear in vastness of universe. I am not skeptic, but at same time i know its logical to believe on fact if we humans could evolve on earth, then there are millions of possible planets even in our milky way that could sustain intelligent life. but mother of all questions ::: what taking them over 70 years before they finally present themselves as regular normal appearance in front of masses. Any ideas??? Also i have a question if some one answers it with serious attitude. Is that possible for us a period of 100 years could be a very short time period from visitors from outer space or from other dimensions? I mean to say for them its just couple of weeks since they start visiting earth and for us it’s over 70 years? If any one could answer it with some scientific theory I will appreciate. chao
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