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  1. c dawg


    they tried to block all the websites like addicting games at all the schools in my province. It worked for a bit then people just found new sites
  2. DOn't be a wuss just suck it up. Who needs a pinky anyway. If ya gotta just chop her right off. Don't wanna drop that lucky #18
  3. c dawg

    Games U Like

    counter strike can be a lot of fun online too
  4. i wear shorts nearly all year round t shirt and of course vintage chuck taylor all stars
  5. c dawg

    Games U Like

    the halo, doom, and half life series, i just got forza motorsports and that is addicting now, and ya can't go wrong with some grand theft auto
  6. My brother in law told me that there was going to be a Star Wars tv show that happened between episodes 3 and 4. Anybody else hear anything like this?
  7. c dawg

    Pop ups

    i have microsoft antispyware and i update it regularely. if forget which pop up blocker i had. it wasn't working so i uninstalled it.
  8. i thought that although hayden christensen was a shitty actor in this one i found him to be way worse in episode 2.
  9. c dawg

    Pop ups

    if i leave my computer sitting there for 10 minutes or so i get a whole bunch of popups but it says the page is unavailable at this time or something along those lines. I did get a pop up stopper and i have an anti virus program and a spyware program but they still keep popping up. Does anyone know why or how i can get it to stop?
  10. I agree with you c dawg minus the Metallica part. I think this is the greatest quote of science forums history
  11. c dawg

    Halo 2

    where i live i can't get high speed so no xbox live for me. i've gotten the scarab gun. You pretty much need two players. Let one guy go ahead and kill everyone and the other guy lure the banshee in.
  12. c dawg

    Halo 2

    I have beaten Halo 2 a couple of times and played a lot of multiplayer and it is getting kinda boring. I was wondering if you guys knew any easter eggs or cool little glitches to try.
  13. 0.1688! it said the file was too big
  14. i speak well japenese but i will only do it at a price. (i'm not cheap)
  15. c dawg

    Doom3 Movie

    this thread wasn't supposed to be about hl2 or halo 2. its about the doom 3 movie. stay on subject
  16. c dawg

    Doom3 Movie

    pc gamer obviously enjoeyed doom. 94% if i remember correctly. a materpiece of the art game form they said. i enjoyed it very much and all of my friends enjoyed it. well without those twisted minds fps would definetly not be as good as they are today. those so called twisted minds are genious. yur just jealous you didn't think of it and would be rich right now. you probably never even played the game or if you did yur computer couldn't handle it. how can you say who could like a game like that when so many people do. the petition has around 5000 signatures. theres 5000 people right there that like it. DOOM 3 RULES!!
  17. i think my first word was tractor. i live on a farm and always play with tractor dinkies. i mean use to play lol
  18. c dawg

    NHL Lockout

    i actually don't miss it as much as i thought i would but i think around playoff time i'll start to miss those good ole game 7's that the leafs win lol. some players really piss me off like alexi yashin. he was only making 5 million dollars a year to play hockey but he though he needed 6 and wouldn't play. just makes me angry. i'd play in the nhl if all i got was a house a car and food that would be the life.
  19. c dawg

    Doom3 Movie

    i don't think it should be given the name doom. thats like making a halo movie without the spartans its just ridiculous. to me it sounds like its going to be some crappy pg-13 movie because they took out hell and changed the bfg to bio force gun. since tehy changed the name of the bfg it just sounds like some wussy gun. i'm very disappointed.
  20. this is a self portrait of moi. please post some of yours.
  21. c dawg


    Best site ive ever seen has got to be Phils site mhm
  22. i was thinking. the movies star wars weapons like the lightsaber it can cut through almost any substance. why wouldn't they just make a round short of ball to get in and it would be a shield to block and shots and it could be a weapon if you charged at people with it.
  23. i like all the star wars movies, lord of the rings,anything with will farell and adam sandler
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