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  1. who cares what your pic is of. its not like it means anything what they think about it
  2. i don't get why it's illegal for teens to buy tobacco but it's not illegal to use them. it's not like alchohol where you can't buy it or drink it when your a minor. why don't they just do the same thing with cigarretes
  3. what do you think fellowes?
  4. i like the look of them. like i said in an earlier post it is like a super mustang because it looks modern and from the muscle car era. i'd like to put a body kit on it put some nice wide rear tires a big ass blower take off the headers so you can't hear yourself think and its not street legal. give it a bitchuing paint job with some 19's. big woofers in the trunk so we shake the ride.put a new performance exhaust new cams pistons the whole works. that car would be smoking!
  5. i enjoy drinking soda on my sofa and playing my xbox machine preferably halo or halo 2.
  6. ya catwpmen is a fox even though she is really part cat
  7. my favorite superhero is batman. he is my favorite superhero because he isn't really a superhero because he has no powers. he's just a normal guy that kicks peoples asses. my second favorite superhero is danger boy the dangerous cowboy. he kicks ass. he is really touch and dangerous
  8. i was just wondering who was all your guys favorite superheros.
  9. if ya really wanna know wait till world history next year. or if you want to know now i can hook you up with one. it discusses all about the corw magnons and all the advances in technology between homo habilus, erectus and sapeins. it also tells about many other species where they were belived to have originated from and when they died out or eventually replaced.
  10. i did i remember it well. for some reason i had a shake before we ran and you did not notice me make it or drink it. and that really slowed me down cause you know what they do when you don't eat food with it and then i ran a mile and a half on top of that.
  11. c dawg


    if you could clone food then we could solve world hunger. its genious. let's figure out how to do it sometime fellowes and win like the nobel prize.
  12. what did one wave say to the other? nothing they just waved
  13. c dawg


    mtfbwy may the force be with you
  14. is the v6 the gt? i really like this new style mustangs. its kind of a new and classical look put together into one super mustang. i have taken one for a test drive and am thinking about purchasing one as well. i took out the v6 but it was pretty wimpy. the brakes are very touchy which i enjoyed. the front seats are exqusite but the back ones blow. i don't like the thing that sticks out under the grill and above the bumper it looks pretty artificial. i think i would rather purchase a svt cobra version. much faster. i would also recommend you looking into a 2004 dodge srt-4. it is a neon with a spoiler 230 hp engine abs brakes new sport suspension working hood scoop. it is a very peppy little car and runs around 28,000 canadian which is not bad.
  15. i disagree with fellowes. i think you should do some more research my friend. what if the crazy people were smart and and they made clones of themselves to have multiple times the crazy people i'd like to see the police chase them. sometimes don't have that much common sense and they might think what you do in a game must happen in real life too and it looks fun so why can't they do it too? Anyways just my thoughts i think i will acquire this game someday.
  16. it wasn't a whole minute and whoopy do the loop doesn't mean didly shit
  17. i'm faster than fellowes in the 10m sprint by 0.01 of a second. kicked his ass
  18. family guy rules so does simpsons and futurama
  19. i don't understand much of anything so i make up stuff to make it sound like i do.
  20. i just got a brilliant idea. buy an automobile and then you could aqquire a higher paying job that is now out of your reach because you do not own an automobile. after some time you will have enough money to purchase a new pc machine and then exchange some uk currnecy for HL2. i also recommend that you purchase a volkswagon golf or jetti tdi (diesel) they will get 60 miles a gallon highway and are tough reliebale little automobiles. and that's how the cookie crumbles. mmmm cookies.
  21. does anybody know where i can find directions to the bat cave?
  22. what's crypto zoology?
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