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  1. i think that anakin will kill count dooku and take his place beside the empire and kill all the jedi except the ones we already know he doesn't.
  2. i live on the east coast of canada and we might catch some of the aftermath of it tomorrow. nothing big though
  3. i was thinking of purchasing it with some canadian currency and i was wondering if i should? is it good enough for me?
  4. i just wanna hear what you guys think will happen in episode 3
  5. my first name starts with a c and i'm hardcore gansta so i added that dawg part(not dog thats not gansta)
  6. me and my friend were thinking of doing something like the red vs blue videos except on iron storm
  7. does anybody know what these programs are called?
  8. anybody ever see the red vs blue halo videos? i thought it would be really cool do that in a different game.
  9. 1. tribute by tenacious d 2. run to the hills by maiden 3. shook me all night long by acdc 4. enter sandman by metallica 5. whisky for my men beer for my horses by willie nelson and toby keith
  10. you like touching squirrels? in unappropriate spots? you need to get laid
  11. you shouldn't be taking a side on what you think is better yet until you have actually played the game. if the game was out and you were saying halo 2 is better that would be ok. but now your just going on the previous game and saying that its going to be better.
  12. you could do that with any game. the darkness with doom 3 is part of the setting. it wouldn't be the same. it's not only the darkness in doom 3 its the environment, it makes it scary, the darkness is just the icing on the cake.
  13. fellowes i do play a little iron storm on my off days. pretty good game.
  14. you guys shouldn't be saying how much better the storyline and game play is of halo 2 when it's not out yet. it could shit the bed.
  15. c dawg


    i like warcraft 3. i didn't beat it yet but its an awesome game.
  16. i like good ole stuff like the maiden metallica acdc motley crue that stuuf
  17. fellowes if i was you i would get an altec sync j type nybium 537.
  18. i like episode one and two the best so far just because it was all done in digital and the effects are so much better. I like episode 1 and 2 better because it has a whole bunch of jedi not just luke and obi wan.
  19. i really like star wars and i haven't seen any threads on it yet so i decided to make one. its just a general discussion on it.
  20. there was an older texan in a bar. he was bragging about how many women he slept with and how much land he said. a younger texan asked him "how much land do you really own?" the older man says" well i can get in my truck at dawn. drive all day, skip lunch and still not be to the end of my land by nightfall." the younger man says" i used to have a ford too"
  21. make like a doom 3 website and say how much better it is than halo 2
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