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  1. Darth Vader even though he isn't really a villan in the end and Kim John Il from Team America World Police
  2. c dawg


    if i wanted my own car and i bought one worth $500 Canadian insuarnce would have been $3000 a year
  3. it depends in what context. would you age and not be able to move anywhere or would you be young and strong forever? and is it only you or the rest of the people too. because if it was everybody the world would become overpopulted very quickly
  4. i think everyone should start at the same price then if you crash your cost will increase
  5. you can buy ones now that plug into your car cigarette lighter and will either cool things or heat them depending on what you want to do.
  6. c dawg

    drunk drivers

    thats's pretty bad
  7. i like Master Chief, the doom guy, Gordon Freeman but my favorite would have to be Tommy Vercetti
  8. definetly maiden i like yanick gers cause hes crazy
  9. c dawg

    orange juice

    pulp reminds me of floaties and i don;t like floaties
  10. I heard on the radio that they were thinking of making all the other movies over with Christian Bale.
  11. Is that the same creature that was in the movie Resident Evil Apocolypse?
  12. c dawg


    My friend bought a katana and a dagger both with sheaths on ebay for $20 bucks Canadian.
  13. c dawg


    I'd go for the sword cane personally. They think your crippled then you whip out the sword and chop everything up. That would be so sweet
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