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  1. the darkness of doom 3 is the whole point. it may piss you off but if the lights were on the whole time it wouldn't be scary, and it would be much easier. doom3 isn't just blind shooting. thats what makes it hard. you take yur flash light out and see where the bad guys are then you shoot the shit out of them. if teh lights were on like in halo 2 it would be too simple. And in doom 3 if you just walked into a room and started shooting you would easily run out of bullets and would never be able to beat the game. you always have to look for bullets and health and armour. thats what makes it hard. if you just shoot like crazy you'll never beat the game.
  2. I have just played a game of Halo. And there is no comparism between it and Doom 3. Doom 3 kicks the !@$^&%$ out of it. The graphics are twice as good i think it has a better story line, it is a much scarier environment and i think you can just get into the game a lot better than halo. And you guys can't say halo 2 is better than Doom 3. It isn't even out yet.
  3. I think this is a very interesting topic and should be looked into deeply. I think your question should be more specific. It would depend on what kind of puppy, the size,weight, etc. and it depends what what you are dropping the puppy on and the wind can always be a factor, don't forget about the wind. If you throw two puppies of the same kind it still would depend. It's like throwing a rotten apple compared to a ripe one off a building. Think about it.
  4. Hello everybody. I am in high school(best 6 years of my life) Anywho science is pretty cool. Go leafs Go
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