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  1. my name came from my interest in the table of elements. Quick Silver is another name mercury. my avatar.......... when i looked...i didn't see kenny, my favorite south park character.
  2. quick silver


    look up "radiation posioning". that would be your best bet. i think that would be for gamma rays.............
  3. how about this........ the first and last thing you do in your computer class is go on SFN. what you go into a library for. the reason you want the internet in the first place. you sound ticked when you tell people your computer has absolutly no internet capabilities. yes this has happend to me before. but not with a forum
  4. how small? crystal.....at the atomic level?
  5. thank you correcting that.... i had no idea if the one i put was right. my signature is by me.\/ does that count in this thread........
  6. all the world's a stage and we are but it's many pawns >William shakespear?
  7. i'm going to take a guess.................. bacteria? pollen? dust? particles of red food colouring? <more of a joke than an answer.
  8. QUOTE=ecoli]The hotter one should cool down faster, because entropy is favored in the universe. does that make sense? Either that, or it's a trick question, and it happens at the same rate. heat is transfered from hot to cold. the glass of water above room temp. might cool to room temp first. colder water heats up slower.............? am i off compleatly or is it a trick question?
  9. correct me if i am wrong...... the denser the atom, the more energy it holds. and when it breaks,(Fission or Fusion) smaller atoms are created, with a less dense core. there are leftover particles to compleate the nuclear reaction. Fission or Fusion.... one Might release more energy one way than the other.(i'm not sure if i am right about that.....) just something to think about.
  10. what physical evidence do we actually have for black holes? (oatjay) scienctists have been using the gravitational field, it's effects on a neighbouring star, to determine it's size.
  11. they turn in to men? The only thing that happened was that I ended up at Yoshi's house. What is the special prize, or what ever it is? I think I am doing some thing wrong here. I have beaten the special levels, yet nothing happened. If any one knows of any hints. Please post them.
  12. All I have to do is beat the secrect levels. Or in other words the special worlds. That and get the dragon coins. I've already beaten most of the secrect levels but I'm stuck on the special level called,Tubular. I've already found out how to get to the back door of Bowser castle. I've already gotten Princess. All I need is the book for help for the rest.
  13. quick silver


    ok if you want to know how bad the fitering on a school compter can get. just read this.. it is the last day of school and i cannot acess my thread. they have blocked it. if anyone has any stories about stupid things that your school has done. post them here
  14. i remember having them for a day span.... everyday in nd block i would get the hicups...... as for what i did............ tried the wated... that sometimes works. held my breath.... that never works for me. but most of the time when i get hicups i have to wait them out.
  15. this is just for game cheats. in line with the thread "what type of games do you like to play." if anyone has a back issue of "nintendo power" for the gameboy advanced game..."super mario world"? if so..........if your done using it...........are you willing to part with it? thank you.
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