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  1. I should edit that, but i will say it here, I like animal sciences, and human psychiatry, im not crazy
  2. I haven't posted anyhting on here in a long time, but I am getting to the point where I have to seriously start thinking about my career. I am interested in the animal sciences andmaybe some psychiatry. I also very much enjoy writing. I was just wondering how some other people stumbled upon their jobs and whether or not they are where they wish to be at the moment. What would be the best way to deciding on what to do? Thanks Fellowes
  3. its non dominant hand, and hoceky, and actaully doctor casted it today for what he says will be a month :S...i'll see what happens, thnks for advice
  4. i fractured my finger today and i was wondering how long people think it will take to heal,,i ahave an apointment tomorrow which is why i ask i havent been told anything by the doctor yet. its the loweer part of my pinky and its a spiral fracture. i've never broken any bones before and i was wondering how long this might take because i have some important sports in two weeks time. will it be ready does anybody think? shouold be, right?
  5. Fellowes

    Games U Like

    Since i am one of the folk that live where highspeed isnt available, Iron Storm would have to be my favourite PC multiplayer online FPS right now. I was a huge fan of DOom3 . Battlefront, as reptitive as it was , was fairly fun. The original metla gear for PS was awesome. NFSU series were fun for me. Halo 2 was a dandy , as was Splinter Cell 3, and many many more..
  6. Fellowes

    Halo 2

    i also own halo 2, but im in the same boat as cdawg xbox live wise.
  7. alright thanks, i checked out the last site and it seemed fairly helpful, i appreciate everybody trying to help so thanks to all. ill see what i can do fomr here. btw ive already contacted hp themselves and all they said was we'll send you a set of restore discs :s
  8. ok, well there were no discs atall that i remember coming with the computer. the only thing i have tried so far are the two sets of restore discs. could it possibly be a hard error on my drive? rather than a soft one
  9. when you guys talk about the XP cd, is that just like my system restore discs?
  10. What i call my 'good' computer has been down for a long time. One day it started acting up on me so i shut it down. Big mistake. Now when i try to boot it up it goes to the HP screen and then where the Windows XP loading screen is supposed to come up it says "NTLDR Missing,, press CTRL - ALT-DLT to Restart" on a black screen in grey test with nothing else on the screen but that. I tried using my restore discs that i made but i tseems that every pther file cannot be recovered. I orderee restore discs fomr HP and its the same thing. Every other file has an error during its recovery. This is really getting on my nerves and i was wondering if anybody knows whats going on or what my NTLDR file is? Thanks
  11. lol, i took the 9-saddam, the 18 - einstein, and the 45 -gandhi
  12. I seen a vague review of it on tv and the graphics are decent, the cameras suck by times, the gameplay is really hard, and it has a hint of rpg style play in the sense that you can upgrade things like skills or weapons, i havent played any of the DMC series so i dont really have much of an opinion but anyways....
  13. it didnt look very good to be honest, but i havent played it so i dont really have much of a say
  14. I I get deja vu all the time! i cant really recall any specific moments but i kow it happens. only midly to me. I agfree with snore and the dream bit..goes back to my dream thread
  15. yes, cdawg is a very japanese speaker, im not lying i know him personally and he does very well...
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