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  1. do you know how electricity is mostly produced???
  2. This new invention of the Hidrogen Car seems to be not so good idea. I once tried to do this but i get to realize that the process to get the hidrogen fuel, makes more pollution that the gas or diesel theirselfs, so, whats your opinion?
  3. well, actually the aircraft desing is not only for flying , it gives pretty much information (of the research) for fluids. so many things used in aircrafts can be mmmm taken for other areas, such as space.
  4. hmmmm what about disabling the cruise system? o modifying it.
  5. bz2 and the the ratio compression is relative to the data content. is the best that exist. rar is good, zip is classical and not so good but its streameable.
  6. errr if you tell us your budget for it.
  7. I live in mexico so guess my answer.
  8. I'll go for Marie Curie, Friedrich August Kekulé and Gauss. Thinking that gauss teorems are all over the techonology, art and science. :S
  9. In the hidrogen bomb the idea is to join 2 atoms of H into 1 atom of He for example. so... the cuantity of atoms is not constant in the same system. Thas why we have electrons and quarks. And i only like to debate against Sayonara rookie. Number of possible chess moves 10^120 <- You are of those statistics freaks aren't you?. Well if i have a queen and a king and my opponent has a queen and a king, they can move into circles forever in the ethernity. so there is not a real number of chess movements. Its quite hard for ignorants to discover themselves in ignorance. and please, think before posting.
  10. There are physics formulas for that of course quite advanced.
  11. Hmmm.... where to start. 1st- YT makes references that there is a calculable finite number of permutations in chess that is not tooo high, just the recursive ones then it would tent to infinite, the correct algorithm would be then when it draws. 2nd.- The number of atoms in the universe is not consistent, i am amazed of the ignorance in this fact. people, remember fussion and fision and radiation. 3th.- The number of atoms in the universe is far very very far beyond the permutations of a chess table, compare them gets to seem stupid. 4th.- Deep Blue is algorithmic not heuristic. 5th.- In the universe the atoms have plenty lots of conections, not going far a quick example is the electric field (Kq/d^2) or gravity perhaps despreciable in a long distance, but important. 6th- Well this wont be made for a start but the way the the atoms connect its inverse proportional to the distance. so they would get what in science are called, significative cifers. 7th- Actually he didn't have a chance. but the computer took the playing protocol. (let him move then calculate and then and then, its quite simple).
  12. AtomicMX


    it would be for the mexican borders, clear most all the time.
  13. AtomicMX


    Haven't but i was thinking in optics as well, but hmmm computer rasterization of the images and processing.. i'll try to get some info about lidar
  14. AtomicMX


    Was the first post.
  15. It's likes mussulmans and some sort of the definition you are coinin... well in that case i'll invent the airplane.
  16. Mmmm actually not, because Fox is kinda incompetent, so he didn't pursue the corrupts as Salinas an get Mexico's money back.
  17. Hmmm... quick silver, you remind me plenty some time ago, but you have a big lack of science knowledge but, you have a nice imagination (reasoning ability) and i may suppose that your way of solving the riddle is in the relation of energy and matter but the real one with meassurements then you would have the relations of all energies, and all the world solved. Well for the case you are looking for mmmm just tellme which formulas do you need... Electromagnetism is inmense. just shoot your idea.
  18. or go to the beach and get the carbon from the sand grain by grain :P ....
  19. Well you can't coin that word, because it already exist in my language. hehehe...
  20. AtomicMX


    Hmm in another hand, i hardly think you can blow up the whole world, i mean, there is no such that quantity of material. perhaps you can destoy the surface but.... with this same technology we would make a lot of bunkers and stuff... but, blowing up the world, is hmmmm some sort of imposible with nukes...
  21. After making some interviews and getting info from some of my sources.... Mexico has the 2 wealthiest people of the world. Carlos Slim is the 4th wealthiest man in the world, and everything thanks to an ex-pre. of mexico Carlos Salinas that stole the whole country, so... if we do the math thinking that Carlos Salinas gave the little pieces of bread to Carlos Slim and illicity get the Cake, and if in facts Carlos Slim is the 4th welthiest man in the world, that makes probably Carlos Salinas the Third, Second or Even the First Welthiest man in the world. Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in the world, but Salinas is an International Corrupt and even Gate's currencies are no match for this mop, for example one, just one narc in mexico once anounced that if he was freed he would pay the Inpayable External (to US) debts. JESUS. think about it. Just one narc. And Salinas is not just involved with narc, frauds, directly stole mexican reservs, international corruptions, US people are blind because the belive that after Castros Death they'll overtake cuba and make it democratic; Salinas lives in cuba, i suppose that he has already bought the whole country (of course underwater). This is some sort presumssion... but... if something miss here and something appears there... well you do the math.
  22. Thanks for the tip H2SO4 I'll try burning two pencils..... <- better open up some carbon batteries
  23. For sprinting you need to make PowerUps, in other words, short intense muscle fatigue, sprinting is obviously usefull to improve you sprint speed and stamina. as for gym rutine for sprinting are the hack the max height you can hold to make 8 reps and the leg press in upper position. I am a Guard in my football team and i need to make sprints to overpass the speed of the runners in a short term in order to protect them. I suppose that this perfectly fits for paint ball. in the other hand, stamina and about what was already told well supose your veins and your muscle requirments must go throug a path and well is not the same an off-road than a max-highway, think it in that way, and also the heart strength, isn't the same a vw than a ferrari.
  24. AtomicMX


    hmm is an inland radar. and i can spare about 20000$
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