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  1. perhaps if the hats would be 2 red and 2 white.... is could be answered correctly
  2. Thinking about what Nalos Surith said i think i am going to pour on me some petroleum and light it and die, NOW!
  3. ..... what about man swiming.... are we fish like ? and the ones that use suits?
  4. well... macOs is a good choice either
  5. ..... the answers for many questions, since.. "i change my settings in msn and bla bla bla bla" is... get linux and get firefox, period.
  6. Jajajajajajajajajajaj nice. And well, i use a different but very similar aminoacid named L-Carnitine And well, diet its important because you need to eat the things you are going to use. But of course if you use to make intensive session, eating once in burger king is not going to make you any bad.
  7. I'll see if i can take myself one lifting Half Ton in leg press. And you'll see its me, because i am the guy on the avatars pics. (i have set two, this one and another of me with red glasses)
  8. the topic is quite instresting till those stupid jokes.
  9. Lance how many days did you avoid drinking water to get that shot?
  10. so steping in a country and killling soldiers is not terror. uhm.. IRAQ didnt send to US any shit. The one was Bin Laden and was from afganistan another very very different country. Where is the terror.... in my eyes steping on the soberany of another country is terrorism.. In the other hand, a soldier must protect the inocent, and keep the peace, soldiers can neglect orders and be judged and if their reasons are tall enought then they can make it out of the trial. The armies are not blind, they are actually taught to think. (military school). Then... tell me where is Osama Bin Laden. US doesnt want peace and as far as the facts neither does England. France can be more suceptible to attacks from middle orient and was against that war. Can you explain that, did your country (the people who disagree did something important in orrderr to stop it.. NO).
  11. You can eat healthily and gain weight, if you excersize that what you eat becomes mussels (and well substances to make them worK) if you do not excersizes then you get fat, because you got to make reserves. Even in that way there are 2 kinds of fat people, the healty like ones (like the fat militars for example) and the fat fat people, that they are in a very dangerous situation. Being perfectly slim is not the healthiest thing. having a little reserve of fat (very little) its recommended if you do crosscountry exercises. most of those fats goes to the butt.
  12. I voted yes because, no one has the right to go into any country. There were no nuclear nor chemical weapons (for masive destruction), so the ****ing terrorist at my eyes are the ****ing american army and the ****ing british army and spanish one, and the people that supported that. Then who are the terrorist. That topic make me sick. Why did american army did not search for "Bin Laden" and that stuff....? because..... the petroleum....
  13. The problem is that if you do not take an strict excersize schedule you may gain weight (in the non desired way).
  14. :S. for body building i suggest two things. eating much proteines (meat and much much fish). using creatine and some cafeine containing stuff. There are supplements (legal) that pretty nice for body building (i use them) they are L-carnitine and Fat-Burners.
  15. Making hardware work on linux is easy it is just not the windows way. it could be even faster. I have a Dell inspiron 5100 It has an Ati Radeon in an intel agpart (chipset) controller. Latin American keyboard. Combo DVD RW PPPoE connection and everything works just great. I use Slackaware GNU/Linux. And i suggest it very much, if you have the time to try it, not those coprolitic things as redhat fedora or suse or mandrake. do it. Any questions about Slackware linux please send me a message.
  16. if you are in windows, i do recommend the upgrade, if you are in linux.... is not necesary...
  17. is almost the same... but seems more stable..(thought version 9 was stable either).
  18. AtomicMX


    neither the speed, thought a circle is an ideal abstract ent.
  19. He sure meant that travelling at lighspeed doesnt makes you go trought the time. you only overpass the light sent before. or something like that.
  20. Yes, that but it was unstable, just wanted to get the clock speed. By the other hand i am seeing that most of you are thinking on a high processing capability to be the solution to the speed. Common cloking processors are good enough... overclocking wont make a big difference (just in video card for 3D aceleration.. and it is used only (mostly) for benchmarking not for common use). About the unnecessary overcloking of the CPU i mean that almost all of us. (you) own low speed bus in the motherboard, is like having a 10000 litrs tank up on the house, if you only can send a little quantity through a plumb tube. if you have a need for speed, you should try the following. overclocking is mostly used for benchmarking. -get high speed memories -get high speed bus motherboard -get high rpms (not RedHatPackages) hard disk -get non integrated components (external audio card- video card) if you dont belive me.. test an AMD 1.6 ghz with 512 DDR (hyperx) versus 2.66 P4 (128 mb drr) the difference is 1ghz!!! and yet the AMD will ru.... perform more tasks in less time.
  21. I may disagree of your comment. You cannot rely on unproved, you can have faith on the unproved but you cannot trust in it. As Kekule said. " Sueña, tal vez encontrarás la verdad pero abstente de publicar tus ideas antes de ponerlas a prueba con la mente despierta" The translation would be like this: " Dream, you may find the truth but avoid publishing your ideas without having them test them before with the awakened mind" Its not narrow minded, but you should understand that about the things we dont see we dont know, we just can dream. and we cannot disprove what it is not proven first. So in order to do the things right, first prove it. Well the everything should be a wormhole my friend. even common travelling throught gallaxies.
  22. Technical is High school here, i am some sort of Technician in psycology. But Technology Insitute makes Engineers. such as me.
  23. I will read it trougtly but.. as far as i read, that does not concord with your definition of wormhole, in the other hand... it looks more like a time tunnel. and the could be possible.
  24. "Historia del Tiempo, del Big Bang a los Agujeros Negros" Lo voy a buscar.
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