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  1. Hmmm i dont find it funny when american people stereotipe us, as "beaners" with mustache and resting in a cactus, MY GOD how can americans belive one would be stupid enough to rest in a cactus... after that, we are thought as stupids,etc,etc,etc.... and plus, that we love tequila because we produce it.... jez, i hate tequila (i love vodka) and plenty of my friends do.. hehehehe americans have a weird way to define people... I am mexican in the case you didn't notice.
  2. AtomicMX


    I have been given the project of making a radar for detecting Narc Aircrafts. Any info words ideas about how to do this (please something usefull) most of these aircrafts are cessna like and dc-x like. Radars based on the doppler effect are not useful, and i need to make it the cheaper that i can. thank you.
  3. you should slap your teacher on the check.. and well, the topic needs to be clarified, because there are quite few compounds of noble gases. and some mmmm radioactive and unfilled. if i understood well, then i disagree.
  4. hmmm as i said in my debate with sayonara, everything will be a science in that case.
  5. Perfect no.You would have to take in count all the universe. positions and stuff.
  6. errr books , was half sarcasm, i meant, you got to study a lot of programming and well having a nice reasoning capabillities.
  7. Life has been already found in earth.
  8. Is looks some sort of useless to just say i agree or disagree in the threads... because it is not a pool.... what sense has to say i disagree someone already disagreed firts... Or, how am i going to know that this guy, is the one i want to debate to. What i suggest is to say something like i agree / disagreee and a brief why. " I disagree because it's against with x law that states the contrary"
  9. Verusamore something that you are forgetting is the fact that IExplorer is some sort of fork of the already loaded explorer.exe (the shell not the program). so, it may show less memory because it uses shared loaded things.
  10. Hmmm.... no we do not... our jet fleet are 8 F-5e aircrafts..... EVEN CUBA have F-16
  11. ....thinking about my county, i didn't get into mexican air force, cause.... the top technology fighter is the Tiger II ......
  12. hmmm... that not true.... the programs have the same algoritm, but the results comeout of the variables that are set....
  13. time is not a 4 dimention by the way... i mean. is like a set of fruits... thinking that a are apples are x, pears are y, and pineapple are z, and we put rocks as t (for time).... is stupid and nonsense.
  14. I did not want to get involved but, i'll tell you 2 simple things. Time is the comparation of movements... then it was implemented mathematicaly, but time is movements comparation just that, then acording to relativity theories, if two things are in 2 diferent inertial fields, then you would see some sort of time bending. then, thinking about time for 3D time, and stuff, is first, useless, and second stupid. ¿questions?
  15. AtomicMX


    .... The idea of binary numbers start with on and off disposal of electricity. thats why we use binary code, because is the easiest and elecronicaly posible way of sorting information. For example the first modems used codes like manchester diferential or things like that to send info... and it was binary, morse code, could be considered some sort fo binary coding... etc.. In response to noz92. There is a table of 256 characters in most computers is the set of the ASCII code, so... the display in computer gets the number and display the ascii code. The images are something like this in a 256 colors display the info is stored and interpreted something like this. ASM rx FFh|FFh (hexadecimal) or 00000000b|0000000b ( binary) so in a bmp like file the pixels would be stored 8 by 8 (binaries numbers) for xy positions in order. and well the first 2 ff are the color and the other 2 ff the position plus an interruption (something that goes in or out of your computers such as kerboards printerts etc...)
  16. The answer should be a paradox, such like, "You are going to kill me"
  17. Was that an indirect . What i mean, is that the things that are incompatible may be done in another way to make them compatible. (get the result you want). or tell me what can't you do for 2 browsers. What i try to set, is that one cannot be around complaining about it doesn't fit when i see it in firefox. The things can be done with knowledge, and i am not going to teach somebody, something that he can learn reading the manuals. (not talking about you) Tell me one problem you have had with browsers incompatibilities?
  18. .... Look everyone, i had by 2 years a web hosting/desing company, and for compatibilities, dreamweaver is not GOD HAND CREATOR, its a designer that aids yo to make the WYSIWYG and another stuff, but for compatibility, i would suggest for the ones that have problemas TO STUDY A LITTTLE HTML please..... is like wanting to make bombs without knowning chemistry. The thing here is that php and html are compatible... there just different ways to interprete orders in those browsers (MSIE and Netscape compilants) please if you study some html you'll quickly solve them.
  19. By the way, he critic hitler (and make reference to the bibble) because of the killing of 2/3 of jews and he uses a barely modified nazi simbol.... i just dont get it.
  20. i read all the site... and i can confirm that its mostly crap.
  21. And i thought that the britishes were the ones who smoke marihuana, but that chinese or whatever, made me to make a new approach. (about the marihuana consumers stuff)
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