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  1. Thank you anyway, by the way... stephen hawking is not a very very well sustainable scientifc source. In his case you should better read him... and decide if you like him or not... but not to put his words in your mouth.. (as a suggestion). As i said. A wormhole is not a black hole, and does not exist. If anyone else sustain that wormholes exist then bring mathematical explanations.
  2. There is one one definition of any particular thing. But there can exist very much meanings for a thing. Science does not use meanings but definitions 123rock Listen, math didn't made the x,y,z longitudes, math (physics) abstracted those bounds from the things that exist. Math didn't make the bounds, bounds made the variables of space. so where are you going to get an extra dimension, where from. .... Yes you can, you do not have to use only your eyes so see that something exist. that why you use math. for avoiding your senses from playing you tricks. About the atome thing, you can improve, but if its scientifically accepted then should have no mistakes. (and impovement does not contradict the last theory).
  3. Flak, give the book name. That would be some sort of acelerator. (what you mentioned) Where is the mathematical or scientific explanation. 2.)fourth dimension is time. ..... well.... yes and no. dimensions are plenty, in case everything that tends to infinite could be a dimension.... but talking about space time is not a dimension.. though time is a dimention. 4.)I should reach through my computer and kick your ass for talkin to me like that. yeah. 5.)still no definition of "universe" that allows there to be more than one agreed.
  4. I think its bachelor, tought i am in an Technology Institute not University.
  5. I do not understand the degrees. I am an egineer what would that be?
  6. bahh its easy.... the encriptions are very easy.
  7. Firefox is not the problems. could you (all) lsit the sites you cannot visit. The thing is that IE its integrated to the system, so all languajes and plug ins (many) are available for I.E. I haven't had troubles with accessing sites in GNU/Linux Slackware with Firefox. And you havent tryied it with linux... THIS is amaizing.
  8. You have a right point here, but well, we still do not know much about antimatter, even this Hawking has recently contradicted himself. so.... we cannot discuss what we do know.. i agree. Math are abstract. Time is defined by movement, space by energy density. That wouldnt be a worrmhole.
  9. Flak.. well but tell us why not? :S
  10. jajajajajaja Well, in that case i will not be angry if you send it to my email. well in that case, it wouldn't exist. what do we care?. if it exists; it would be part of the universe. if it does not exist then we can call it the nothing. not another universe. it would not be easier than proving that there is a god.
  11. We cant because that would exist either, and universe is for everthing that does exist. I would perfectly agree with this. The thing is that we should get confused, as it is happening. And well... how much factible is to talk about god, another Set of physics laws energy and matter that we do not know and things we cant see, we are not researching on, and we do not know even know....
  12. i understand what you are saying.. but there are definitons that we must follow.. just that.. even if we do not have contact with them if they exist, they are part of the universe. remmember that universe is all that exist. i do am not saying that there cannot be more, but multiverse definiton is wrong. This is a big mistake from wikipedia. Is a definiton. That says everything that does exist.
  13. .... you still do not seem to understand.
  14. He is talking about the laws, not multiuniverse. Though i disagree with Sayonara in multiuniverse he has a point here. It would be preserved because it would be 1 universe.
  15. Mhhh how instresting. How can there be more than everything. You can find more things.... and those things would be part of the everything.
  16. Yes, but this is not school. And it was for the stubborn teenagers who think something avoiding physics. What we all need is to study more.
  17. ... can you explain me how can 2 universes exist.... if universe is everything.
  18. I agreed to sayonara that the laws maybe cannot be the same, but i do not agree in multiuniverse.. BECAUSE in case that those exist there would be part of the same universe. that why you should all read some discreet math.
  19. I did it based on the incomplete einsteins theory. you havent say why am i wrong. I've asked many times to excuse my english. so take it as "scientific way"
  20. Its not that easy for me. I mean, i can except multiple galaxies, multiple sistems like matter and antimatter, in for definitions, everything is a universe. its a definitions. or well. could you give me your definition of multiverse. your definition. i will explain you based on that. why is that still a universe. and we'll be all happy i belive. write something such as Multivers : yada yada yada.... please. thanks in advance.
  21. I do not drink, i do not even smoke for your information. There is a definitions, what you or your people belive i do not care. read the dictionary more often. And i do not know if i am ignorant but i can resolve physical equations, and understand the definitions and theories. About multiuniverse (dreamlord) please search (in a nice way) for discreet math... so you'll understand why cannot be more than one universe. Well you should post your pic, or send it to my email so i can give you mine. or such as me, use it as avatar. For the ones who didn't know, the one of the pic its me.
  22. that if antimatter its exactly opposite to common matter then it would be mathematically posible a time machine.
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