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  1. many time ago i did an animation about the most posible time travelling... you should see it, it may help you to open your mind (and narrow it to the scientifical) http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=4334
  2. jajajajajaa nice... I could not vote on this poll because my answer is not among them. I would say it depends on which cartoons. I was raised with Mazinger Z, The Zodiac Chaballiers (saint seya), FLY, i think that i got too many moral lessons from there.. i became an engineer since i saw mazinger z, detrying testing toys.. etc.... but the actual cartoos... are just too stupid and nonsense that... well.. i do knot know what would be the became of that... well know it in some 9 years.
  3. laplace transformations are not a big deal, are a big work. You pushed me to, i am not preventing anyone from learning. But ingorance is the lack of knowledge, for example i am a poetry ignorant. You can state your opinion, but there are PHYSICS rules and Mathematic (algebraic, linear, calculus and in this case DISCREETE) that you should respect. I am not arguing your statement with my opinion, i am telling you that you are wrong, but i am not a teacher, so i just show you what are you lacking. As far as i know i have always told you, you. (though refering you to others as he) I did not know that you where girl... are you cute? We need to start studying.
  4. Then his attitude is wrong, he then should had ask for a better properly explanation instead of trowing crapy comments. Young not stupid. and this is not with you or against you. but there are proper ways to behave. Seems that you did not pay attention.. i explained the things to DreamLord then he didnt even care to understand what i was saying, not even search for discreet math and conceptualization. so that is why i am getting rude. Its easy man.
  5. You are pretty ignorant. He proved what he said but it was against church (somehow) and he was going to be executed and then he retracted, then he said " and even though it moves". I may have no imaginations but you do not have knowledge what is worse. MY GOD SAKE!!!!!!!!!! I didnt say all of them had basis but there are ones that does and thats why (for them) that we study. But yet, you stand is wrong. Thanks . (i knew it). Before making another stupid reply, understand what i said and study a little bit discreet math.
  6. Because it won't take us anywhere. thats the reason. I do know it at all. As sayonara said in resume, the explanation of whys and hows. You can build hypothesis but based on something... i cannot make my gods theory just because i want to speculate. (well i can, but that would not be so scientific). You can think whatever you want. I follow the science and definitions. I did not meant that, but you did not read my post very well, because i was making notion to the lack of some basic knowledge to understand this stuff. such as very basic "teoria de conjuntos" (intersections, unions, venn diagrams). it is, in the sense that DreamLord does not understand some discreet math.
  7. Did you all gave up???? I thought there were quite nice computer users here...
  8. i may be a party waterer but... i find do not find this surprising...
  9. Since some experiences i've been having here, things that i've read, things that i see in my community, is a must to post this as a suggestion for the young scientist (those teenagers). First, i've been seeing that many of them post by posting, we have a very populated young audience here; There are rules i was reading one rule that many people skip. such as " to see if there is already a thread about it, people you got to get serious. Well, the idea of this thread is to make a reflexion on what do we follow to understand. Which are the correct definitions. Because many people, does not follow the definitions of the things they are speaking. Law methodic description of something. Definition is an structured description of something. Concept is the general idea of something. Rumor is a common known idea of something. Law is science valid. Definition may be science valid. Concept is literaly (semantic) valid. Rumor is people valid. why? Law is an abstract way to see the nature (or the things that exist). With a mathematical balance. (explanation). Definition is a description of something to make it an object. something different from others, an almost perfect entity. when it arrives to objectivity its science valid. Concept is just an idea (description of an idea) such as dragon, god... literaly (semantic) valid. Rumor a popular explanation of something, again such as god, dragon, alchemy... We should be concerned about Definitions, concepts and laws, not rumors. we should also be responsable of what we say, not just, i heard this from there... or reading internet texts with some stuff like " there is cold fusion" and belive it at once without searching a mathematical (or schematical) explanation. In the school we were (are ; going to be) bugged by "Homework: concept of chemistry, etc..." and we brought the definition and start mixing as if they two were sinonimous. If we are asked for a concept is the dictionary general idea. but the definition is an structured explanation and very well conformed. The main idea of this thread is to make you all (even i am) reflex about the use of these things. For the case of this forum (scienceforums.net) would be much useful if we attend to understand the following, (as my personal suggestion). "Do not use rumors" "Concepts may be used to propose an idea" "Definitions must be used to make an attack or sustain the idea" "Law is the channel where the |perfectly| concrete things (math exp. and schemes) reside and are the ones that already are and the ones we got to follow" Thank you. Every comment is welcome. (even if it is not do it )
  10. Yes, i am not making you down, its intresting to study things such as these, but you got to be responsable for everything that comes out of your mouth.
  11. This is a highly misunderstanding of the new physics hypothesis... but yet you have an intresting point about the inifite... if you split infinite into 2 you would have infinite(thing that is different to everything or universe), if you study some more math you will get to aleph and will be able to understand that.
  12. When you use a proxy connection you use the IP of the proxy server. But... maybe there are applications that let you choose which ip to use.... or that what you recall, but still what i said applies to proxies.
  13. Now you see. Thats exactly what i try to tell you, i own (owned selled to a friend) a server. and i used it plenty times as proxy for mIRC and downloading some stuff. And well i do not know how exactly WinProxy works, but seems to be a frontend for the microsoft protocols... (you could be able to set it up manually). proxyservers are highly used by cable users, thats why cable users, cannot make some sort of direct connections. and you can run a proxy in your machine and you could be able to connect to localhost but its pointless. :S DNS resolves ips, and other more important tasks, a proxy only makes connections lending the ip.
  14. There is a big difference between speculation and hypothesis, hypothesis is based in some sort of evidence (with logic). And speculating is just saying, this could be this or that.. or those... just because its posible. Now you do not have even a career so i bet you do not know conjunts(groups) theory (discreete math and probability). THATS WHY YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAY. if you do study a little bit of that, you see with cant you see the obvious. Because there is true evidence. Such as the big meteor that fall in Yucatán, México. You should read the debate of "biology is not a science" though i lost it, and i was wrong, you will learn lots about scientific definitions i bet you for sure. Again... conjunctions theory. well, you cant do that but if you could, then you would still have one bigger universe. again "teoria de conjuntos". i read the last one, about the universes. the other one you alone told us that they were blackholes, so i didnt need to, i know about blackholes already. People think about stealing, war.... so what is the point, thinking about something that there is no evidence. In that case is different, because there is some evidence about it. but seems that you are a complete ignorant to the topic. I do not deny that we can found different physics laws in other parts of the universe.. but there cannot be another universe... because universe is everything.
  15. well.. i agree with you if thats the way logic works... but then ... logic between people is different... is what i am understanding.... because for me would be logical.... there is where i think i am missing the point (logic) .. :S
  16. Is both external (post birth since age of 0 to death) and genetics, for example.... I cant eat "higado" because i just spit it i cant taste it..... and so some of my mother's mom he can neither eat that.... so we dont like that food could you say, but is more a matter of chemical reactions... and genetics..... remmeber that pleasure is inflicted by senses and men search pleasure so if two people with same genetic characteristics can get to be comfortable with the same stuff because they are geneticaly similar to react pleasently to them. but i am sure that (mostly) the way of thinking is quite different....
  17. I am not attacking you, but is like prove me that Ala does not exist. Or like... proving or disproving the following: God created the world in five days bla bla bla... or The earth was spitted from the sun and it froze and in a organic soap the life began etc etc.. You cant "disprove" the gods one, but you can prove it either.. So... why should we discuss something unceratin? Its not matter of that, i can hear something crazy but if it is correcto it is correct... the thing we should understand is that if we have 2 "universes" those 2 would be one. A little abstraction of that would be (infinite + infinite = infinite) just that uni.... Hold on a second. YOU ALL (mostly) should start studying "Teoria de conjuntos" the one of {x|x = a,b,c,d} etc. .... then what is the rest? you should have definetly got an F in probability in (teoria de conjuntos) with those notions. Do you undestand the difference between everything and infinite? everything can be finite. wormhole is not blackhole. about the "article" or book or whaterever: I do not disregard the posibility of other life, but why should we be interested in imagination what do they act, think, do, if we do not know is the exist. Its like be praying all nights for our souls salvation... to wish god are we praying.... understand? I can speculate that god is black skin an what.... what do they see and who those "theorist" are based in which math to speculate that. see: ..... that text in resumen in my most honest opinion is crap.
  18. That it follows a logic path, but i am failing to understand the logic's definition... no i am not failing, but well i got plenty clases of "social sciences" in high-school due my branch... and i am trying to follow the definition.. But i understand the points of everyone, what i am trying to settle, is the difference.. between "common" (normal) and Logical (or logic)
  19. I am using linux so.... i cant.. (well i actually can but...) could you send me the faq and readme?.
  20. ... I have a server. (i use it as BNC sometimes). (proxy) Is useless to have a proxy on one self machine. its like conecting to have you resolved where does the ip (the proxy borrowed one) come?
  21. If you see a lizard and you see something with wings, then you can mix them. and thats where the logic resides, if you cant see this as logic.. well... then i am wrong. for example kekule. he imagined dancing mokeys, and he was working with carbon atoms, then imagined the benzen. there is the logic. i do not want to go off topic. i can challenge to a debate if you want, but not here (this topic).
  22. But you wouldn't be masking your ip. ¬¬
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