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  1. yes.... the one i saw had condensed air but still worked, that of the shortcircuit was mostly a joke.
  2. Yes, i really think so, but i still wory about the disorder... because when topic are hard there are frictions even on the same team... if you form a way to split teams when this happens, then it would be very intresting.. isnt it?
  3. What do you call stable? dont freeze and stuff? it´s stable till the water or (condensed air) falls in the mobo and cause shortcut.
  4. yes.... and arrived about 5.34 ghz
  5. ..... increacing voltage will increase the hz (speed) and heat.. if you prevent heat you can theorically overclock it to a very very big hz rate.
  6. I am not meaning multi-window appz. i mean real multitasking... how does the OS manage to let the programs have the control of the machine; having them all active; and pushin and poping the values of the pointers (ip,di,si...) from the stack, and manage to regain control when one of those programs get frozen...
  7. And of course there then is worth to get a book to learn about it..
  8. Do you really need a book to learn DOS (MS-DOS)? That OS(or Shell em) is not very usefull.... and it has no potence... does the basic stuff... for real shells (os) try GNU-Linux/Unix in conosole mode.
  9. I better like the reaction of Na and H20 and talking about law... i live in México.. cops dont care (too much) about exploding stuff
  10. i was thinking about you avatar... XDEAX
  11. I did have much more trouble with C than assembler... i mean, that of learning the sintax structures, and much reserved keys better assembly and it's nemonics and then you build it as you wish,, without needing any include file or library. And if you like C (c++) as its case for first starters better use Visual Basic then...
  12. Coke, Cafi-Aspirin, Energy Drinks, Coffe. I have my brain toasted.
  13. Can team debates be made? or at least More than 2 persons debating on a challenge.. because there can occur things like the evolution debate, where for example evolution hypothesis can be supported by other arguments than the ones that cpt said in that case a third person would remark this perhaps. Although it can reach to be a chaos instead of a debate by the people debating. It would be nice to think about it.
  14. if you don't want to loss time, start assembly, it's not so hard as said.
  15. Mine is... atomic, made of atoms and MX because i am mexican.
  16. Hypothesis are like food while cooking, smell good, look good, but it cant be not eateable. in other words... you can only do 3 things with a hypothesis. 1.- Prove that its true 2.- Prove that its wrong
  17. I am Miguel Angel from México studying Computational Systems Engineery, i love designs, i love vectors and vector math, i love chemistry, i love physics, i hate biology and poetry and love pholosophy (it's objective part). and as "YT2095" said. i am a sciencehollic too.
  18. .... sure you can... that's the principle of finding new products (organic chemistry) with different sintesis and reaction mechanisms.
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