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  1. It is the illusion of meaning that so persistently drives the masses to preach about the nature of the the meaning.
  2. Its almost easy to believe since across the street they have had a textbook case of a living godhead, living example of an antichrist to point to, always complaining about the wsorld not giving him enough respect. . I knew a christian Korean lady once and she held her bible pretty tightly. It will be interesting to see how the heir turns out.
  3. Really, the biggest potential motives i am seeing in this is that 1) More guns equals more overall cartel violence equals less cartel members, and 2) Any busts involved where the cartel member happens to be armed will put them away for much longer. It is kind of hard to believe that any law enforcement officials would stoop to that level, but maybe its about certain factions trying to put that stain under Obama's presidency. Any other ideas? Anybody else see how the instigators of this program could have passed it off as acceptable and moral or is it just a shortsighted mistake that killed one of our own. Anybody believe that it would have survived if that agent had not been killed? It kind of reminds me of the classic black ops story, only this involves the DEA. This makes me wonder if the DEA is in the entrapment business with drugs. It certainly alludes to it.
  4. Too much waste. First you've got to install all of these panels in a hostile environment which triples your cost, making it a total waste of time tostart with, not mention needing some way to transfer all of this energy two hundred and forty thousand miles which again makes it totally innefficient when you could erect them into a transparent Dyson sphere around the earth, as long as we're talking about this kind of scale. Then we could probably incorporate a way to control the weather and eliminate extreme weather.
  5. Re: A ways back. You can't forget that if Adam and eve had obeyed and never ate of the fruit, man would still be naked, living like the animals.
  6. I wonder what the history of precedents look like in comparison. I'm sure none of them quite look like forcing marathon-running fitness freaks to load up on insurance, but then, that should all be worked into the actuarial figures. It makes sense and with our budget and Medicare the way it is, it seems like it should be a go, but today I found out who comprises the majority, along with their appropriately fitting remarks. With the president being a lawyer, it seems like he inherently wouldn't overstep his authority, waste so many resources on such a landmark case that is looking like it is teetering ever so much on the precipice. Surely, cooler heads will prevail and see beyond the minutiae. We are forced to buy insurance (only those of us who live here), because every one of us ... simply must be accounted for in order to run an accurate and efficient risk pool. Does accuracy and efficiency usurp individual liberty? It should be a small price to pay in order to help right our nation' financial woes. Does that sound like a good enough reason to enforce an individual mandate? One would expect a lawyer to have it all prearranged, preapproved. When the president said that "he had spent too much political capital on that single issue." I wonder if he meant that it was a valid deal or a waste. I wonder if he has a wildcard up his sleeve. He has seemed overly confident, given the political makeup of the Justices, but something needed to be done. Recent reports of it being overbudget sound ominous ...
  7. How is health insurance any different than auto insurance? The more risks that people take, the higher their premiums are - some people drive too fast, some people smoke, some people don't pay attention to what they are doing while driving - get tickets, cause wrecks, some people don't pay attention to what they eat - get fat, cause health problems. Some people have these mental issues that can be a real problem - they get too worked up and bent out of shape and BAM! another car accident while others have these addictions or can't control their urges to splurge, I mean, the list just keeps going and going. What is the difference? One thing I do notice is that almost all of these politicians do get sick- heart disease from eating fat foods or smoking or doing steroids, same as everybody else. So it seems to me that this risk pool should be all*inclusive since we have established that everybody gets sick and if you can establish without a doubt that you don't get sick for whatever reasons, then your premiums should be lower, everything works out. Its a risk pool, it's the result of evolution, it makes sense. If something is not unconstitutional, then it's constitutional. It's aconstitutional.
  8. One factor you have in the third world are the long arms of the church preaching against birth control and the countries with the highest birth rates are the countries least able to deal with it. You will find that the countries with the highest birth rates (around the Sahara) also tend to have the highest mortality rates, as well. I'm not sure about India, but China has incorporated a one child rule which essentially solves their problem.
  9. Pi is simply the ratio of the circumference to the diameter in a perfect circle. If the circle wasn't perfect, then the equation wouldn't hold true. We're talking about a completely different level, a whole new realm from pesky 2d coordinates.
  10. What's the difference between mammals and fish? We have fish farms with similar conditions, swimming around in their neighbors' feces. No wonder they turn out so weak. And chickens have warm blood, as well.
  11. If the axillary nerve primarily innervates the deltoid muscle and shoulder area, then why does an axillary nerve block affect the hand and lower arm? Wich nerve block would you use to deaden the deltoids and shoulder area?
  12. How about biological engineering? Best of both worlds and you don't necessarily have to become a doctor.
  13. Private cos. have been sending up satellites for decades. The moon is just a bit further in the vacuum of space. Moving large amounts of payload is very efficient if you can do most of the transport in space. The tricky part is getting it to land in a given spot without steering, etc. Then you also have to think about shielding for reentry. It isn't just a walk in the park.
  14. If you're having muscle spasms over your whole body on a recurring basis, something is not right. Spasms from working out are usually isolated to one muscle, maybe two. Pins and needles definitely are not something to shrug off either.
  15. Ditto... I had roughly the same thing happen to me and it turned out to be cancer of the spinal cord. Sounds kind of like a pinched nerve, but if it is the whole body, who knows. If it hasn't gone away by now. what's holding you? Go to an ER.
  16. How can we know that the density of some stars are a hundred thousand pounds per square meter or so? Because that's how dense they would have to be in order to last that long? Because that's how much you could fit in that given area with that much mass and gravity bearing down on it? At what point does it all add up and agree with each other that you convince yourself? All because a bomb produced an explosion of size x?
  17. just use candy canes, lifesavers, skittles, hard candy, whatever. Youre still probably going to have to use glue but Elmers is nontoxic, not necessarily neutral tasting. as far as helix goes, maybe use gummy worms.
  18. Those look like standard, regular old country roads, junction of Farm to Market 1621 and Trotters Trail, seen from 30,000 feet.
  19. Scopes-Monkey trial, et al. It's in there and their arguments have been around for awhile. Preachers trying to teach that dinosaurs can't give birth to gorillas, that only God can turn dirt into flesh like some kind of magic trick, and all mutations of His perfect creations lead to genetic garbage, the Elephant Man and so forth.
  20. I have an idea for a way to collect space junk that our atmosphere is full of, one piece at a time. First, we start out with a command unit which will be capable of doing the majority of the work flying around to position itself to capture each item, towing the junk out of orbit, etc.. This will be connected to a large net of extra strong, highly elastic material that will absorb much of the energy of the orbiting junk. Around the net, you will have a small number of small, rudimentary pods which will be equipped with small thrusters to enable you to spread themselves out in a formation enabling you to catch the junk. All of the pods will need to be extremely strong in order to withstand the impact of high speed collisions. You will need a satellite(s) in orbit to be used as a home base to allow refueling. After each item is caught, it can either be towed out of orbit, or more likely into ocean landings. How hard would it be to tow an item into a freefall and allow the capture unit to escape the fall? Ion engines? Anybody know of any strong elastic materials that function at 200 degrees above AND below zero?
  21. Antigravity is really the only realistic method to achieve these goals, as is the case with all of the most popular sci-fi flicks. It's just a matter of bending reality to our will. I'm sure we'll think of something.
  22. You could try using sugar substitutes which are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, but have no calories. One of the best ones is sucralose or Splenda because it is made from sugar, but chemically altered to have no calories, plus you can cook with it and make your own sweets without the calories.
  23. It all depends on how big of a variable you assign to inflation. It's really unknowable.
  24. explicit, fully and clearly expressed. implicit, implied, not explicit, (hinted). dictionary.reference.com
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