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  1. The heart has nothing to do with emotion . It may affect our decision or mood in reaction to damage but the emotional response would still be the minds flight or fight nature to adapt and survive. Creating a reaction designed to initiate a response benefitting life longevity. Funny thing about the car.......I would have 1st thought about it as the heart being the motor and the driver being the mind, since they are analytically providing the same functions for their systems. Also, existence doesn't rely on observation to exist. Just because we do not observe something doesn't mean t
  2. I have a theory that may explain gravity in a way that works with light bending and the correlation between (density of an object and degree of gravitational force). I was thinking about centrifugal force and why dense objects gravitate while less dense eject objects from them. This idea may have a bunch of holes explaining why it doesn't work the way im thinking. I also thought about hearing a story that two ships afloat in the ocean will also gravitate toward one another if left adrift. So I applied the that to dense matter adrift in the ocean of ether or space. Though the property char
  3. the unit of measure for time is relative to each participant in that it is measured by a constant shared by each viewer equally. i reject the idea of those who view time as a physical entity that turns the hands of the clock or has any bearing on reality other than human social organization.
  4. 3 guys want 1 room. The manager charges them 30 dollars. Each guy pays 10 dollars. After a little while the manager remembers the room is only 25 dollars and sends the bell boy 5, 1dollar bills to refund the 3 guys. Since the 5 cant be split evenly between the 3, the boy only returns 3 dollars and pockets the other 2. If each guy now has only 9 dollars invested (27), and the bellboy now has 2, (29). where is the missing dollar?
  5. Huh? What do mean? Is there something I missed, or is everybody supposed to get what seems like an inside joke? The truth of that debate was that Obama was off his game and Romney jumped on it. I particularly enjoyed the exchange in which Obama claimed that Romney was getting a tax break for moving companies over seas. Romney was correct in denying that. Not that he wasn't getting a tax break for moving companies, but with the way Obama worded it, he was correct in denying it. When looked at a little closer, Romney does recieve tax breaks for moving a company, but what the left would have
  6. Phi, True, but...scientifically it is understood that life begins at conception and ends normally in senescence. To arbitrarilly pick a point in the life cycle that qualifies for protection under law seems arrogant. If you choose 26 weeks as the beginning, you open the door to subjective discrestion. Example being, once it is determined that the beginning is subjective, it could be determined out of convenience that anything younger than an adolescent is abortive. Zapatos, And that is the reason that some also take this view. I myself being one. Oh...by the way, good to
  7. iNow, I would like to comment on something, if I may. The first bolded part that I have quoted you on is absolutely true and in no way argues your point. In fact, I would say it's counterproductive in that it's an individual's liberty that is the main reason for the sum of its parts being what they are. There was outrage towards Obama's statement because it underscored his leaning towards socialism and the push to dictate people into excersizing values that others want them to (even if it is not their own). So what, if a person makes it somewhere in life due to the people who have he
  8. Just to put my two cents in here, and not that there has been a plausible machine built thus far, but a form of free energy could be the vacuum energy of space. I'm waiting on the next big idea that comes along to make it possible to extract energy from space itself. If this could be done, it would be an infinite supply. So therefore would be free.
  9. One thing that I have heard of that goes along with the title of the OP, if not the intent of the OP, is something called the color constant. http://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oG7uGtfeNP2hkAw0ZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyZW5xbmQ4BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0RGUjVfNzc-/SIG=11t9ra1o3/EXP=1340337709/**http%3a//web.media.mit.edu/~wad/color/exp1/ This might explain it a little better than I can. It was rather interesting at any rate. When someone asks if we see things the same way as someone else, we can honestly say no. I was watching a show the other day that showed how different cultures were abl
  10. A trip, I'm going to have to disagree with you just slightly. My argument was centered around the fact that a "marriage" is a religious ceremony, having nothing to do with legal standing. I've been away for a while and thought about it a little. I realized the inaccuracy in this side of the argument. Even if we did classify "marriage" as a religious institution, who's to say that a same sex couple couldn't be "married" within a religion that accepts such? I see that this point has been made while I was away and it is something I should have thought of from the first. This is what it
  11. Phi, So you're saying that marriages started from a basis of law rather than religion. Who's law? And I guess that would have been a secular law huh? Sounds like we had some pretty up-to-date ancestors. So you're saying those TRIBES were strictly secular. What time period do you suggest for this? This is percisely why I included heterosexuals, that do not have a religious ceremony, in the definition of civil unions also. Civil unions may be performed without any religious context, but the argument is whether a "marriage" can be. And since I maintain that marriages have been m
  12. JohnB, I've been thinking about this subsidy thing for awhile. I have had a few conversations with Phi about subsidies before, and since, have come to the conclusion that subsidies do not fit in with my ideological view point. That being said I can see where in some cases they may be necessary, but even when necessary, undesirable from my point of view. Maybe I'm just a stickler on giving people handouts that I don't see as warranted. Anyway...as far as "same day out-of-pocket expense" for a particular visit, I spend just about the same as you. Except... I don't have to go through the
  13. Once again I have heard a rant about how the ban for gay marriage is forcing people's religion onto others. I have always found this to be a hypocritical point of view and somewhat inaccurate at the very least. Historically marriage has been a religious institution. The basis of marriage was to make a vow in the sight of God and for all men to bear witness to that vow. Since marriage is a religious ceremony, the hypocricy and the denial of the freedom to practice ones own religion comes in to play when the freedom to define it as a religious act under the practices of that religion are denied.
  14. Phi, I know this kinda sounds barbaric, but being the warring nation that we are, what does the justification matter? It seems to me that it would have happened sooner or later anyway, no matter what the justification. And the justification that is being used is just to satisfy those that need it. To me it seems that the big dog will always get what it wants, and this matter of "ethics" has only been an issue over the past few centuries. 2 things on this. First, where has it been proven unreliable and by who? Second, why is it unethical and to what type of person is it unethical? It se
  15. luegi, Negative (vacuum) pressure. Which brings up a question that I have yet to find an answer to also. JohnStu, Are you saying that with the bag expanding, in a vacuum, that it would not build vacuum pressure inside the bag? Even once the threshold is crossed that allows there to be a greater amount of vacuum inside the bag than outside? Pantheory, The less matter that you have in a space (the bag), the greater the amount of vacuum in the space. And visa versa. It doesn't seem accurate to say that "nothing/space" is the cause of this pressure change. And it also onl
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