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  1. Maybe it would be better if the science community prioritise the more important things first, it would be sensible if the science community used it's own money, i.e 1% of every invention that is produced goes into a fund to benefit science
  2. I've seen the explanation of how gravity works, like this solar system on a blanket, the sun would cause the biggest dip in the blanket balancing in space, the earth would be pulled into the dip, but we don't know exactly why mass would have the effect on this dip? would the dip just as easily be able to have a force that instead of looking like it dips actually turn into a rise in the blanket,.so that the planets roll outwards away from the sun?
  3. I've read somewhere that this effect should be excluded, because blue and red shades were actually the temperature difference i.e. blue =high heat red = low heat Is that not correct? has it been proven that the red and blue shifts are actually the doppler effect, blue = moving toward red = moving away?
  4. Knowing the standard model is correct is an impressive feat, nothing more important will be discovered in our life time, This is a huge step forward, now that we have the knowledge that the standard model is correct certain theories can be abandoned and some can be advanced further, it will allow us in cosmology to apply it to knowledge of the big bang, eg know we can add the fact that the God particle was also created then, Trust me this is an incredible discovery, We (i think i can only speak for myself here but i think most people here will say they did too) knew it had to exist or the
  5. I heard that Einstein said that he believed in spinoza's God, the reasonhe said this because of the following statement he made "I see God as the way he shows himself in the laws of nature, the universe doesn't have to obey these laws, it doesn't have to have laws or it could have completely random laws" <-- could someone explain this to me please? So the universe doesn't have to behave this way? Meaning gravity doesn't have to exist, heat doesn't have to cause particles to vibrate, time doesn't have to move in a straight line, is it things like that? Could the universe just as easily
  6. I didn't know that, thanks for that interesting piece of information So will everything within the 200m ly's eventually become one big galaxy maybe?
  7. It won't be a sudden crash, this will take quite a long time to happen but earth won't be here then so don't worry, there's a very good chance though that our solar system will reach Andromeda and not be harmed at all, It's fairly comprehensible that there will be far more objects around during collisions which could result in a few things getting destroyed but nothing catastrophic The doppler effect and the observations of Andromeda so far, contribute to being able to calculate it's path towards the milky way, We live in a galaxy where we know everything we see is receeding,but then we
  8. Wow, I've always been interested in neurology and this is impressive, but the thought of someone being "government commissioned" to make some type of device using this technology where your thoughts can be taken from you without permission hangs wearily over my head
  9. ** thinks john stu knows something the rest of us aren't aware of ** I don't think that wisdom is part of knowledge although I can see why the two are perceived that way, a man with no education, who can't read, can still be wiser than a nuclear physicist standing next to him, knowledge comes with learning, wisdom comes through life experiences, patience and experience, Therefore because I believe that, I can not say that I believe one can be taught how to be wise, Wise is learning when it's right to help the needy and knowing when it's right to not offer help even though they struggle,
  10. Made a bit of a spelling error ^ the main components for the big bang theory are known as fact, the high temperatures, we know for fact they happened, the way atoms and particles had to come into existence, now we know that the higgs boson particle came into existence craming the universe full in a hundredth of a second, of course as well, as mentioned earlier, the background radiation is a remnant of the big bang
  11. Not this old chest nut again! Many different views about what was before the big bang, I personally don't understand how nothing (no space or matter or time) can just happen and create a undeniably gigantic release of energy to the point of unbelievably hstarsigh temperatures hotter than the centre of the hottest stars Saying nothing is easier than saying, well there could have been something but we just don't have a bloody clue as to even hint at what it could remotely be
  12. Not lonesome george!If he was the last giant tortoise doesn't that mean that things were screwed when the last "female" giant tortoise died, the first time explorers from England (my country) found these giant tortoises, they put a huge bunch on the boat to be named when they got back to England, after this this attempt it took 100+ years to name the giant tortoise because sadly, none of the specimens made it back to England, it turned out that they are extremely tasty and after eating them all, they had lots of fresh naturally filtered water left over in their shells
  13. I'm guessing with all the trees it could be the wind flowing through them causing vibrations?
  14. I'm truly proud to have the higgs boson, "God damn!" Particle found in my life time! Best science news I've ever heard and I look forward to seeing if there are different types of particles, I never doubted it's existence and always treated the standard model as though it included the higgs boson particle, after all it had to exist but we just needed physical proof, now we have that we should be making remarkable leeps forward,.it's unbelievable that at the beginning of the universe in just a hundredth of a second the universe crammed full with these particles, amazing, truly amazing, I'm abso
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