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  1. you are the one who said ''pmb and aethelwulf''. Start admitting when you are wrong before it looks like you are blatantly lying.
  2. Oh Juan... do you really wanna do this... ... as you wish. Hold on. ''Local time does not have to be confused with global time. Physicists use different symbols when both are to met in the same equation.'' Who says it is? I am going through over several different concepts of time, I explained this from the very beginning. Is this not you reading again? ''Maxwell equations are not Galilean relativistic equations.'' I never said that. I said it started off with Galilean relativistic equations... am I suprised to say, you have read me backwards? Maybe this is your problem
  3. ... concerning suggestions comments and support, isn't it also open to feedback?
  4. Thought I would explain why I behaved so... frivolously a week ago. I intentionally did it. I was sick that people could get away with some of the most foul comments and so I wondered how long it would be before I got a ban if I dished out some foul comments myself. Did it work? Yes it did. I even served my time. But what gets me is that the culprits before me never got a ban, only polite warnings. Anyway. I don't think I will be spending as much time here after today, something I decided during my little break. Which I am sure, will make some of you all the great deal happier.
  5. I second this... not once have I ever said a particle ''is just a wave''. I actually said a particle is both a wave and a particle, I even gave a demonstration of this saying that a particle hits the detector screen as a dot, proving it was a particle... I am getting really sick of Juan.
  6. No, to think a past exists which flows into the future is completely wrong, within the context of relativity and the context of physics as well. Actually, relativity is on my side. Einstein is on my side. He was well aware that physics admitted that the past and future did not really exist, they were only stubborn illusions. I am absolutely darned sure the universe has an existence outside of any proverbial observer, but that's not the point. The point is that the experience of a past is completely subjective. I can sit here and remember an event which happened two minutes ago, for in
  7. Here is something for you to think about, if I really did exist in the past, then I would see multiple frame of my existence receding from me as I move my arm. But I don't. I see one arm, and it is always attached to me and it is always associated to the here and now... the past is nothing but a memory and a figment of my imagination, or as Einstein said, a complete illusion. Everything is fixed in the present moment. Even events which are time dilated, are still fixed in the present moment. I just liked his post by accident lol
  8. The past is observable in what sense, what... because we measure light now reaching us? Light doesn't even travel in time according to relativity. In fact, let us consider relativity and worldlines. Wordlines are actually static in relativity. What does this tell you about the nature of any past or future? Einstein: ''for those who believe in physics know that the past and future are only stubbornly persistent illusions'' I mean, even outside of our most respected theorist and theory (Einstein and relativity), the past does not hold any significance physically. The past did happen. It
  9. But do they exist ''now''? Surely even you, of all people are not going to contend they hold physical significance ''now''. Some of you I understand have no training in any idea's of physics, but what I am telling you is a basic fact or even, principle of experience. So, do things in the past exist? No they do not. The real question should be, do things in the past exist ''now''? Not, if they ''have'' existed... The past tense of the word is highly misused and abused by people here at this forum. They often come here proclaiming things like the past and future are real things, when
  10. You justify your post with explanations, and then I will correct you with my own justifications. Just a word of advice before you do... please understand the words you post, always happen in a present moment... nothing you have said is really existing in the past. Only your experience of it.
  11. Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden to sedulously avoid it, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably, here.
  12. It sounds like he's been influenced by the Aether Drag Hypothesis, which is of course, not supported at all. There is a special case mind you where the vacuum in the observable universe is expanding faster than light... which literally drags matter and light along with it. But I doubt that is what he is talking about.
  13. An estranged welcoming from someone who I thought disliked me.
  14. In fact... I'd argue there is no beginning of time. Not in your relativistic sense. In fact, i'd argue time was emergent... Or as I called it in my own independent research, induced, but both mean relatively the same thing. http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0601234
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