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  1. What about when you think too much or too hard on something... thats when I get it, like deeper than skull feeling. Can ones brain get tired?
  2. YES Navajo - So what I feel, but I haven't felt that for a few years b/c it was SO annoying, I stopped thinking. Seriousely. It could explain the drop from 100% in the first two months to 60% after the final. I've since gotton over it though b/c I like coding too much.
  3. There is an ftp out there with the human genome on it. It takes a few gig of space I'm pretty sure.
  4. Hey, I have an interesting...document. Not particularly revolutionary, its kind of philosophical though. http://www.djglacial.com/index2.html Go to the "about" section and read.
  5. I swear I can feel my cerebral cortex when I think for too long or there is a lack of stimuli in my immediate surroundings. Feels warm/tense. Is this possible, or am I special? Many people say math hurts their head. When I do complex calculations that are not strait foreward (problem solving for trig) and/or coding, I swear I can feel the inner-front part of my brain tightening (well, thats what the sensation feels like.) Again, is this possible?
  6. No way, as far as I have seen, the human race is collectively a pile of trash. Look at politicians... Some of the STUPIDEST people I have EVER encountered are Canadian politicians. And they rule the country. I am not discriminating agains Canadian politicians, the American, UK etc politicians are just as algae-like in their intelligence, but this is what I see every day. People cannot use simple logic that says "Killing people instead of putting effort towards fixing your own broke ass country is only gonna get you killed sooner." I'm speaking to the lowely terrorist here who happens to have millions of dollars at his proverbial disposal and wastes it on ammunition for a weapons he cannot even aim, let alone kill anything with (you've seen those videos). But hey, maybe thats CNN and I cannot see through their lies. Just another example of how "superior" we really are. If we cannot function as a working society, how can we ever dream of conquering the heavens (figure of speach).
  7. I think the PC can be a console... think about it. The PC style of gaming is way different from any other system, as is N64, Genesis, Playstation etc. ... all different styles. Exclude graphics and functionality from your argument if that is a problem for you. I would not even get a console ever. I don't like console games generally ('cept the 3rd 4th and 5th generation 2D games) but even the Atari XL (PC) surpassed almost all the 2nd and 3rd gen 2D consoles, when the technologies used were barely any different. Compare Gorf from the Commodore 64 and Atari XL/XP. Way better. As for PC games ported to consoles... disgusting. Rainbow 6 unfortunately went through that. Pew. Console games ported to PC? The SAME quality gameplay in my experiance but with better graphics!! Apperently some developers havn't heard of a keyboard however, and choose to emulate functions of the console gamepad rather than doing any work (god forbid) and changing the code so you could actually TYPE your name into the save game, rather than messing around with a non-qwerty virtual keyboard (see TUROK: Dinosaur Hunter). RPGs ? Oh my, FF8 looked Amazing on a PC, and was ported very well in my opinion. BTW anyone ever play BLASTAR for the Amiga ? BEST space shooter ever. I'm gonna start a new thread.
  8. Here's what my experience has to offer: Be yourself, don't take crap from anyone, if a girl can't see what a good person you are without you trying to prove it (acting, going far out of your way before you've even started dating) then she is not worth the effort anyway. As for getting girls, confidence! If a girl talks to you for more than half a second, it's because she likes you! I are MAN, hear I ROAR.
  9. Oh me, oh my... A teacher actually said 0/0 = 1 ? At first I thought Homunculus was just being rough on the teacher untill I actually read that for myself. The other two i can understand from someone not (well ?) versed in math... but even as an elementary student I knew that was wrong as hell. If that is the level of pre - secondary educators' intelligence, it makes you wonder. I learned more at home then i ever did in grade school anyway, but that is something I just cannot comprehend. Maybe I was just a little too trusting of my education system (naive?) to doubt their teachings. Edit -- http://www.mathmojo.com/interestinglessons/division_by_zero/division_by_zero_1.html is what I'm talking about.
  10. I once went through two pages of algebra to find out V = V It was a life changing experiance.
  11. Perhaps those particles that last for so short a period of time have no visible effects in the 4 dimensions we can see, and are merely byproducs of the forces we cannot see in other dimensions. Does that make sense? For example something like the 'brane big bang theories. (But without considering string theory...hmm) But of course you all considered that already right? Right.
  12. I cant believe this subject is SO boring that it only got ONE view besides me... let alone a reply. o_0 I would be appreciative of any help, as I just cannot spot the problem after a few weeks of coming back to it. Edit - I even color coded the variables
  13. Wow, is there anything a shower cant teach you?
  14. Hmm... well I'll put another simpler spin on it. Gravity is potential energy, and is used when two bodies move towards each other, accellerating and converting the gravitational potential energy into mechanical, thermal etc. but when an energy particle is on its lonesome, it cannot accellerate towards itself, which eliminates that energy output. Thus we do not have infinate ammounts of energy pouring out of everything.
  15. Sorry, my "rotating coordinate systems in analytical mechanics" is a bit rusty ( to the point of total oxidization ) but with only two options, could you not just test this mathematically?
  16. http://www.djglacial.com/gravity/ ^ This is a gravity model. For some reason that I cannot determine, the time scales are completely wrong, by about 40000 days per second of the simulation. You can find the code at http://www.djglacial.com/gravity/code.txt and a full browser version of the sim at http://www.djglacial.com/gravity/gravity.swf Please help me figure this out !!!! Knowlege of Flash ActionScript or BASIC could help, but not neccessary. Keep in mind this is Gr12 physics, so you physics buffs should not have much of a problem spotting the problem (which is probably just a dumb math problem, not a physics problem.)
  17. I agree with blike... the energy lost to sound through the air normally would just be lost through the engine and converted into thermal energy, possibly making the engine *less* efficient. I have a generator idea for you, perhaps within the realms of the Dyson Sphere, a solar based space colony. A turbine that uses solar wind much like the solar sail idea for space ships. It would work like a water wheel whose sails fold up on the wind-opposing part of the rotation.
  18. Hah, thats what brought me to this forum, a rather lively drunken discussion about the creation of everything. Oh, what i was on about before with the gravity.... Maybe that is one of the ways to separate energy from -energy, where energy is being drawn from thin.. vacuum, and negative energy is created in its wake as it is drawn towards the source of gravity...There a new source of the universe theory: a small curve in spacetime created by some unknown source.. The source makes this curve in spacetime, and energy is drawn from a complete vacuum, creating negative energy nearby. The energy created has gravity because... its energy. The energy then makes more energy from the vacuum making more -energy as well. So the universe has a surplus of negative energy, in a massive sphere ( or whatever ) around the +energy universe. Its crazy, but I plan on being one of the great minds of our time, and it seems insanity is a prerequisite.
  19. Well what you think about my theory of the Universe equalling zero? If that were anywhere near true, it would also be creating extra energy that would push the total mass of the Universe above zero. Thats what I got from that document above anyway, a positive energy biproduct. Perhaps im wrong there, I saw something about how it doesn't violate conservation of energy. I'm taking another look.
  20. o_é thanks im gonna find the bpm of that bannana of yours, its dancing to the beat
  21. i may know what its refering to, i know the A-team, MR T was my childhood hero
  22. hahaha, ive just done a song similar to what we are talking about now http://www.djglacial.com/red.html its there if you like trance, but its unfinished and dont make fun of my voice, it was 4am i recorded it haha
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