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  1. Rickards is a Canadian label brewed by Molsen. Once I tried it I've not found anything I like better. And it's the same color as your mug icon.
  2. Damn, big band, I should have put that in there.
  3. Ah, well that could be antimatter by definition, except anitmatter exists in our universe. I always speculated at negative matter, but in our universe it is unstable. I'm not sure it can even reach matter stage, merely energy. Of course I've only read about it a few times, and have yet to see a long article on it in a credible magazine or paper. I would user different terminology in the future though, as antiparticles and negative particles are distinctly different. Now, imagine a negative anti-particle impacting with a negative "normal" particle. That would be a negative energy explosion!!! How would that kind of "negative" explosion affect positivle normal particles? Merely blast them into nulldom? Very interesting. Edit -- Here is an idea for energy production. Shoot a normal everyday atom with a negative particle. It would tear through the atom, ripping apart the infrustructure, until it reaches nulldom, realeasing its energy!! Negatives answer to antiparticle energy!
  4. The US puts 1/3 of its funding into military... hmm maybe moving some of that towards the good of humanity would be good. Just a thought.
  5. The claymore type of explosion seems interesting, but it seems like there would be little/counter-productive vacuum effect. Claymores and directional explosives are meant for projectiles, shrapnel, and would be harder to set up for explosions of largish magnetude. My initial suggestion for explosive fire fighting was for deployment speed and large effect radius. Dragons eggs seem closer to what I was thinking, and the retardant after-product seems like a very good idea. They use it now, but in the way they use water. I cannot seem to find what chemicals they currently use. Anyone know?
  6. I fit that entire thing... minus being gay, dirty, and living with a bunch of other hackers... Edit - Oh yah, I like my beer too. Ever had Rickards Red, YT? Very smooth, perfect sweetness. No monkey piss super alchoholic sweetness most Molsens have.
  7. ALRIGHT!!! It is almost working !!! It still has some fundamental flaws I cannot figure out. Would you take a look at the code and app. Note the new days per second edit field!!!! http://www.djglacial.com/gravity/ http://www.djglacial.com/gravity/code.txt
  8. Hacker friend of mine found this. http://beatles.cselt.it/mirrors/jargon/jargon_50.html Go here^. Seems to me many of you will fit the bill, I did.
  9. Pre classical is like the medieval music you hear in the movies. I don't like that stuff, but I like some classical.
  10. http://livefromcern.web.cern.ch/livefromcern/antimatter/factory/AM-factory00.html Very cool.
  11. Im pretty sure antimatter is not negative anything... It's merely matter that moves differently. Spins the opposite way on its axis etc. It takes more energy to create an antiparticle than it gives out when it explodes because of contact with normal matter. The energy it puts out however is evidence that it is not negative anything. Think E=MC^2 . Litterally. Two atoms, H and anti H produce 2MH kg * C^2 m/s = 2MC^2 kg m/s 2*(1.68 * 10^-27) * (3*10^8)^2 = 3.024*10^-10 kg m/s = 3.024*10^-10 Watt*Seconds Therefore 1 kg of matter/antimatter will produce: 1 * (3*10^8)^2 kg m/s =300000000 WS =1.08*10^9 kWh !!!!! That's alot of energy. Once this is cracked to usable standards (or we find an antimatter comet somewheres) energy consumption will not be a problem, as long as we have dirt. What I think you guys are talking about something similar to negative energy, which IS a defecite in physical particles. Antimatter is made up of the same sub-sub-atomic particles. My theory is that there is a huge -energy build up somewhere in the universe, either at the edge or center. -Energy is antigravitational so it could be why the universe is accellerating. I'm pretty sure I'm right on this. Antimatter was created at some underground particle accellerator in the mid US I think. My resources are Science Weekly (I think) and elementary physics. I'll post again if I find the issue with antimatter in it. It did mention antimatter planets/universes, but you do not want to go there, as the matter in your body would actually destroy much of the planet you arrived at.
  12. That is the order of my fav to least fav BTW.
  13. What is your favorite kind of music?
  14. I like that. Mario 64 all the way. I completely beat it 3 times this month, just to play the snow levels. And if you like snes, get METAL WARRIORS. That is the best snes game ever. Mech fighting platform where you can eject and fly around and jump into other mechs.
  15. Well, I suggest large bombs because of the size of the area they affect. Dragon eggs would take about the same ammount of time and manpower to deliver as the traditional means of firefighting, would they not?
  16. Im in agreement here... but howbout lets hold off on the sale of nuclear annihilation. Doesn't matter who does it, matters whos gonna do it first. L factor in the Drake equation
  17. Loki - same here... my mind is always in a sling. Infinate universes.. you will re-exists an infinate ammount of times, and have, for that matter. Non infinate universes.. what are the chances that we are so close to the begginning of the universe and it is going to go on forever? Pretty small considering thats 15 billion years/infinity. Lets just say the chances of existing at any one point in a universe that exists for ever are infinately small. I don't know if humanity will ever have an answer to this. I do not believe it is within the destiny of the universe for it to be solved. The thing is, as I stated in my previous comments, if the universe is to end, and thus all the dimensions described in string theory et al. (including time), when would the next universe start? There is no before or after when there is no time. No time means no references. So when do these events take place? Personally, I think the universe could not stand the stress of having nothing in it, and buckled under its own nonexistence. Holy crap, having memories of things that never happenned. Seriousely. Not joking. Not deja vu either.
  18. Bwahaha, I'm gonna get a job, ask out my fav femme fetale, get a record deal, and club all over Vancouver where they only play my music. If only.....
  19. Finaly I know how fluorescence works!
  20. Do you fellas think explosives are viable solution, am I on to something here? If someone with background in this sort of thing was willing to back me, I would propose this to a few people and perhaps get a study going. The massive forest fires in North America are devastating the western region and causing all sorts of havoc. I'm not sure how many towns have been destroyed, but even one is too many. Perhaps a new fire fighting solution would come too late for the current crisis, but I'm all about the advancement of society. So..?
  21. That is exactly what I was thinking. If set off near the edge of a forest fire, but within it, it might just clear a section too large for the fire to cross, while putting much of it out. I think this sort of tactic is the answer to our firefighting problems.
  22. I think SETI should start a Ufology department, but something like that may be too poorly thought of for an organization to take up. I think ufology is a valid area of interest, if only to prove the nonexistance of UFOs (but not geared towards that conclusion by any means). A methodical and statistics based investigation into UFOs could be beneficial. You never know, we might just find some extra-terrestrial intelligence at home. Any thoughts?
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